Soon to be a favorite of the badass longcoat, the harried corporate executive and the playful hacker, our Dermal Screen™ is a direct outgrowth of proven technologies. It combines a smartphone style screen with the subdermal displays perfected earlier in the decade with the BioMon™ or BT Industries's® SkinWatch™.

As befits a sythesis of such disparete technologies the IDC® Dermal Screen™ is capable on nultiple modes of function. It is primarily a discrete I/O device capable of wirelessly linking with other devices to function as a keyboard, monitor, and pointing device. Because of our commitment to open standards at IDC®, it is capable of communicating with most commercial available equipment.

Using data derived from our patented blood-based fuel cell technology, the Dermal Screen™ also has all the functions you grew to love with the BioMon™, including real time information about you heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, blood oxygen levels, cholesterol, blood alcohol, and body temperature.

Additionally, it appears that when the screen is not in use you can set it to either display the time or a simple image. At this time, supported file types seem to be limited to jpeg, gif, and png but that will probably change by the time the Screen hits the market in a few weeks. Of course it's still using the same fuel cell found in IDC's older BioMon, so if your blood sugar or oxygen falls too low the screen will shut off; though, unlike in the case of the BioMon, which was billed as being a boon to first responders when it debuted, I don't think that matters quite as much. Until next time followers, keep soloing on.

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Tattoos. So personal yet so public.

Spells are often written in scrolls, scrawled across doorways or inscribed into mystic blades. What effects would they have if inked into the skin of a living creature? Think of ways to expand the use of tattoos within your existing magic system, laws, culture or develop a whole new system centered around body art. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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