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February 1, 2017, 7:34 pm

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30 Lost Worlds for Supers or Modern Horror


A companion piece to my 30 Pocket Dimensions

Don't put too many of these in the same world, otherwise you end up like the Tarzan books(with Africa coast to coast in lost cities)Just pick a handful and sprinkle in.

1) Chicago Stockyards

A large group of lost individuals has developed a feudal society in the bowels of the Chicago blight. King Gustov holds court ruling these hidden souls in the dark of the night. Refugees from modern society, even the lowest of the low is a knight here.The 6 Barons exert the kings will and have varying responsibilities.Violent and territorial, the police are just starting to realize exactly whats going on here.


The adventurers need the help of the Baron of Tech. He wants a marriage to his toothless daughter to seal the deal

The Baron of Food is looking to replace the king and needs an outsider hit squad to do the deed.

2) The True Lama(mountains of Chinese occupied Tibet)

Hidden from the world for a thousand years, the True Lama is the actual guiding force behind the Tibetan Buddest religion.When the Chinese conquered Tibet, the True was moved to an extremely well hidden monastery. His.His powers of healing and peace are amazing. He also is a master exorcist.


The Chinese soldiers in Tibet are being swayed by the True's powers. Unable to handle their conflicting emotions many are going mad and running amok.

The True wants to announce his presence by using secure digital links and spread his gospel.

3) New Iceland(Arctic Russia)

A lost tribe of Vikings ruling over their inuit and captured Russian slaves. A powerful line of shaman protects the tribe from being detected from the air. The tribe lives in and around a captured U-boat. Very inbred and degenerate. The few locals have long ago learned to stay far away from this area.


A Russo-Japanese science expedition has vanished without a trace. The party is called upon to answer the mystery.

4) The Grey City (Sandy Island in the Pacific)

The Grey Aliens ,Fleeing a civil war, have moved and masked Sandy Island to the south Pacific. They are doing experiments on humans but without a hive brain Reptilian, do not have any direction. They are randomly using thier saucers to anal probe the heck out of the surrounding couple of thousand miles.They are getting sloppy.


Rash of anal probes!?!? Really!?!?(yup)

5) Vlad the Impaler's true resting spot(Walachia)

A cult of witch/werewolves have been gathering blood for Dracula's resurrection for hundreds of years. By day they live in an out of the way village ,pretending to be peasants in the shadow of the monastery where their master sleeps. By night they gather victims from far away to not shed any suspicion on their activities.

6) BEM Crop Circle Frat House (Loch Ness)

Frat hose is the closest human idea that describes this alien outpost.They pretend to be Nessie , fly to southern England to make crop circles, all part of their elaborate ritual/practical jokes and take the alien equivalent of payote. Watch out for the human sacrifice graduation party.

7) Pan-Galactic Police compound(Antarctic)

The P-GP are tired of the many unauthorized alien incursions on Earth. A local branch was established about 20 years ago.They are responsible for the cattle mutilations in the American west. They need the DNA to make clone troopers to work among the humans unnoticed. So far they have been too reliant on non-human DNA but have been able to move about in black helicopters.The Men in Black are their imperfect agents.

8) Chupacabra Village(Northern Mexico)

Chupacabra are the result of a bio-experiment gone horribly wrong. These small beasts have developed a low culture in the wilds of Mexico. Their leader has restricted them to killing goats, but many wish to drain the blood of the hated humans. A satanic cult has just begun to make contact with them.

9) The ruins of Atlantis (Haiti)

The small remains of Atlantis hides in the thick tropical forest. Using old crystal tech, they hypnotize the inhabitants to do their bidding (giving rise to the stories of zombie) Barely able to keep their presence unknown, they are seeking a safer place to live,but most of their population of under a thousand are content with the service the 'zombie' provide.

10) USS Eldrige(South-Eastern Turkey)

The Philadelphia Experiment caused the USS Eldrige to split into twin ships and crew, one of which came to rest (as the result of the failed teleportation) in the Kurdish area of the Turkish border with Iraq. The Sailors are possessed by extradimentional parasites that extend their lives and twist them in demonic ways. Using the upheaval of that area as a hunting grounds for their twisted whims.

11) Mothmen Cult camp(mid-western USA)

A cult devoted to the Mothman (just a myth) has developed a sort of chaos theory state of mind. They do any kind of act to further chaos. Armed robbery,helping old ladies across the street, human sacrifice or finding lost dogs. Based on an old sci-fi book The Mask of Chaos, the cultest are looking for the trigger that will put them in touch with the mothman, and since he doesn't exist they are in for a long wait.

12) New Albion (North western Wales)

The last remaining elves sit in their court pondering what has gone wrong for them. Once they ruled Europe and now all they have left is a few mountain caves. But they plot, building golems in secret for the day they will strike.

13) Tiny Tiny(central Ireland)

The leprechaun village sits almost in plain sight. They venture forth on pranks and mischief. Locals have been led to believe they are gods of old Ireland come to reclaim their land. Unfortunately the human sacrifices have started....

14) The Fountain of Youth (Everglades, Florida)

A few Spaniards found the fountain in the mid 1500s and have remained here ever since. They jealously guard the secret allowing a few locals to drink and extend their lives. An old billionaire has begun a search of the area with a paramilitary force he has raised and will claim it at any cost

15) El Dorado (Amazon rain forest)

The fabled city of gold is all that it was dreamt of. Still hiding from the world, The Aztecs here continue their way of life, having obtained modern weapons by trading.The ever encroaching clear cutting of the forest have come very close. The high priest of the Aztec's has no small amount of magik's at his disposal. Conflict is imminent.

16 Xanadu (Mongolia)

In fabled Xanadu a Great Khan rules. His allies are in fact the rulers of much of eastern Asia. With the great weath of the Mongol empire at thier disposal, the agents control and manipulate a vast stretch of the continent.

17) The Nazis (Sudatenland, Czech Republic)

The remains of the Nazis are working on harnessing the breakthroughs made in time-travel made during the last days of the war. As soon as they can get the power problem worked out they are going to retrieve a young Hitler. Their new armies will be lead by the Spear of Destiny and the Ark of the Covenant, along with other super weapons that have been developed by using the time travel tech.

18) The Hollow Earth

A lost land hidden deep in the Earth holds dinos and cavemen ,allong with waring factions of Romans, Carthiginians,Vikings and very lost gray aliens. Huge mounds of rare and valuable minerals abound.The more advanced races are using lost Atlantis crystal tech to battle each other. A huge land lit by an eternal interior sun, there is never night and this has driven all the inhabitants quite mad.

19) The Mason Cult (Death Valley California)

Led by an unknown son of Mason, these cultists await the inevitable race war that will overthrow the white oppressors of America and allow the minorities to rule. Doing everything they can to foster race hatred they roam far and wide preaching hate and revolution.

20) The Martin's clan (Ozark Mountains)

This clan of super inbreed degenerates live off the land and eating hitchhikers who wander too close to their home. Horribly disfigured by the inbreeding, some of the clan has developed telekinesis and telepathy. Super violent and aggressive they are a threat to their entire region.

21) Lost city of New Rome (under the Oak Island Money pit)

The money pit is a sealed entrance to a sub section of the Hollow Earth. There the remnants of the Knights Templars live with their Native American and Muslims. The Knights have the head of John the Baptist that they use in occult rituals, awaiting a signal that will never come, building an army to retake the Holy Land from the infidel.

23) The Mutants (Chernobyl, Russia)

The mutated survivors of the meltdown have formed a loose sociaty amung the still highly radioactive ruins. All it would take is a major incursion to thier teritory for the mutants to strike ou with the super powers granted by the radiation.

24) King Solomon's Mine (Congo River, Africa)

The fabled lost mines and its fabulous rubies remain hidden. Guarded by small mutant brachiosaurus (mebele-mebele) and chimpanze/human hybrids, the rubies are very safe

25) The Anasazi (Canadian/ Alaskan border,arctic)

These peaceful Amerinds were driven from thier desert homes in the American south west by more aggressive tribes and no rainfall. They have frored a society with bigfoot based on simple hunter/gathering. The bigfoot roam all they way into northern Oregon. Despite centuries of contact between the two ,the Anasazi are only just begining to comunicate and understand the metaphysical sasquatch. They need more time to prepare the bigfoot for the enevitable discovery by mankind.

26) Remains of Atlantian super weapon (Bermuda Triangle)

While no Atlantians remain here ,the powerful super weopons of the race remain active here. They are under the control of a crystal computer AI that unleashed the great flood of the bible and other myths. It has been gathining resources and slave to rebuild the full potential of the super weopons and follow its twisted programing to destroy the world. Could be used as the ending chapter of a game using these lost worlds.

27) The Children(Paris Sewers)

A sociaty of abused children inhabits the sewers of Paris. They are neglected, abused and very violent. At the first signs of puberty, the child is required to commit ritual suicide. They beg steal and kill in the world above, below they play and huddle together in love for one another. Gastly violence surround these once innocent.

28) Refuge (Nevada desert)

Founded in the early 1960s this was a hideout from the enevitable nucular holocaust envisioned. Cut off from the outside world and forgotten about by the bloated bureaucracy of the US government they have been isolated all these years. In 2003 an expidition to the outside world was mounted. Thes racist, homophobic and jingoistic Americans were horified at what they saw (to them) of the decadent world. They plot to destroy the world with the few nuclear weopons they have, to return America to where it was in 1962.

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30 Pocket Dimensions for Supers and Modern Horror By: Aramax ( Locations ) Other - Any

Pocket dimentions for Supers and Modern Horror. With some modification many are useable in other genres

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Comments ( 12 )
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September 6, 2015, 9:48
The Chicago stockyards are my favorite of the 11/30 listed. The rest are an interesting mix of crypto-conspiracy and modern mythos and I like that a lot. There are a couple of things that come to mind to add to this.

There's nothing about the Nazis. There needs to be some Nazi wonder weapon secret lair.
Australia and the dreamtime
Devils Triangles and missing cruise ships
Dinosaur cryptids or isolated locations with dinos.
Cold War era simulations, like the American city replicated in Russia to train spies
An Ember/Matrix like buried vault city
September 7, 2015, 9:33
Thanx for a couple of ideas!
Voted Scrasamax
September 7, 2015, 9:17
Updated, there are some cool ideas here, I didn't expect the doomsday vault looking to start a nuclear apocalypse or the Indian/Sasquatch team up, but wow, that works!
September 8, 2015, 11:20
Update: Bolded the headers for you.
September 8, 2015, 11:27
My computer skills are that primative......thanx
Voted valadaar
September 8, 2015, 11:20
A great trove of strange locations!

Plenty of ideas. Good stuff.

Voted Murometz
September 8, 2015, 13:57
campy, pulpy, crypto fun!
September 8, 2015, 16:36
Ideas for 29. And 30. Hy-Brasil and Lemuria/Mu
September 8, 2015, 17:08
Last thought. Strolen will probably hit me with a rolled-up newspaper for mentioning spelling but...

*because* this is a fun read and a great resource for pulling ideas for games, can you please go back and do a once-over on spelling? Things like holocost, beaurarcy, mongole, expairment, etc. the amount of typos is just a bit jarring.
September 8, 2015, 17:40
No , I'm sorry. My spell check stoped working and I'm too much an IDIOT to figure out how to fix it. I have a new chrome book and it doesn't show me the squiggly lines that it used to.I'd be greatful for some help in this matter and again I am sorry.
September 8, 2015, 18:44
ok, fixed what I found. There may be few more lurking in here, I'll take another look later.
Voted Cheka Man
September 9, 2015, 0:11
Fun and thank you for writing this.
September 10, 2015, 9:58
I am both honored and ashamed, Muro and Echo both have pitched in to fix my gemmer and spelling, I am sorry I presented a good idea in a terribly sloppy way. I'm not submitting anything new untill I figure out spell check on my new chrome book. I'm am thankful and sorry, I feel like I misused this site. again sorry



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