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Most people know him as a tinker, a carpenter, a jack of all trades who is free with his help. And who seems to travel a lot. His first kill was done as repayment for a gambling debt, the second and subsequent ones for passion. Whatever event scarred his spirit as a youth created a rent deep and bloody, and now he has found his calling.

He has a mundane appearance, average height, thick like a drover. Middle aged - he already has lost much of his dark brown hair. Clear brown eyes shine from underneath massive eyebrows, as if compensating for the lack of hair. He wears laborers clothing and carries numerous pouches that bulge with .. tools.

The tools of his trade are the tools of others - glues, nails, chain, locks, and oil. The means to open, and close doors and windows. A long knife too - sharply tapered and expertly honed.

Ildran works meticulously and slowly, using his common appearance to get close to his victims. He fixes things, gets things done, sets things up perfectly for later. Maybe he never needs his ‘alterations', but he has quite a number of little surprises placed around the lands. At the very least, if he has the opportunity he will prepare copies of keys carefully hidden.

One of his preferred tricks is the double-keyed lock, which he will install - if the opportunity arises - as a precursor to his ‘job'. When he uses his key to lock the door, it cannot be opened by the normal lock - either from indoors or out. The specific mechanism that allows this relies on an easily burnt wooden component, so after one of his fires, only someone who knew what they were looking for would find his ‘alteration'. Given a chance, he will swap the special lock with a mundane one after the assassination.

When assigned a mark, his plan will change depending on whether or not he has prepared his target's home previously or not. A prepared target of course is the easiest, as he will be easily able to gain entry with copied key. Once inside, he will arrange for a disastrous, accidental fire to be caused, ideally triggered by his victim's own actions. Perhaps a fine tripwire near the fireplace that drops a tapestry, poorly placed oil, or other accelerants. The real killer is the difficulty in getting out. Windows will be seized, doors jammed or locked. No escape from the licking flames.

He will watch his work in progress, watching in case a victim manages to get out via breaking a window or similar method. Sometimes he will even poison the glass.

There have been times that customers have attempted to get away with non-payment, as they believed the marks had fell to real accidents. And of course, after a few of these had accidents, he has had far fewer payment issues.

As an added measure, he has secreted, in public places, hidden mechanical boxes that unless periodically activated, will drop incriminating letters where they can be found. He uses these to prevent his customers from getting ‘creative'.

Campaign Use

His level of planning and preparation may make him very dangerous against shoot-from-the-hip pcs, though since many are essentially ‘homeless' and drifters his normal methods are not effective. More likely the PCs might be in the right place at the right time to foil one of his assassinations - smashing a door or window or using magic to deal with his typical fire.


While attempting to pick a lock for whatever reason - perhaps a bit of their own larceny, the PC rogue discovers the double lock mechanism. What the heck is this for? Maybe a string of tragic fires might trigger a revelation. It leads eventually to Idran's hideout - an old warehouse - that is absolutely laden with traps.

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