Prostitution is reckoned to be the oldest profession, and perhaps the most controversial. Prostitution is generally present in most generic fantasy settings, and ranges from official acceptance, the temples of the Goddess of love and fornication, down to being considered criminal and confined to the seediest of bars and brothels. This 30 assumes a setting where prostitution is allowed by the law, but those who work in the business are considered to be second class citizens, and there is a mild stigma attached to the men and rare women who patronize their services.

1. Laken, the Devoted of the Goddess
Into every game, a little lust must fall. To that end, Laken serves as temptation wrapped in silk and served on a silver platter. A ravishing blonde bombshell with long legs and a come hither stare that would leave a priest second-guessing his god, she is sex incarnate. This is fitting since Laken is first and foremost a cleric of the Goddess of Sex and Lust. A subordinate deity to the greater Goddess of Love, this secondary power is considered morally neutral at best and is frequently invoked by would be Lotharios and giggalos, as well as the infrequent prostitutes who embrace their profession with soul as well as body.

2. Fabiola, Scion of the Guild of the Lily
The epitome of the working girl, Fabiola is a chameleon of desire. She is witty and charismatic enough to quickly and quietly emulate her client's desires, but remains emotionally detached from the entire affair. Much like a coal miner who hangs up his hat at the end of the shift and goes home to his family, Fabiola hangs up the fish-nets at daybreak and heads to a comfortable home she shares with her aged mother and ailing aunt. She is a member of the Prostitute's guild and most whisper that she is only a few years away from being promoted to being a madam and possibly getting to sit on the council of guildmistresses.

3. Caliegh, Houri-Sorceress
Not all students who fail in their studies at the wizard's school go on to spawn plans of world domination or settle down to become unassuming half-mages. Caliegh washed out of the school with a substancial amount of debt to the lenders guild who hoped to reap rewards from this promising young woman. The need for lots of gold and in fairly short amount of time had exploit her two most ready assets, her sex and her limited magical skill. Her charms include Enlarge Object, Reduce Sensation, and a wide variety of minor illusions. Years later, she has honed her skills to become a very high cost escort/sorceress who remains in steady demand for her ability to assume exotic appearances and seemingly magical ability to make her clients feel...special.

4. Kenzie of the Steel Bikini
Looking the part of a Boris Vallejo painting, Kenzie frequents a bikini consisting of chainmail, alternating with a plate steel corset. She has the hard musculature of a woman warrior and also has the sword to go along with it. Of course this is all flash and show, the sword is blunted so that no one gets hurt. Kenzie planned to join the mercenary guild years ago, but lacked the proper gear. After working on her bakc for a few years she purchased a good suit of metal armor and a real sword and a steel banded shield. However, her experiences with the battle scarred mercenaries and adventurers-upon-return that frequented the brothel left her with many second thoughts and armor that she could not hope to get a refund on.

5. Paige, Bard of the Brothel
Paige is a rarity among prostitutes that she has another job, she is a bard of some skill. Unfortunately, this lass has a weakness for making bad decisions over business ventures with handsome young men as well as gambling like there is no tomorrow. In the afternoons she strums her dulcimer and sings the standard array of tavern songs, ballads and when the sun goes down the bawdier songs. When the next row of entertainment comes in, she takes a few clients to the sheets for some coin. As far as most prostitutes go, Paige is considered a higher class lady as she is more educated and more difficult to intimidate or shortchange.

6. Dagmar, the Barbarian
Once a noble and proud woman from one of the free nomad peoples, Dagmar was isolated in the area and unable to return to her tribe. Her skills, once valuable to the tribe, are worthless to the settled folk of the town and she was forced into the one profession where no skill was required, just the proper equipment and submission. Bowed by years of humiliation and hard usage, she is showing more than her years. She is a capable fighter barehanded and with a bow, but barely speaks the common language and knows that she can work from her back or beg on the streets. The madam only charges half-price for Dagmar's services.

7. Vilna, the Woodland Child
Born in the gutter, raised half wild, Vilna is a rare sort of druid whose home was the labyrinth of old streets and alleys, her beasts of the field were stray dogs, cats, and oversized rats. Surrounded by the burgeoning industry of a growing city, she is an urban primitive who eschews the labor and toil of the common folk. If she can do as she pleases, stalking among the alleys, avoiding the thieves, and living like a wolf-child, then the gold gained from the sweaty hands of hungry-eyed men is worth it. She stalks into the various brothels like a wolf hunting prey rather than a woman desperate for coin.

8. Herta, the Meek
Few men can resist the heart shaped face of Herta, her quiet demeanor, and the flush of shame that colors her cheeks as she endures their rough treatment. And it is shame that sets her aflame as she willingly submits to each client. Currently under penance for behavior bordering of heretically blasphemous, Herta was given the choice to accept punishment as a common whore for a year or be exiled from the clergy forever. Allowed to serve her penance away from her home parish, each night of sorid sex is one nigt closer to when she can return to the mother church. She wears a necklace of prayer beads that reminds her of her sin each time she joins with a man. She yearns for the day when she can cast it away.

9.Beatriz, Half-Elven
Few things sharpen a man's lust quite like the prospect of caressing the ethereal beauty of she-elf flesh. Of course most patrons who give their coin to Beatriz are seldom sober enough to tell the difference between elf and half-elf. She favors what most consider to be proper elven style, and speaks a mongrel version of the elven tongue, enough to convince her clients that her services are worth the extra cost. Secretly, she hates everything elven, including her bastard elf-father who abandoned her and her mother years ago. She is smart enough to know that the elf gimmick pays the bills very well, but lacks the confidence to leave the brothel and take up another profession.

10. Idella, Half Size but twice as nice
An earthy halfling with a generous smile and a very unhalfling like libido, Idella can only be hired for an entire evening. The short woman can bustle with the best of them, treating her client to a bath, massage, a heavy meal, all intersperced with the naughty things that men spill their gold to purchase. Her best clients often suffer from intense insecurity, Oedipus complexes, or enjoy being waited on for every need or whim for an evening. Idella is popular with the other girls since she is a city-class chef in the kitchen as well as a bit of a mother figure and trainer for the newbies.

11. Odalis of the Green Skin
Orphaned as an infant during the fighting between men and orcs, this she-orc was raised by humans. She spent her childhood as a second class citizen of the city, equal parts bully and pariah. Once she hit puberty her orcish heritage exploded as she blossomed from a girl into a woman. While most find her visually unattractive (Orc-hating racists) few can deny the animal magnetism and raw sexuality that she exudes. She finds comfort in her profession because when she is naked with a human, she is the one in power. Her clients find her to be a powerful experience, as well as a frightening one. They generally leave her room with claw marks on their backs, bites on the shoulder that are bruised or even bloody and utterly drained.

12. Nashaly the Depraved
It is common for humans wishing to be more exotic to claim an elf in the family tree. It is not common for a demon to hold one of those branches, but that is just the case for Nashaly. Few knew that Grandfather Neurgon was actually a demon, but in her heart, in her tainted blood, in her smoldering loins, Nashaly knows. Nothing is to perverted or sadistic for this woman. No act is taboo, in fact the more depraved or debased an act is, the more she enjoys it in the moment and the more she loathes it afterwards. This tiefling is ruled by her basest of desires and her financial assets are substancial enough that she could easily quit and open her own business. It's hard to quit a job that you love so viscerally.

13. Rayna, the Imposter
In truth, Rayna is actually an alias used by the eldest daughter of a very prudish noble family. This Princess secretly dons the attire of a prostitute and sells herself to any man with enough coin. Unlike the other working girls, Rayna likes her men to be big, hairy, muscular, and dripping with testosterone. The men of the court are to this day flabergasted over how such a woman remains immune to their dandy charm and eloquent turns of phrase. Eventually she will mature out of this rebellious phase, but for the time being, the Princess walks the streets like a cat in heat.

14. Jaden and Jaelyn
Lithe and exotic looking, Jaden and Jaelyn are identical twins who specialize in fulfilling threesomes. Originally acrobats in a traveling circus, the girls left the venue after it caught fire one night, burning down the main tent, killing half of the spectators as well as most of the cast and crew. Long the personal toys of the barker and ringmaster, stepping into the brothel meant they got paid for their services and gained a staggering amount of free time to lounge about, play games, and read old books. They dream of living on a farm with animals, but are wise enough to know that such a dream is unlikely for exotic beauties such as themselves. Still they laugh and dream of finding a man who would marry them both and take them away to raise birds and long eared goats.

15. Ulis, the White-Eyed
Some curses are worse than others, and few can compare with the curse that burns inside of Ulis. This winsome stripling of a girl was until a few months ago a strapping and boisterous knight with a taste for pillaging and a touch of rape. during an assault on a sorceress, the woman bespelled him and turned him into a frail and milk-blooded woman, the very thing he himself preyed upon. The curse will be lifted once he/she is vandalized once for every girl he stained with his touch. Somehow the most brutish of clients are drawn to the trembling girl who weeps at their slightest touch. He remembers the rush he felt when they trembled under his touch and his fear is so much the more. The nature of the curse renders Ulis unable to speak, write, or otherwise communicate it to another person.

16. Tarsha, Mistress of the Whip
If goth had a queen it would be Tarsha, she is statuesque, and pale as alabaster. She favors vivid red skin tight leather and has a dungeon that can only be explored by a solo adventurer, if you know what I mean. Inside her lair, their are implements of torture, macabre paintings and the rest of the dominatrix ensemble. Her clientele is as exceptional as it is secret, as in a darker age, those who love pleasure and pain go through great lengths to keep their tastes secret.

17. Afton, the Quiet Heart
Unlike the other prostitutes, Afton died years ago. Less than a century in the blood, Afton is a young vampire hiding in the Holde district plying her supernatural sensuality as well as her natural sexuality. Like flies drawn to a spider, her clients come to feel the deadly rapture of a vampire's bite, but with the gold bought promise of their own safety but the bleeding edge thrill of embracing one of the undead willingly. On occasion she has an accident and leaves a client in a pool of their own cooling blood, but it is a risk she informs them of long before gold touches her palm or her lips touch their flesh.

18. Gaynell, the Temp
Living well outside of the city, Gaynell spends a week out of each month working at a certain brothel. The other three months she lives on a farm and works the fields and with the livestock. Her family believes that she is attending a school or apprenticeship in the city, not knowing that each week she spends about half of her gains on frippery and pretty boys and the the other half vanishes into a Usurer's purse until she has enough gold to say goodbye forever to the farm and purchase her own patents of nobility. While most consider her naive at best, she is about 2/3rds of the way to getting the gold she needs to pay a local duke to have her initiated as a lesser baroness.

19. Mafalda the Enhanced
In a realm of magic, there are going to be cosmetic charms, and Mafalda has been the recipient of a good number of them. Now getting on into her late 40s, she has a magically enhanced bra size, as well as regular doses of weak anagathics and beauty preserving potions. After several years of this, she is starting to take on a bland and almost plastic appearance. Having been a career prostitute her whole life, she has long since determined her self worth but the cost of her services and the quality of her clients.

20. Plain Yosilen
The everywoman in the brothel, Yosilen comes from commoner roots and remains in the profession since it offers the best pay in respect to work involved. Neither especially pretty or abusably ugly, she represents the common prostitute and can be seen anywhere from doing laundry during the day, to working the tavern rooms in the late afternoon, to heavy business during the festivals.

21. Poor Willa
not every prostitute works under the aegis of the guild of the Lily, some are forced by various means to work independantly. Willa was expelled from the Guild after it was discovered that she had been stealing from the brothel she worked at for years. Divested of her stolen wealth and cast out of the guild, she was left to ply her trade alone on the street. Her clients take her in seedy alleys, unwatched corners in taverns, and if it is dark enough, on the street itself. Her rates are among the lowest, as it is the only way she can get any business. On top of that, she has to give more than half of what she earns to the thieve's guild as protection money.

22. Guillermin, the Artist
In an age where most prostitutes have only two general positions (You want me on me back or on me knees honey?) Guillermin is educated in the variations and techniques of the Kama Sutra or it's respective work in the setting. Exotic and hailing from a distant land, she knows things that most of her slightly less civilized and slightly more prudish clients have not even considered.

23. Raegan the Red
A pale skinned woman with hair the color of flame, Raegan hails from Zehin, though she doesnt have witch-blood in her veins. Most of her clients are drawn to either her fiery red hair, or her aura as being descended from witches. She seldom speaks to her clients as her thick local accent would immediately shatter the illusion of her being alien and exotic. Outside of the boudoir, Raegen is arrogant and considers men to be dogs fit only to be lead around by their leashes.

24. Keegan, the Scapegoat
Coming from the farm and a very stern and religious upbringing, Keegan discovered that she was a masochist while on a visit to the city. Running away from home later, she indulged her desire, becoming a whipping doll for the more exuberant clients at the brothel. The madam is always close at hand with a healing potion as sometimes the men with the whips and chains get out of hand. Now addicted to pain and healing potions, Keegan lives a life of hazed decadence while her family mourns, thinking her dead. One day they will be right.

25. Margot, the Teaser
Most men who solicit Margot are turned down, despite their offers. Margot only accepts a certain type of client, one who is looking for a certain kind of...woman. In truth Margot is really a man, one who dresses in womens clothing. this sint out of a love for women's clothes but for the fact that certain men, especially influential and powerful ones want others to know that their tastes lean towards their own gender instead of the fairer sex. Margot's disguise is a function of dress and carefully applied cantrips.

26. Tenille the Working Woman
Tenille is a busy woman, with scarcely an hour to herself. While she works the weekend shifts and occasional other shifts at the brothel, she also does work as a scullery maid. When not cleaning laundry or dirtying sheets, she regularly assists with the baked goods, and as a second rate seamstress. Most of her clients find her distracted, which is completely true as she is generally thinking about what she will be doing later in the evening or the next day. Her husband died a year ago, leaving her with six children and a substancial amount of debt to be paid off. One day, one day the brats will be out on their own and the guild will be paid off, so she tells herself each night as she passes out on the pillow.

27. Ceil, Maiden of the Veil
Her rates are very modest, she is able to bear any pain or shame that a man would inflict on her. Ceil, like Afton, is dead. Unlike Afton, Ceil is a ghost and only appears after sundown and never leaves her room. She has a special ability, drawing on the memories of her guests, she can reshape her appearance to look like another deceased woman, albeit pale and reserved. She waits, as she was killed in this very room by her lover who claimed to be immortal. One night he will return, and all of the grief and rage and pain she has absorbed from men weeping over their lost wives and loves will explode out of her and kill him in a way that no spell of blade can.

28. Ebba the Mad Lass
The stars always shine in Edda's eyes, as years ago she was touched by one of the true fae and it's touch lingered in her mind. She frollicks and laughs, seeing every man as a lvoer, every woman as a confidant, and every evening as a grand adventure. She is quite insane from her contact with the shapeless fae, but compared to the majority of those so damaged, she is largely harmless. In her dementia she considers herself a princess, the madam as the queen of the court and her clients as proud knights. As can be expected, the madam keeps all but a pittiance of her income, though Edda cares not.

29. Big Noelia
Now entering her late 40s, Noelia has reached a benchmark 200 pounds. Her price has been falling steadily for years as her wieght drifted higher and higher. Now her clients hail from the poorest of the poor and the daytime bargain hunters. She will soon become a madam, not from any personal skill, but because she is soon to be worthless as a prostitute but hasnt broken any guild statutes and cannot be expelled for being undesireable.

30. Belva the Ever-Beautiful
Entering into her late 60s, Belva has a figure that girls 1/3rd her age would kill to have. While her hair has since fades to a brilliant silver, there is hardly a line of age on her face and she remains as desireable as she was forty years ago. As an exemplar member of the guild, she is a standing guildsmistress as well as still working the sheets. There are no shortage of rumors to the source of her ageless vitality, ranging from elven blood, to a casque of genuine Elixer of Youth, to the truly bizarre. Belva just laughs and goes back to her task at hand, it is simply rude to ask a lady's age.

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