1-The Evil Lovers

This couple are totally and utterly in love with each other. Unfortunately, he is a murderer and she is a nymphomaniac. The two have joined together to kidnap, rape and murder people, generally the runaways and others who will not be missed by anyone, burying the bodies in the cellar of their house after carrying out acts too depraved to mention.

2- Get A Room

This couple kiss, fondle, cuddle and grope each other often and the more people are there, the more they like doing it. Many people are privately disgusted by their antics but say nothing for fear of provoking a fight. If they can get away with it they will happily involve themselves in risky sex in public places just for the thrill of breaking the law.

3-Across the Great Divide

She is a beautiful human girl, he an Orc, and to the disgust of both their families and tribes they have fallen in love with each other and ran off together to the capital city, both to hide from outraged relatives seeking their deaths and because many races live there in peace. Even there, they are stared at and disliked by many people, sworn at often and fear assault from the more racist amongst the many gangs of the city.

4-Mature Lovers

This middle-aged couple have been in love for over a quarter of a century and their marriage has survived whilst many of their friends have found theirs ending in mutual hatred and divorce. For that reason they are envied by many who cannot work out how they have stayed together for so long.

5-The Spy who loved me

He was a general in Queen Yocastas forces, she, a glamorous female spy sent in to seduce him into revealing top-secret information. But her mission has been complicated by the fact that she genuinely has fallen head over heels in love with him.
Now she wants to somehow put right the damage that she has done but dares not admit to her lover that she is a spy, not just through fear of execution or hard time in prison, but because it would hurt him emotionally.

6-In the Army now

These two male (or female) soldiers have survived everything that army life can throw at them, from brutal NCOs and bad food to punishing training and several major battles with the enemy. Both have covered up for each other and saved each others lives more then once, and from their comradeship a love has sprouted. A love that dare not speak its name, as they could be executed for being homosexual, or at the least thrown out with the disgrace that such a thing brings.

7-The NC 17

This couple are even more interested in nookie then couple #2. They really do have it a lot and many suspect that it is all that keeps them together.

8-The Courtly Lovers

He is a knight, she a noble lady of superior rank to him. He writes her poems, bows to her, smiles at her, dedicates himself in jousts to her, has her handkerchief tied to his lance. She smiles at him, writes him poems and letters, hopes he wins his jousts, and blows him the occasional kiss. Although both privately wish it could go further, she is married. Her husband knows about her liking for the knight but tolerates it, however if she did try and cheat on him the punishments for them both would be terrible.

9-The Unconditional

These two have been in love for so long, that even after he became mentally ill and finally ceased to know who she was, she has remained to look after him. Even when he swears or goes wondering or tries to hit her she remains by his side. Her friends think she should send him to a mental hospital but she knows he would soon die and refuses to have him committed.

10-The Romantic

This couple are big on the chocolates and jewellery and other gifts. Their birthdays, their anniversary, St Valentines Day, Christmas, each of these is a time when they buy each other expensive gifts. They hold hands in public, often tell each other how much they are in love, and others roll their eyes in disgust at their lovey-dovey ness.

11-If Ever Two Were One

This couple have the same interests, wear the same kind of clothes, and seem to do everything together, read each others minds and even finish each others sentences.

12-Its Chemical

These two accidentally drank from a love potion that was meant for somebody else, to make an arranged marriage a happy one. Now they are on the run, with bounty hunters working for the two families that were due to be united by the wedding after them. She was a heiress, he her best man. Neither is aware that their sudden passionate love for each other was caused by a potion, and if they could be made aware then the potions effect would wear off.

13-Distant Lovers

Both are in different countries on opposite sides of the planet, but they stay in touch by phone and the Internet and spend hours each day talking with each other and making each other laugh. As the countdown to when they will meet ticks down, they are getting more and more excited about meeting each other.

14-The Extrovert

He often finds an excuse to present his loved one with flowers, chocolates, and jewellery whenever he can. She enjoys it, but finds his affection a little bit suffocating at times and wishes he could give her a bit of time to herself. She does love him though and does not want to hurt his feelings by telling him that he is being over the top. Besides, the gifts are nice.

15-Material Girl

This girl does not really know how to feel love. Instead she is just in the relationship for the presents, money, and good sex that she can get out of it. She thinks nothing is wrong with cheating on her loved one with other men, or in leaving him the moment a richer and/or sexier man comes along. She leaves a trail of broken hearts in her wake and has a lot of enemies.

16-WITSEC (meant for a modern or sci-fi game.)

This girl has a dark secret that she longs to tell her lover as she does not want to keep anything secret from him. When she was ten years old she strangled two boys. Captured by the police, she only spent eight years in prison as a juvenile offender, eight years being rehabilitated to stop her committing such crimes ever again. When she was set free she was renamed and relocated to protect her from vigilantes. She loves her lover so much she thinks he could be trusted with the information about who she really is. The government would not be happy if they knew her plans.

17-The Pragmatists

This couple, whilst they do love each other, are not just starry eyed romantics. They joined partly so that they could pool their resources and improve their finances and thus their lives. They do not just practise sexual fidelity but financial fidelity as well, never purchasing anything that is really expensive without getting the consent of each other as well. Theirs was an arranged marriage arranged by their families but was not a forced one, and unlike some arranged marriages this one has worked well.

18-All For Love

This man would do anything to protect his lover and her honour, including duelling, carrying out dangerous or stupid feats to gain her approval, refusing to flee from any danger no matter how big it is. As a result he has gained several enemies and the local law enforcement is trying to find and arrest him on a murder charge that could result in his hanging if convicted.

19-No Price Too Great

This girl will do anything to protect her lover, including lying, cheating, and even stooping to sly murders to remove the enemies of her loved one. In a fight to the death, she would rather die then let her loved one be killed.

20-The Dragon Lovers

Both are huge red dragons the size of forty oared ships. His are a dark red, hers, a lighter brighter colour. Their love is fiery and passionate and they can often be seen on courtship flights together, wheeling and diving in the sky. Both have given each other such gifts as entire flocks of sheep (much to the displeasure of the shepherds) parts of their own treasure hoards, even the gift of their own true names, (something the dragons generally keep only between themselves and their dragon parents to stop magic from affecting them.) In one of their caves are a couple of eggs the size of humans, with baby dragons growing inside.

21-The Open Lovers

This pair often go *swinging* and meet other couples for sex, but they always return to each other. Many people refuse to believe that such a couple could be in love with each other, but they are-they just want variety in their sex lives.

22-The Jailor

Fearing that she will either cheat on him or be abducted or worse by rivals, this man has imprisoned his loved one inside his castle. No foul dark cell with a bed of straw for this prisoner-her bedroom is well lit, she has a whole suite of rooms, and they open out into a large courtyard open to the air with a garden and a maze within it. She has the finest food, clothes, jewellery and medical attention, and everything she wants except for her freedom.

23-The Unbalanced Pair

Although it started well, the woman is being beaten by her partner and blames herself for it. She puts up with his rages and tantrums and even when he hits her. Once he even left her bound and gagged to a chair overnight, yet she remembers the good times with him (and fears for her life if she tries to dump him) and a mixture of fear and genuine love keeps her by his side.

24-The Noble in Disguise

He distrusts and often dislikes the noble girls of his own class, finding them either deeply dull or scheming and untrustworthy. He also distrusts those below his class as he thinks they would only be interested in his money. So to try and solve the problem he has gone incognito as somebody who has enough money to live well but not a vast amount of it, in order to try and find somebody who loves him for who he is rather then how rich he is.


On the surface they are a wonderful pair. Unknown even to the male in the couple, the girl in the couple is a he inside. A mage with a grudge against him enslaved him by magic as well as changing his gender. The spell then forced him to be the lover of someone the mage knew well, leaving him helpless inside his changed body, forced to be sweet and loving at all times, unable to stop his new body from kissing, cuddling and making love to the *man of her dreams* He meanwhile would be horrified if he knew the truth about his loved one, and would want to free *her* from the spell provided such a thing could be done safely.

26-Beyond Death Us Do Part

This lover is terrified that his lover will die before him, perhaps due to the fact that when one half of a couple dies in his country, the other half is either burnt alive on the pyre or buried alive in the grave with the dead one. He has given her healing scrolls, a ring of resurrection, a bodyguard for when she goes out alone, and has spent a lot of money on a scroll to bring the freshly dead back to life.

27-Royal Property

This Queen was forced to marry a King who, whilst he was once a handsome, strong and clever man in his youth, was by the time they met old, fat, and ugly. Not surprisingly she has fallen in love with a much better looking and younger royal courtier of her own age and they often risk losing all their property and their lives by meeting secretly whenever they can get away with it. Not even the threat of the executioners axe can keep these two apart.

28-Do you want me now?

This girl was rejected by the one she loves and has disguised herself more then once, going under a different name and changing her personality to try and make him fall in love with her. So far she has failed but she is determined to make him fall as much in love with her as she is in love with him.


This girl is not what she seems. Frustrated by the fact that the one she is in love with is already taken, she secretly disguised herself as the mans love interest and then had her kidnapped and bound and gagged and stashed somewhere shortly before the wedding. She then stepped into the kidnapped ones place and is doing her best to act like her so that he does not find out about it.

30-Deja Two?

This lover also has an identical twin, than is every bit as interested in their mutual lover as her sister, both taking great pains to take turns courting him separately, and sharing in a few hobbies. Although on some days they seem like totally different persons in regards to food preferences and other small personal details.

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31- In The Family Tree

This pair of lovers are unknown siblings separated at birth. Only months after becoming lovers and consummating their marriage did they discover the shocking truth. Even after this realization they are still torn by their choices. Should this secret be left dead and buried while they stay together? Or should they go their separate ways despite the unpleasant rumors their sudden parting would cause?

This decision further complicated by the public knowledge of the couples first child being on the way.

32 -Love Has Made Me Whole

This lover is a statue carved by a lonely person longing for love, and has recently been brought to life by either divine intervention, a accidental magic spell, or deliberate mischief. Now alive, this sculpture feels the affection the crafter invested within and seeks out their dear lover to make their dreams come true..


He's a 66 year old veteran warrior, she is a wild college girl of 18, HUH? Somehow, Cupids arrow has struck hard.He is teaching her to fight and she is taking to it like a duck to water. She'll end up more bloodthirsty than him. (2 PC's in an old game of mine)

34-Gone Wild

This pair of lovers usually draws many confused and sometimes appalled stares given one of them looks like an animal although speaks in the same tongue as a their mate. Either the victim of a polymorph spell gone wrong, or a reincarnation scroll, one of these lovers no longer inhabits their original form, forced to dwell in the shape of an animal for the rest of their days, or until a cure can be found.

Herewith a few of my own:

35 - My Chemical Romance - Whether business partners, next door neighbors, rivals, forced allies or arranged spouses, this couple can’t stand each other. They agree on practically nothing, always trying to score points off of one another, and lose few opportunities to backbite (or even backstab) the other. Periodically the hostility breaks into a vicious fight ... which inevitably ends in screaming, clawing, prolonged sex, until the parties are sore and exhausted. He hotly denies they’re actual lovers, she coolly denies it, and they show no signs of any rapport whatsoever the moment the clothes go back on.

36 - Class Ringwearers - Gosh, they’re so in love! Why they just celebrated their three-month “anniversary” and his class ring hangs around her neck! By the standards of their culture, they’re underage and/or immature. The grownups around them are patronizingly dismissive of their “crushes,” and they’re about ready to scream the next time anyone uses the term “puppy love” around them. Increasingly angry, they’re on the verge of doing something their culture would consider drastic: having sex, getting pregnant, running off to get married, publically disavowing any arranged future marriage ... whatever it takes to get people to take their love seriously and recognize that it’s for real and forever!

37 - Pre-Raphaelites - She’s a celebrated artist. He’s her model. His face and body have been immortalized in a half-dozen well-known compositions, and his own poetry - though somewhat amateurish - shows the illumination of her soul. But to touch one another would mar the artistic purity of their collaboration (and age, class and possibly marital barriers intrude) ... so for years now they’ve suffered in silence, unable to consummate their relationship, unwilling to part and so lose each other’s muse.

38 - Bennifer - They were Yesterday’s Supercouple ... rich, celebrated, the hit of their social circle and so totally wrapped up in one another. But that was then, and events have pulled them apart. Their lives are going in different directions (well, in truth, they always did) and the spark is gone, however much they’re not particularly willing to admit it. ‘Tis a pity that everyone still expects to see them together, harmonious and dazzling as ever, and the act is wearing thin.

39 - Mutt & Jeff - They don’t have a thing in common ... everyone knows it, they freely admit it. He’s neat and she’s sloppy, she’s athletic and he’s intellectual, he’s dynamic and she’s live-and-let-live, she’s a gourmet and he’s steak-and-potatoes. Yet when their orbits intersect, they live and love in tender harmony. No one knows how they do it, and well-meaning people keep trying to pry them apart in favor of “more compatible” partners ... to no avail.

40-Arranged Marriage

They had no choice, their parents made them marry. But as it turned out, their parents were right and instead of resenting it they have genuinely fallen in love with each other, proof that not every single arranged marriage is a bad thing.