Full Description
A thing of ancient days, of forgotten magics and superstition, the Blossom of Rage appears, in its wild form, as the simple white rosebush it was created from, though its thorns are strangely long and sharp, and the bones of small creatures can often be found in its lowest branches.

However, created by the now-forgotten Mirandar of the southern forests, the true form of the Blossom of Rage requires human aid to manifest itself. Having preferred the forest life and nature magics to the cities and plains and metal working, they had little power to resist when the northmen came with axes and swords, as their mages were few, and their warriors had no way to protect themselves from the iron blades and superior tactics of their foes. And so, their magi created the Blossom of Rage, as both weapon and armour.

When the rose hip of the plant is eaten by a human, the fine seeds of the Blossom pass through the stomach and then on into the blood stream, where upon they are lifted to near the skin of the host, and they take root. During the seeding phase, the spores may be removed from the body as any other disease, but afterwards, changes are irrevocable without killing the host. Deriving sustenance from its host, the Blossom grows forth from his skin, in an excruciatingly agonizing process. Over the process of long weeks, it begins to vine around the host's body, growing first a coarse, wide mesh of tough, ropy fibers, covered with sprouting thorns, which is later interwoven by thin tendrils of a composition similar to that of a spider's web. The resulting armor is surprisingly strong, while the thorns turn even the simplest hand to hand combat into a painful experience for the recieving party.

Additional Information

The Blossom of Rage feeds off both the host creature's blood, as well as off the blood of those slaughtered by it. The host human should be treated as if anemic. The longer he goes without killing to feed the Blossom, the worse the effects of the plant upon his body.

When eaten by a non-(demi)human, the rose hip is simply spread as per a normal rose. When eaten by a human, the symbiosis process will take 10-30 days, with peak pain being in the second third of the process. Adjust for others as per size and racial affinity to plants. The process is also excruciatingly painful. Many who eat of the Blossom die of the pain of symbiosis. Many more are driven mad, and then more from the enforced lack of human touch.

The thorns may be poisonous, depending on the Blossom eaten and the host's personality.

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