1.The Faustian
Like Faust, this mage has gained his powers through a cunning pact with an evil power that will claim his soul upon his death. This baroque mage goes to great lengths to ensure his own survival, no matter the cost. Indulges in massive bouts of drinking, and uses his powers to seduce beautiful, wealthy, and poewrful women.

2. The Germaine Comte
This magus is a gentleman wrapped in an enigma. He is a courtier, musician, poet, and mysterious alchemist. His past is a secret, and his plans are far sighted beyond imagination, for unlike liches and vampires, he has discovered the secret of immortality, and keeps it a very tight secret.

3. The Collector
Many magi have hobbies and interests, but few match the zeal of the Collector. The collector's lab is as often a storehouse and showcase of the item of his interest, be it books, relics from a certain time period ro civilization, or the stuffed bodies of rare animals. Within his area of interest, few have more information.

4. The Merlin
This mage is a vital member of the Royal court, even as he assumes a lofty perch above its courtiers. He is the King's advisor, and almost a fatherly figure to almost everyone in the court. His powers are great, yet they are only used rarely and in the most dire of situations.

5. The Taliesin
Not a slinger of spells, this mage is a keeper of lore, a scribbler of scrolls and a poet laureate of the Kingdom. Now only does he write down the epics, he can recite them from memory, all of them.

6. The Virgil
This mage is a well enducated explorer who has penned a number of books, amny of which are commonly found in any wizard's study. From treatises on the nature of planar geography, the movement of the soul after death, or even the use of magic to fortell the future.

7. The King Solomon
This magus is a master of a potent kingdom, himself as the king. He has great wealth, a great many wives, and can command with his sorceries extra-planar creatures and demons with consumate ease. He is a wise ruler, though sometimes percieved as cruel.

8. The Bramble
This mage has a physical sport that he participates in, though is under constant scrutiny to make sure that he doesnt 'cheat' and use magic. He is seen as an embarassment to the mage community, and a nuisance to the sport community, and is likely the subject of public scorn.

9. The Doctor Mirabilis
This mage believes in using careful observation and research in the practice of magic, making many notations and eventually books from his collected works. While perhaps dangerously powerful, the Doctor is held in very high regards by the populace.

10. The Albertus Magnus
This mage believes that arcane and divine power can peacefully co-exist and as such is an accomplished wizard as well as a standing member of the Faith. to this end, he has published a creed for faithful wizards, and wizardly minded faithful to follow.

11. The Diabolist
Unlike the Faustian, the diabolist exchanges the lives of others in acts of sadism and perversion to a demon patron in exchange for wealth, power, influence and other goodies. this mage keeps up a good public face to hide his crimes against humanity and nature. A double-crosser, monster, and sadist without equal.

12. The Nicholas Flammel
A small and understated alchemist and mage who is a philanthropist who uses his wealth and influence to sponsor hospitals, orphaneges, and other aid to the poor and to the dowtrodden. A meek man more at home among books and tables, who speaks references obscure alchemical reactions, and has a great love for what humanity is capable of achieving.

13. The John Dee
This magus is versed in the alien arts of calculation and mathematics, using numbers to count divinations. In addition to this use of numerology, the mage is a proponent of the divine orders, and seeks to bridge the gap between arcane and divine magic, rather than accept the two as they are.

14. The Agrippa
This mage is a man of many trades, a philospher, a lawyer, at times of need a soldier, and a doctor. He is able to argue theology, legality, alchemy, and tactics with equal skill. Unfortunatly his vitriolic personality endears him to few, and many are releaved to see him go on about his business.

15. The Nostradamus
A seer without peers, this mage is a regular publisher, producing a new set of almanacs a year as well as writing horoscopes for the wealthy and the nobles. He possesses a great deal of energy and despite his beard, moves with the agility of a young man.

16. The Steganographer
Cryptics and writting backwards are not enough for this mage. All of his books and notes are written in a steganograph, and are only obvious as magical texts to those who know EXACTLY what they are looking for. His spellbook reads like a cook's reference book, his alchemical grimoire looks identical to a book of music for mid century strings. This is no illusion, but a code.

17. The Adam Weishaupt
This mage has a secret agenda and is part of a secret mages only society. This society has the secret ambition of overthrowing the world governments and replacing them with a single Arcanocracy, a government of mages. Fortunately for the world, this is really a rather small society and at best causes problems for a kingdom or two.

18. The Butterfly
Unlike the other mages, the butterfly is a female courtesan and pillow confidant of the King, or even Queen for that matter. Her charms are not all spells, though she does use them. The great secret is that no one knows that the lord's mistress is a mage.

19. The Bulwer
The Bulwer has a notion of writing plays and dramas, in addition to his magics. His magics can even be a vital part of said plays and dramas. The unwashed masses love the plays, as most are gratuitous and play upon common conventions of magic and such. Nobles, poets, and playwrights consider the work of the Bulwer to be tantamount to complete rubbish.

20. The Crystal-Monger
The new age magus, this mage uses crystals for everything, including finding the front door in the morning, to conjuring a cup of red coffee. All spells are performed with a great deal of pomp and circumstance, with divination being held as the absolute highest art, only being followed with communicating with the spirits of the dead. Most crystal-mongers are mediocre mages, or are new to the art.

21. The Samuel Mathers
This mage is a pioneer and a visionary and as such has created his own society of other mages and important personages who feel the same on certain matters. This Mage is a vegetarian and opposes magical study on living creatures, and smoking pipeweed. He contributes to the art by translating and releasing ancient texts.

22. The Fairuza
This mage comes from tinker/gypsy stock and has traveled over a great deal of the known world. She has embraced the common form of magic, rejecting the high ritual sorcery embraced by the viziers and court magi. The Fairuza has many piercings, and tattoos, is a collector of small and odd creatures, and has a fellowship of other earthy magi.

23. The LaVey
This mage, quite the opposite of the Albertus Magnus or John Dee views divine magic as laced with hypocrisy. The LaVey espouses a creed of materialism, and individualism. More shockingly, he makes a publis display of venerating the antithesis of the standing religion. Unlike the Faustian and Sadist, he is not currently involved with minions of evil.

24. The Crowley
A shocking person, the Crowley mage is prolific writer, a drug user, a sexual revolutionary, a hedonist, a mountain climber, a chess master, and currently holds the title of 'the most wicked man alive'. The Mage's magics challenge public sensibilities and the boundaries of magic until they twist and snap.

25. The Marcus Garvey
This mage believes that magic stems from a racial source, and that all mages carry the blood of insert ancient mythical location here and that all mages are one day destined to return to their homeland and free it from outside powers. While a few share his idea on blood connections between mages and the lost land, few are as aggressive in their actions to restore the mages to their homeland.

26. The Himmler
This mage flourishes under the aegis of a powreful and likely evil warlord or tyrant. With a mix of shrewdness, ambition, and slavish devotion to the leader, the Himmler rises quickly in power within the organization, where his arts are supported by said power, and he is free to do his maigc as he pleases without the consent of the populace, or the governance of his peers.

27. The Dr. Leary
The life of a magus is one of constantly researching new spells and collecting minutae, and publishing new works. It was a hectic pace that this mage had no interest in. The Dr. Leary discourages new mages from falling into the arcane power-mongering and games of other mages. He seeks to expand minds and loosen social boundaries, and for everyone to just get along...dude.

28. The Rudolf Steiner
This mage is more concerned with matters of the spiritual planes of existance than with the material world. Where many mages have a tendancy to become absent minded, this mage is likely to send his consciousness to another plane to explore and understand that new world. As a sage of the esoteric and exotic, there is none more informed, as for the location of the closest place to get a mug of ale, or even the king's palace...better look somewhere else.

29. The Cagliostro
This mage is one of the most well known and spoken of mages in all the land. His claims to fame come from the questionalbe nature of mis magics and alchemical claims. Some call him a vagabond and a thief, while others say his detractors are after him for the secrets of immortality and permanent youth, and the secret of turning lead into gold. Many a duke and comte has accused this mage of seducing their noble lady wives. He is a suave and dashing man constantly on the move, trailing new mages, authorities, and con-men in his wake.

30. The Bumbling Old Mage
The stereotypical elderly mage with the long white beard, pointy hat and spectacles. His magic is immense, yet he almost never uses it, and spends as much time talking about his quirks and personal foilables as he does about matters at hand or magic in general.

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