The Trusty

He was sent down several years ago for a violent robbery and has since become almost a guard himself. He is the one who makes the wardens tea, is not often locked in his cell, and does many of the small jobs in the prison. He is disliked by many of the other prisoners but not all of them, and he can certainly handle himself well in a fight, so to an extent they respect him for that.

The Steve McQueen.

Escaped, recaptured, escaped, recaptured, this prisoner is a master of escape, and is no doubt planning on how to get out of this prison as well. Popular with the majority of the other prisoners, because he would never inform on anybody else and is a likeable person. His crime was bank robbery but noone was physicly injured in the robbery that he committed. He would have served his term years ago if it were not for the extra time added on for his failed escapes. He hates prison officers even more then most prisoners do.

The Mother's Boy

This prisoner spent the first two days crying for his mother. His hair is matted with dirt because he cannot wash it himself and many of the other prisoners beat and bully him. He bitterly regrets the day that he pulled a knife on his ex girlfriend in full view of several witnesses who got involved and saved her life, Sometimes he wishes that he had been successful as then he would have been hanged, which he sees as much better then the hell that his life as become.

The Dead Man Walking

This prisoner was caught acting suspiciously by a police officer, and in the struggle that followed the officer was stabbed and died of his wounds. For the crime, he was sentenced to death, and sits in his cell with two prison officers who watch him night and day to prevent him committing suicide or attempting to escape. They are careful not to provoke him because he has nothing to lose. He is terrified of facing the hangman, and often talks of his family, who he greatly misses. He would do anything to escape.

The Sex Case

This perverted prisoner raped a child, and is hated for it by all the prisoners and warders alike. He spends twenty-three hours a day in his cell except when he is taken out to exercise in a small walled courtyard. He hates everybody else there. The warders spit in his food and the other prisoners threaten him with a beating whenever they see him. And yet to look at him you would not think that he is any different to you or me if he were not in prison uniform.

The Witness

This man spent nearly twenty years in organized crime, robbing, cheating and murdering his way to the post of underboss of the Lorcano crime family. When at last he committed one murder too many and knew he would face the hangman, he made a deal with the government-he would inform on his boss and all his partners in organized crime, in exchange for being set free and given a new identity to protect him from being murdered. The government agreed but has kept him in prison until the trial of his boss starts in a few days. His cell is right next to that of the Sex Case, which annoys him a great deal.

The Hard Case

This prisoner's back is scarred from the lashes of the whip, because of the many times he has hit prison officers or chucked the contents of his chamber pot at them. He has fought with other prisoners too but reserves most of his hate for the prison staff. H e has at various times been flogged, beaten, left in a straitjacket for days and put in a dark cell with no light, but it has not broken him. His orginal crime that put him here was that of attacking a policeman.

The Good

This prisoner insists that he is innocent of his crimes, which were those of carrying an illegal weapon and drugs. The warden and the other prison officers hate him because of his hunger strikes, complaining and the time when he broke out onto the roof and stayed there for three days. The other prisoners either like him or don't mind him. In fact he really is innocent but only he and the policemen who set him up know that.

The Bad

This prisoner committed his first crime at six years old and has broken the vast majority of the laws, both the silly and the sensible ones. The only two crimes that he will not commit are murder and rape, the first because he fears the threat of execution and the second because even he has some morals.

The Ugly

This prisoner made the mistake of pushing in front of the Hard Case in the dinner queue and was jugged a few days later. A jug of water was mixed with sugar and boiled, and then the contents were thrown in his face. His face is now horrifyingly scarred for life, a horrible pink and white blob.

The Mad

This prisoner is so crazy and dangerous that he is rarely allowed out of his cell, whilst he awaits transfer to a mental hospital. Not only did he strangle a little boy but the body was found by police nailed by the penis to a tree. Only his insanity spared him from the gallows. He is unlikely ever to be set free ever again.

The Lawyer.

Hated by the prison staff but greatly liked by the prisoners as they all benefit, this barrack-room lawyer helped to get rid of several of the unofficial punishments such as the 'hole' where prisoners were locked up in the dark for days at a time. Many guards would like to beat him to a pulp, but because of press attention and the support that he has from the other prisoners, they can't. He knows exactly what he can and can't get away with and never crosses that line.

The Undercover

On the surface a sex case as well, but in fact an undercover policeman with several years experience. He is attempting to trick information out of the Sex Case, which will lead to the location of a murder victim's body so that the Sex Case can be charged with murder and hanged. He detests his assignment but thinks it is the only way to bring the Sex Case to justice.

The Fixer

This man can...for a price paid up front, arrange for mobile phones, drugs, forbidden food, extra prison pillows, shanks and even escape tools to be smuggled into prison through a corrupt guard. He has been here a long time. He was sentenced to death for murder decades ago but reprieved.

The Biker

On the outside a leading full-patch member of an outlaw biker gang until he committed one too many crimes even for him to get away with. He is quiet, doing his time, but very few of the prisoners would start a fight with him because they know what he can be capable of if angered. He just wants to be out so he can ride again.

The Thug

Enormously violent both on the outside and when he can get away with it, on the inside too. Known as 'Mr F***em-up' because if he does not like somebody for some reason, he f***s them up. Will attack almost everybody regardless of how strong or weak they are. He is a close friend of the Hard Case, and thuggish though he is, if he becomes a close friend of somebody he will do all he can for that person as long as that person repays the favour.

The Spy

Convicted or giving information about top-secret weapons systems to the country's enemies, he got a thirty year prison sentence but does not expect to serve more then a sixth of his time, as spy swaps are common and sooner or later he will be swapped for a spy that has been captured by the country who he serves. Keeps a very low profile just to keep out of trouble with the prison officers and the other convicts.

The Fraudster

This person earned a five-year stretch for selling land to people. The land was genuine and his to sell, but what he did not tell the buyers was that the land had no planning permission and would probably never would get planning permission in a hundred years. A likeable man, but few amongst the other convicts would trust him with anything of value.

The Spammer.

He was imprisoned after spamming one million computer users with Viagra spams. This person has no sense of honour at all and would do almost anything to make money. He plans to spam again once he gets out of prison. Everyone thinks him nerdy.

The Vigilante

A member of the secretive and hated White Knights, he was jailed for taking part in a series of violent assaults on alleged criminals. Like the Sex Case, he is friendless and hated by all the other prisoners. The Thug has privately vowed to smash his head in if he can. Unlike the Sex Case, not all of the prison guards dislike him-there are a few who think that he was only doing the right thing. Unknown to anybody else, one of the prison guards is a member of his White Knights cell, who respects him for not naming names of other Knights, and does what he can to make his stay in solitary confinement not as bad as it could be.

The Old Man

This old, white haired convict has spent sixty of his last eighty years in and out of prison for a string of offences, most of them relatively minor. Because of his age and the fact that he keeps his head down, neither the guards nor the rest of the other prisoners harm him. He has got so used to prison life that he has become institutionalised and can no longer function in the world outside prison-within days or weeks he normally breaks his parole conditions so that he gets locked up again.

Mr Whiskey

All this man's crimes have been to do with alcohol-either stealing it, drinking it and driving or getting into fights after drinking too much of it. When sober he normally bitterly regrets what he has done, when drunk he becomes a violent maniac when off the road and a speed demon on it. Previous crimes have included fighting with police, swearing and drink driving. Recently he got a twelve-year sentence for manslaughter after he ran over a pedestrian when drunk. The pedestrian was using a zebra crossing at the time. He often barters away his cigarette ration for illegal moonshine booze-as he does not smoke that is not a problem for him.

The Binder

In most ways he is an honest man. He has never raped, robbed, murdered or indulged in drunken driving. The reason why he ended up in prison is because he likes to bind and gag women. Not to commit other crimes, just to kiss them on their foreheads and watch them struggle and scream through their gags. He got a sentence of between fifteen years to life. The other convicts are not too sure what to make of him-some treat him as a sex offender and have made it clear that they want nothing to do with him, others do not mind him since he never raped anybody.

The Santa

This man decided to play the Santa to his children, after having had a messy divorce from his wife. He brought a sackful of toys, dressed in a Santa suit, got a ladder and climbed onto the roof of his ex-wife's house, and down the chimney. And got stuck. It cost quite a lot to get him out of the chimney, and that and the anger of his ex-wife got him three months in prison, a heavy fine and a non-contact order for when he gets out. He is a likeable fellow and even the Thug likes to talk with him.

The Druggie

This man, like many prisoners, is here after committing multiple thefts, even from his parents and friends, to support his drug habit. He is ugly, lazy, deceitful, and heartily disliked by the majority of people, except the Fixer from which he gets his illegal drugs. He would kill a prisoner or a prison guard if he were offered enough drugs.

The Boss

To look at him, he would seem a harmless and friendly fellow, but in fact he is the Boss of the Lorcano crime family, and has stolen, beaten, robbed and murdered his way to the top during more then half a century of criminal activity. The only crime he will not commit and considers totally foul is crimes against children. He knows that the Witness is in the same prison and is wondering how he can get him murdered before the trail. If convicted on the multiple counts of theft, racketeering and murder that he faces he faces either the hangman or at least life in prison.

The Protester

He threw a grenade at the President of the Central Committee in protest over high taxes, and got only ten years in prison as the assassination failed. He is a close friend of the Good, and the two are normally together unless they are in solitary confinement cells being punished. There are rumours that they are lovers, but the rumours are not true. They are the very best of friends together, agreeing with each other on nearly everything.

The Unlucky

Every crime he commits goes spectacularly wrong. He was honest until he found out that his wife was having an affair with the extremely tough owner of a pub. He hired a shotgun from a criminal gang, but shot at the wrong man and then got beaten up by the man's friends. Handed over to the police, he got seven years in prison from the courts and a warning from the gang that they would be waiting for him when he got out.

Whilst in prison he decided to attack a sex offender but made the mistake of attacking a mobster instead, and he had to be moved to a new prison to save him from being murdered in retaliation. After four years in prison he got parole and was then badly beaten by the gang from which he borrowed the shotgun. When he got out of hospital his wife came back to him only to start another affair with his probation officer. He found out and complained, only to find himself recalled to prison. The Steve McQueen avoids him in case his escape plans get jinxed.

The Turbulent Priest

He was thrown into prison for one too many sermons attacking the government in violent terms, as well as being defrocked and excommunicated by his bishop, who was quick to avoid a confrontation with Church and State. He is friends with the Good, the Protester, the Ugly and the Santa and often comforts the Dead Man Walking, which the prison guards are happy about as it makes their job easier.

The Smuggler

He has smuggled people, endangered animals, jewels, alcohol and drugs, and sadly for him it was the latter offence that he was caught for, earning him a long sentence. He is popular with the other prisoners though as he has found a way to smuggle in all kinds of illegal items, with the help of the Fixer and some of his contacts on the outside, and a bribeable guard or two.

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