Augmented Disposition Tattoos

Are you sick and tired of coming up short in your interactions with another fellow human being? Always getting pushed around?

Are you a loser?

Then you need an A.D.T. Change your life today!

Details A.D.T.s, BT Industries and U.H.A.T.

9:32 AM, January 5 th 20?? – Sector 6# Saint Anna Boulevard, New New York City
'Alright, what've we got this time.' Detective Marco inquired as he reached the crime scene.

'Male, hispanic, somewhere in his early 30s. On his seventh A.D.T. it seems.' Replied the Coroner and pointed to a list of crossed over tattoos on the victim's right shoulder.

'Seventh?!' Detective Marco whistled. 'Aren't you supposed ta just need the one?'

The coroner removed his latex gloves. 'That's what they claim. Maybe he didn't find what he was looking for.'

'I'll say...Unless he was looking for an expensive and elaborate way to off himself.' Marco turned around and lit a cigarette. 'That what killed 'im?'

'Too soon to say. Although I've never seen anyone with seven before... We'll haul him in and I'll let you know later today.' The Coroner packed up his things, nodded to Marco. And walked off as the paramedics covered up the body and loaded it onto a gurney.

'You do that...' Marco trailed off and stared into the drizzle.

Search Query: A.D.T.

Augmented Disposition Tattoos, or A.D.T.s for short is the latest craze in life-style improvement technology. Dispensed in the form of nanites, the actual tattoo serves the purpose to keep tabs of what kind of nanites were injected, but it also contains a genome key, preventing any regression and unneccesary losses of neurons. We here at BT Industries offer an extended life-time guarantee on all our products with an 80% refund for unsatisfied customers. What the A.D.T. does is that it rewrites your genome, to a more desired state and re-wire the personality related synaptic networks. Shy people could gain more confidence, aggressive people could more easily control their tempers, all depending on their wishes.

One tattoo can sum up several personality traits, BT Industries, offer a wide range of package deals, such as 'The Smooth Operator' TM, 'The Go-Getter' TM, and many more. If you are not satisfied with our selection, for an added fee you will be able to fully customize your personality package according to your preferences.

If you are interested in purchasing an A.D.T. you are welcome to drop in for a consultation and evaluation of your current traits and flaws. The BT Industries family will walk you through the procedure and present you with a customized payment plan based on your current personality, physiology and economic situation.

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BT Industries

The morgue doors slammed open and Detective Marco barged in.

'Okay, Frank. Whadd'ave we got?'

The coroner needed a second to compose himself, though he was used to the detective's antics by now.

'And hello to you too, Jim... Victim's name is Juan 'Lobo' De'Santos, unmarried, one partner, three children, mother, uncle and grandmother still alive. ' The coroner droned.

'No signs of external trauma. The scans show some internal bleeding in the neo cortex, the brain, Jim. Dietary scans came up clean, nothing out of the ordinary. Mostly soy based diet, no traces of poison or OD. The tattoos though, are interesting, turns out the first two were court ordered. One for drinking and driving, 'Sobriety', and one 'Model Citizen'. Three are recreational minor ones, musical talent, an anti-gen for halitosis and one for stamina and...staying power.'

'Heh, they make the pill in tattoo form now ey?'Jim Marco pulled up his sleeve and looked down at his own arm which had two A.D.T.s of his own, one anti-gen to decrease the chances of recurring lung cancer and one standard issue cop tattoo. Heightened reflexes, perception and strength, all in one package. More than half the force had been fired when these became mandatory, obsolete they said. He pulled down the sleeve, looked up again and asked.

'An the last one?'

'Yes, nothing really out of the ordinary, unless you take into account the first two. The last one is called 'Party Animal'.'

'So you thinkin the tattoos cross-fired? Suspect foul play?'

'It's looking a lot like it. So if anyone's to blame, it would probably be whoever installed the last one. And if the corp is to blame, the case will likely be dropped.'

'Fecking drekk. Juss hasn't been the same since the force went private, eh Frank?'

'Maybe so, but the wages are larger. You still want to check it out?'

'Yeh, send me the files. I'll at least check it out.' Detective Marco reached into his pocket and took out a smoke.

'You know you shouldn't smoke in here, Jim.'

'Relax, jus a glow-stick. I've gone four whole hours without a smoke now.' He grinned.

'Bethany-Ann wouldn't approve you know.'

'Yeh, well it's a damn good thing she ain't gonna find out then. Juss send me the files, Frank.'

Marco barged out again, leaving Frank leaning over the slab.

'Still on for fishing this Sunday?' He yelled after him.

Better Tomorrow Industries, is a subsidiary of Better Tomorrow Incorporated,

a multinational corporation, manufacturer, retailer and marketer of A.D.T.s, B-Mod Chip-sets, smart-linked weapons and baby food. Founded in 2020 by Christian J. Heiden Sr.

BT Inc was registered on the stock market in 2029.

BT Industries are perhaps best known for their B-Mod Chip-sets and A.D.T.s, both of which have caused considerable controversy among the general population. BT Industries being a goverment supplier, A.D.T.s, and to a lesser degree, the older B-Mod Chip-sets, have become ingrained in the justice system of many countries and states, being dispensed as court-ordered tattoos.

Its current chairman and chief executive is Janus Mandelbaum.

Janus is the heir to the Mandelbaum fortune, an amateur pugilist and collector of fine art.

Before you stands a tall man, who's face wouldn't look out of place in a seedy bar, if it weren't for his eyes. You can tell you're standing before old money because of that gaze, as if you are being weighed, categorized. To this man,you are nothing but a commodity, a possible obstacle or a tool to be used.

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Court-Ordered Tattoos

Some countries and states have legislated that repeat offenders and heavy criminals are forcibly outfitted with A.D.T.s (replacing the older milder B-Mod Chip-sets), to rehabilitate them into functioning members of society, rather than resorting to prolonged incarceration which has proven both ineffectual and costly.

This option is also open for lesser criminals in order to avoid prison time. These applications are highly disputed and are said to be effectively a death sentence, as the original personality is replaced by another. Similar concerns exist regarding the voluntary commercially available tattoos, leading to the founding of several protest groups, the most prevalent and outspoken being the U.H.A.T. movement, also known as the Blanks.

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The Unaltered Humans Against Tattoos front, is a nonprofit, privately funded, interest group and the biggest organized protest group against A.D.T.s and BT Industries. The core membership base came from the now mostly disbanded U.M.H.A.C (Un Modified Humans Against Chips) movement, originally founded to protest against the B-Mod Chip-sets.

The B-Mods gained wider acceptance as the A.D.T.s were introduced, given that the original product only modified the existing personality, much like anti-depressants and psychopharmaca (only permanently so), but the A.D.T.s overwrite genetic personality traits with other more desirable alternatives, effectively altering the subject's personality and according to some sources, creating a whole new person while erasing the old.

The current spokesperson for U.H.A.T. is Molly Stenson, a stay-at-home mother of three, her husband Jacob also holds a prominent position within the group. They are both confirmed neo mormons and very vocal about their hatred of A.D.T.s.

Most U.H.A.T members are from the religious right, the most devoted of which have quit their jobs to pursue protesting full-time. Elements of extreme fundamentalism has been present within the group since the founding days, though it has never been officially supported by the spokespersons of U.H.A.T. Members claiming belonging to the group have anonymously admitted to acts of domestic terrorism carried out against BT Industries, ranging from office bombings, murdering and kidnapping BT employees and 'mercy-killings' of A.D.T modified humans.

Moral quanderies aside regarding the philosophical implications of changing a subject's personality, even voluntary consumers are said by the U.H.A.T. to be deceived by BT Industries, claiming they keep the customers in the dark regarding the possible side-effects.

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Known Side-Effects A.D.T.

Reported side-effects of A.D.T.s include but are not limited to; changes in taste, loss of taste, changes in personal style, falling out of love, falling in love, unintended changes in sexuality, a sense of identity loss, suicidal thoughts, suicidal tendencies, self-inflicted harm, spontaneous blindness, spontaneous deafness, reduced visibillity, reduced hearing capabillities, a change in color perception, unintended sensitivity, unintended de-sensitivity, hair-loss, cancer, sterility, itchy skin, premature ejaculation(in men), sweaty palms, toothache, and death.

There are also unconfirmed rumours of unwitting people being turned into slaves by the use of A.D.T.s, though this is firmly denied by both law-enforcement and BT Industries.


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A.D.T. Slaves

Among U.H.A.T. members and internet forums, rumours abound of A.D.T. purchasers, undesireables and transients being turned into slaves by a Black Ops branch of BT Industries. These supposed slaves are said to be used mostly in the illegal sex-trade industry, but are also used in other forms of unpaid labour, for example mining crews or sweatshop workers in third world countries.

Some would even go so far as to say these slaves are being used in every level of society, unbeknownst even to themselves, and being deliberately underpaid, or only having the impression of being paid. And so they will continue to work happily and dilligently, until such point as they starve to death or die of exhaustion, or even old age.


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-The media has started covering a recent string of deaths, believed to be connected to A.D.T.s, this concearns you all personally since many of you have A.D.T.s of your own. Is the cause illegal tats, lazy or corrupted BT Inc employees who screwed up during the installation or is someone intentionally targeting people with A.D.T.s using an untrackable method of killing? Perhaps U.H.A.T. would know something about it, luckily they're always recruiting.

-You are all members of a highly trained specialist cell within U.H.A.T. devoted to bringing down BT Inc through any means necessary, unfortunately in order to be able to do that, you must first infiltrate one of BT Inc's black ops facilities to gather dirt on them, but one of the requirements of employment involve getting an employee standard issue A.D.T. designed to prevent you from accessing any knowledge gained on the inside once you leave the facility. Naturally you cannot complete the mission under such circumstances, there must be some way of falsifying a tattoo. Luckily, command has learned of a former A.D.T. installer gone rogue, maybe she can help you get in, but can she be trusted? Her name is Stella Newton.

-You are all part of a privately owned task force within BT Inc. Internal affairs have reason to believe one of the middle management is playing dirty and selling personal customer information to the Russian Mob. Some signs even point to illegal A.D.T. caused prostitution of the customers. Your task force have been charged with entering a BT Inc office building in the middle of the night, how you go about the mission is up to you, but a good hacker/decker/code cracker is a must, if that skill is missing from your reportoire one will be appointed for you, Gene Simmons a.k.a Preacher would be a suitable choice. Try to keep the collateral damage to a minimum. The only question is, how far up the ladder does this conspiracy reach?

-An HTV ad blinks on as you walk down the street, a female voice says; Are you sick and tired of coming up short in your interactions with another fellow human being? Always getting pushed around? Are you a loser? Then you need an A.D.T. Change your life today! A big holographic hand with painted nails points you towards the nearest retailer. You've heard a lot about these, if you have the creds it could be worth checking out.


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Thanks to MysticMoon for brainstorming a bit with me.

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I like the idea of the enhancement, and that the tattoo serves to mark what procedures have been done, but it feels very superficially tied to the tattoo.

The sections also seem a little jumbled - for example the NPC portion just does not flow for me. I think I get the style you are presenting, but it seems to be somewhat split between being serious, and humorous ( Unaltered Humans Against Tattoos), with more towards the silly side. The summary/intro went in a nice, somewhat dark direction but the other sections dropped the tone.

Goto Author

Hmm, that wasn't my intention at all, though people often seem to think I'm aiming for silly, when that's not the case. I tried to write most of it in the style of a wikipedia, but I suppose I did switch between narratives somewhat. It was hard to try and keep that style in mind though with the Janus part (which I'm assuming is the Npc portion you're referring to). That portion probably warrants a re-write once I've gathered some inspiration.

I do not agree with that it is only superficially tied to the tattoo though, granted when I had to go from my intended plot to a faction due to a lack of proper sub categories, it became a product among many, but the majority of the sub is still about the tattoos and the repercussions/philosophical quanderies they brought with them.

Perhaps continuing the flavour text as a sub-story would help out with the tone. I'll see what I can do about that.

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'and baby food.'

You've sold it to me! A company that sells baby food can't possible have any faults!

Some very interesting, and thought provoking stuff here Gossamer.

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I have to note that genomic alteration will not fully alter a personality; it is necessary to re-write the wiring of personality that had its basic layout provided by the genome and was filled out by experience.

A purely genomic change could alter the type of neurotransmitter receptors expressed, their quantities, etc., inducing broad-spectrum changes in behavior and trends, such as increased docility.

As said, the tattoo is but a brand, a mark of Cain, it could use a greater connection to the core of the sub.

Also, as you're rewriting the genome, the changes would be inheritable?

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First I repeat what I said in the chatbox:

The roleplaying, plot and campaign potential for those tattoos are immense.

You are a bit acronym heavy, perhaps that reduces readability somewhat, but the possibilities for these items are endless. You could build a whole setting around them, or even better; use them to augment an already existing campaign to new levels. Good work!

And on top of that, I add:

You are gonna get a 4.5 out of me for this one. I could have reduced it due to readability issues, but I won't, because as campaign material goes, these have higher potential than most I've seen around this site.

Sure I've seen magnus opuses and excellent narrations, this is not one of those.

This is, however, a pure idea that is so adaptable, so usable, that it is pure genius in that regard.

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