The Local Barron does not own this business, but he certain keeps it in business. It was named in his honor by two (now old) men who realized that non wizard generated cold drinks and foods could be profitable (wizards, who hate to be bothered with such trivial spells charge huge sums for cooling areas). It was all about the circle of product (a pet theory of their that either will go on, and on, and on, and on, and on about... if anyone gives them a chance). It is early systems theory on logistics if anyone want to research it, but just keep using the phrases "you have to keep things moving", "use what works", "look at how things move", and "motion makes money." This one business has changed the local political and social landscape.

Barron's Ice is a sturdily constructed warehouse down near the river docks and old pond. It is a good sized kelly green building made of brick, with a thick shale roof. There is a sheltered drive way that their delivery carriages (three enclosed carts painted the same kelly green) use for loading and unloading. The upper building keeps a little ice and two offices used for business. The building sits upon an old played out well. The shaft leads down to a good sized cave that has been "finished". In this deep dark place, the ice is kept.

While there is occasionally ice on the river and the pond, most of the ice is brought down from the high mountains not that far up river. Barron's ice has four crews that do nothing but go up and down the river to their cutting shed all fall, spring, and for a bit in the winter (mid winter is too dangerous for the rewards).

Note: Ice cream has become the areas favorite desert and most noted regional fare. This business has allowed nobles (and those somewhat well to do) to have cool drinks in the sweltering heat of the summer. The Barron has been able to sway nobles and lower royals to his court in the hot summer, his power, prestige, and wealth has grown. (Thus buying more ice to entertain more nobles... the cycle continues to this day,... they are thinking about creating another site between here and the mountains to store additional product).

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