Access to these dimensions are for the most part up to the gamemaster, some possible routes are included for some of them.

1 Shangri-La

Located in a remote section of Tibet, Shangri-La is a paradise with a dark side. The dimension consists of a large Tibetan village surrounded by farms and sheep.The village is filled with temples and homes, with only a few shops. The residents are immortal, happy, and free from the stresses of modern society.

The villagers manifest various superhuman abilities.
Many of the monks possess super natural abilities with martial arts and can pass some of these secrets to the PCs.Other Monks can speak with the dead. Some others can heal and (depending on the campaign) raise the dead.

On the outskirts of the dimension are passages to Hell and the land of the dead-keep out.

More correctly called Shamballa

2 Aushwitz-Berkenau

Nazi occultists during WW2 created this pocket to perform
dark rituals on the unsuspecting jews. Horrible rites are still conducted on the tortured souls. This abomination must be stopped. This pocket is accessed at nights of the full moon on the site of the original concentration camp.(A sensitive subject,but to me the memory of the true horrors must be kept alive-too many people are ignorant of the truth.)

3 Jake the Road

A 30 mile stretch of old US highway 66 in Arizona that is sentient.If you travel the whole 30 miles in a US made red convertable at exactly 66.6 miles an hour you will cross onto Jake. The road will at first give you normal exits(usually Barstow and San Bernadino). Later it will give you exotic exits(Paris or Tokyo). Then the fun comes.Canals of Mars. The Roman Senate. The Battle of New Orleans.Wherever and whenever you want to go. As Jake becomes used to you he can tailor exits for where you want to go.(This is my version of Danny the Street from DC comics-I strongly advise checking out the wikipedia listing)

4 Shadows of Nagasaki

A burning hell filled with the ever dying zombies of the nuclear apocalypse. The residents are most hostile. In the last few years the spirits of American GIs whose lives were saved by the bomb, have come here to save the souls of those who died for them.

5 Realm of the Othermen

This is the realm of where the neandertals disappeared to.It is a primal forrest of mammoths and sabretooth tigers. The neandertals hate and fear humans. Beware their powerful shaman. It is entered through a portal in a Ukrainian forest.

6 The Land Of Sin

When Christ died for the sins of mankind , a rift was created. This rift is the pocket Land of Sin. It has embodied sins and demons dancing and awaiting entry into the mortal realm. It is entered by spilling blood at the site of the crucifiction(a bedroom in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank).

7 Wilde Berkeley

One too many acid trips in a dorm room in Berkeley caused a mini dimension to form. The realm is looks like an LSD version of the campus. Filled with Pink Elephants and talking firehydrants it is entered by doing acid in just the right dorm room. Beware of bad trips!

8 The Hole of Moscow

Similar to Wilde Berkeley, The Hole was formed by the KGBs experiments with drugs, esp and Black Magic. It is a Dark realm of shadows and thoughts given bodies. Not as trippy as Wilde, but dangerous from the hostility it was born of.
Entered through the Moscow Subway.

9 Tesla's Micro Universe

When the great inventor Tesla died his soul ended up forming a workshop just outside reality it is filled with incredible inventions and many electrical devices. Unhappy with the unwanted visiters he has littered the place with killer robots and electical death traps. If you brave the dangers, fabulous devices can be found.

10 Happy Hunting Ground

The plains Native American heaven with buffalo as far as the eye can see. Even here the souls of the white man intrude and attack.

11 Tantric Paradise

Paradise in name only!Filled with the dead who committed accidental suicide from auto erotic sufforcation. They are locked in endless sexual union and are never satisfied.Pleasant to look at with brightly colored silks and pillows, beware the embrace of the dead.

12 Worm Hole Experiments

Scientists experimenting with worm holes created several small permanent holes that shift from place to place that are able to randomly enter the pockets on this list. The experiments were abandonded after several of their attempts at exploration ended in TPK.

13 Dark Transylvania

Think Dracula and spooky castles and lots of fog.

14 Remembered Realms

Unknown to the average gamer, the worlds most popular rpg(Caverns and Chimera) has generated enough occult energy to bring a small dimension into existence. One of the odd things about it is that all who are there have a Hit Point bar above their heads!

15 Rats Maze

A rat being used for cancer reasurch found it's Intellect magnified 1000 fold. It also enabled the rat to fold space and create a pocket dimention. A mental dimention of mazes that trapped humans are forced to run, dodging death traps to get rewards like VHS Porno tapes and half eaten burgers.

16 Cyber Well

Formed by sentient computer virus', this pocket is a battleground in cyperspace where the sentient virus' fightfor supremacy. It's deadly just to watch from the sidelines. What happens if one wins?

17 True Salem

The truth of the Salem witch trials was they were witches but only one of them was evil and deserved her fate. The innocent witches became trapped in a realm created by their suffering. Slowly they drew their persecutors into the realm with them. Now they are all burning over and over. They need to face their deaths and to be released.

18 Croatoan

In 1587 an english colony vanished from Roanoke Island.
Known as the ‘Lost Colony' they are trapped in a dimensional hell of their own making. A religious leader arose among them and said he could lead them to paradise, all they had to do is trust him and perform one little human sacrifice. Desperate and starving, the settlers agreed and new born Virginia Dare was sacrificed.The leader used the energy to open a portal to a pocket dimension.

The dimension appears as a small english colony circa 1600. The leader, still alive controls and manipulates the poor, suffering inhabitants

19 Endless Moors

A piece of the Scotish moors ripped from reality by a
wizard/werewolf. They trap the unsuspecting and hunt through the ages.

20 Egyptian Afterlife

Ramases The Great, the egyptian pharaoh, caused his palace priests to work such magics that created the egyptian afterlife for him and many of his subjects. Now
they live in abject misery as overcrowding has led to an endless famine. Afamine that can only end with the true death of Remises.

21 Living Hunger

A horrible land of the African souls who died of starvation. The souls are packed like a cattle car in a desert wasteland. They will try to eat you.

22 Merlin's Retreat

When Camalot fell, Merlin retreated into a pocket dimention of his own making. He brought some of the more noble knights and ladys with him. He spens his days creating quests for the knights to solve. Merlin has mastered every spell and is able to pass them on to those he finds worthy.

23 Aleister Crowley's Retreat

This occultist did not die in 1947, but passed on to his private little dimension. When he on earth, some people called him the ‘Wickedest man alive' He continues in isolation, dragging people in for sexual depravity, drug use and chess. But if you want to summon a demon he's your man.

24 Abe No Seimi's Retreat

This ‘onmyoji'(roughly translated as wizard) was so revered in his life on earth that a shrine was built in Kyoto for him. Now he contimplates the stars from his pocket. He should be consulted for astrology, seeing and exorcism. The pocket is entered by praying very long and hard to him from the shrine

25 Jesus-Man-Up Cargo Heaven

Deep in the New G-i-n-i jungle is a portal to the heaven of the cargo cult.They worship airplanes and Coca-Cola(Honest!)Here the cult has come to rule over captured 'Europeans'(actually Japanesse soldiers from WW2)

26 Walk-About

Like the Australian outback only with more water, wildlife and not as hot.Lakes and ponds can be used to view any spot in the solar system with only a minor magic spell. Entered by being guided by aboriginal shaman.

27 Aztec Escape

A few Aztec mystics brought their followers to this realm of their own making when the Spanish were conquiring the New World. Their decendants are still performing blood sacrifice to maintain their small world.

28 Future Eddy

One of the few dimensions that are everchanging, This realm gives glimpses of the future of no more than 50 years into the future-entered from Tomorrow Land In Disney World.

29 Nightmare

Another of the changing realms, whatever a nightmare can contain can be found here. Always dark and forboding with buildings always crooked.

30 Island of Forgotten Toys

Peter Pan and the lost boys bring neglected children here to be with forgotten toys. The landscape looks straight out of Candy Land.

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31 The Playroom

A 4th dimensional being has created a playroom for its 1000 year old infant so it can explore the 3rd dimension.It also reaches into some of these other pockets so sonny can play.