1. Agnocite Tattoos

The powerful material Agnocite can be used to produce tattoos that hide the wearer from divine magic,

both infernal and holy. The tattoos are only effective if at least 75% of the wearer's body is covered.

The wearer becomes partially resistant to divine magic, but cannot control this effect. They are as resistant to enemy magic as that of allies, and may disrupt such magics when nearby.

The tattoos do not require any special form or pattern, and the artist's skill level is largely irrelevant.

Wearers would normally be hunted by religious authority should they become aware of them.

2. Conductive Tattoos

These appear as a fine network of lines, usually metallic or white, which although do not cover the entire body, are found everywhere. They may be interleaved with other tattoos, forming borders or edges and extend to the soles of the wearer's feet.

The tattoos provide the wearer with protection from positive energy, such as lightning. This effect will interfere with the wearer using such magic, making it more likely to be used by those who regularly fight with magic users.

3. Mirochromite Tattoos

Made from ground Mirichromite, tattoos made from this substance are quite useful to the wearer. It retains its color-changing ability in presence of magic and provides valuable, subtle knowledge to the wearer. Frequently it is used on the hands, making detection easy.

Bright Mirichromite could be used, but its powerful light means it is used more for display purposes. Certain groups of wizards have been known to use it on their eyes, causing them to glow brightly when they use magic.

4. Orthacarium Tattoos

These tattoos are used by the Brotherhood of the Shadow. This organization of night-dwellers pledge to remain in the darkness, much like the Vampires that they idolize. The tattoos are a demonstration of their devotion to night and shadow. The larger and more prominent the tattoo - and therefore more dangerous, the greater the respect given to the member. The form is unimportant, but usually has grim subject matter.

Due to the small quantity of Orthacarium used in the inks, it does not explode, but it can cause crippling burns.

5. Pantarbe Tattoos

The wondrous floating metal, if purified sufficiently, can be used in a tattoo dye capable of greatly reducing the effective mass of the wearer.

To be useful, the tattoo should cover 75% of the wearers skin, and be exposed to full sunlight. When so exposed, the wearer will have their mass reduced by the same amount.

While unable to provide enough lift for flight, the wearer will be capable of powerful jumps and leaps, and various other feats of acrobatics. Given mechanical assistance, gliding and even flight may be possible, and falling is far less of a threat for the wearer. This reduction in mass also serves to reduce the wearer's effectiveness in melee as they no longer have as much mass to add momentum to strikes.

6. Slayer Tattoos

A small snake tattoo that when touched by or to someone else, will transfer to them. It will move from the point of contact towards the victim's throat.

The Tattoo can be physically removed, but there is little time to react before it inflicts a poisonous bite on the neck. Amputation and flaying are both options. The tattoo moves at about 1 inch per 10 seconds, adjusted to match your game system.

These are quite dangerous to the wearer, for if they are not transferred to someone before the next sunrise, the snake will begin its attack on the wearer.

The tattoos are typically created as snakes or other venomous creatures, but this is purely a choice of the artist. They are created from a powerfully toxic ink created from arsenic and various plant extracts.

7. Tattoo Lupinius

Perhaps a rather involved process for shapechanging, the Druids of Melanthuul tattoo upon themselves the fur or feather patterns of their desired animal-form. These tattoos take a very long time to complete properly, but once complete grant near effortless transition between human and animal forms.

Due to this process, the druid is unable to assume other forms apart from that of their chosen creature. By tradition, the face is only gradually tattooed proportionally to the rest of the body.

When dealing with outsiders, these druids will generally remain fully clothed and wear carved wooden masks to conceal the tattoos.

8. Utterblack Tattoos

A Selection Of Potent Alchemical Concoctions

Tattoos made from this substance have both aesthetic and magical attributes. The deep, unyielding black penetrates fully through the skin, never fading with age and keeping a crisp edge.

The supernatural aspect of the ink fortifies other infernal magics so inscribed. Care must be taken not to bring too much utterdarkness into one place, for things from beyond may seek entry.

9. Visage Diabolic


People are well versed in the dangers of speaking the names of devils and demons, so how could one ignore the dangers of their images? This danger would extend also to tattoos which clearly depict or bring to mind the specific entities.

These tattoos are traps - they conjure into the mind of the viewer the image of the being, and so doing open a door - perhaps small - into their soul. Once open, there is a chance that the power makes use of this to attempt to influence or even possess the victim.

Powerful Diabolists use these, either on themselves or their minions, to help spread diabolic influences.

The Tattoos are crafted from inks produced using various crushed Gems of the Underworld. The artist needs to have dealt with the being in question in order to be able to produce a correct depiction. Alternatively, a work of sufficient detail could be used to impart the knowledge to fabricate one of these tattoos. The process takes significant time, especially since the tattoo should be large for clear visibility.

10. Visage Morteus


When tattoo dyes are combined with the use of Darkwater, the wearer will become ‘undead' from the perspective of the undead, and gain far more influence over them. As a result, such large tattoos are used by necromancers and others associated with the undead. Fear related magic used by the wearer is also enhanced.

The wearer is almost certain to rise as undead when slain, or even if exposed to strong additional negative energy.

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Tattoos. So personal yet so public.

Spells are often written in scrolls, scrawled across doorways or inscribed into mystic blades. What effects would they have if inked into the skin of a living creature? Think of ways to expand the use of tattoos within your existing magic system, laws, culture or develop a whole new system centered around body art. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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