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June 17, 2013, 9:21 pm

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The Ring of Hurtling


The perfect ring for those who seek to make the most dramatic of entrances.

Full Description:

This bronze ring is heavily built,green from time and inscribed by ancient runes.

The ring will loosely fit any finger,sprite to titan.

Magical Properties

It protects the bearer from injury when the bearer is used as a projectile. No matter how hard they are thrown, they are fully protected until they come to a stop. Whatever is struck is not protected. The ring must be worn for the duration of the flight. The loose fitting ring could slip off, removing its protection, though holding it with two hands will minimize this chance. No measure is foolproof.

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Comments ( 9 )
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May 2, 2013, 14:36
Update: Another 100 word submission. Geronimo!
Voted Forganthus
May 2, 2013, 18:03
MORE LIKE THE RING OF THE EPIC BADASS! I can think of like, 28374 uses for this thing. So can everyone, I'm sure.

The bit about it being loose is sort of awkward though. If it's meant to balance the potentially game-breaking power of the ring, my players would just tie it to their fingers or something. If I used this, I'd make it an activation power, so the PC wouldn't be immune to all traps forever. Or a pair of rings. NO! A giant helmet that looks like a loaf of bread with rocketman fins on the top or a giant eagle face or something.

Damn, that's cool!

P.S. I feel like this is the perfect use of the 100-word submission concept. Just a great little idea, stripped down and presented in its most usable form.
May 2, 2013, 22:56
I would be very picky on the term projectile, so simply falling/ jumping would not count. You have to be fired or thrown.
Depends on how rules-lawery you want to go.
As for securing the ring, sure, but don't forget :)

Winged helm would quite well with it. :)
Voted Shadoweagle
May 3, 2013, 23:27
Rather than secure it on a finger, perhaps you could slip it on a toe and forget about it; let the boot hold it in place. Also, just under some gloves. It would be useful facing off against large creatures (such as giants etc) who may use you as a projectile against your will.

Nifty thing, val; you've been very prolific of late!
I like these 100 word subs.
Voted caesar193
May 4, 2013, 13:49
I need one of these rings. They'd be very useful in siege situations- you'd be able to get soldiers inside the castle easily, since they'd survive (probably) the catapult ride.

What wold happen, though, if some dramatic-entrance-ruiner took out his spear or sword or something and tried to stab the bada** as he came down? Would bracing the spear against the floor work, or would the spear guy have to stab the approaching person? I'd assume that the bracing wouldn't work, though. And stabbing would be hard to do with also avoiding the projectile.

This is 100 words!!!!!
May 4, 2013, 15:19
My intent was basically up to and including the impact, the wearer would be uninjured, even if he hit the tip of a spear or the like. Once they stopped moving, subsequent damage from the locale- acid, fire, dragon chewing, would then apply.
Voted Dossta
May 14, 2013, 17:02
The beauty of this is that the bearer cannot exactly control where he/she is going to land. If they are abusing it's power, perhaps its time for the dice to put them a few squares over . . . into the middle of a group of (now incredibly pissed-off) enemies.
Voted Murometz
May 15, 2013, 22:54
Brilliant! That rarity...super-short, but GREAT! The comments are good too, every one made me nod as i read it. Makes you immediately think of uses/abuses for this beautiful item. Forganthus sums it all up nicely with....Ring of Epic Badass!!

I have to ask, since no one has...what pray tell is the origin tale of this thing?!
Voted Aramax
January 16, 2015, 8:04
Nice idea although Ive seen items like this before,where is the Wolverine /Collosus refrance to the Fastball Special? 4/5

commenting challange


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Hu's Iron Ball

       By: Murometz

Hu was an ambassador of the Seventh Emperor of the Reng Dynasty. Throughout his life he traveled across many miles and lands to entreaty with neighboring kingdoms and the semi-savages who dwelled amidst the Metal Mountains.

During one such diplomatic mission, Hu was gifted a small iron marble as a gesture, by a shaman of the Kiy-Kiy tribe. Little else is known of Hu, but that marble was lost and is now somewhere out there for someone to find.

A tiny, shiny sphere, the marble has several properties. First and foremost it is a strong magnet, considerably stronger than its size and density would indicate.

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Legends claim that the ball has been tossed from besieged castles upon attacking foes and rolled at marching armies in ages past. At the end of such rolls, the larger size globe has been known to not only crush soldiers underfoot, but to also "collect" many dozens of metallic weapons and bits of armor unto itself, appearing as an armored sphere, with swords and spears sticking out from it in all directions.

Owning this powerful marble has its drawbacks. Anyone carrying it on their person, will experience the iron ball's insidious effects after some time. The owner feels no worse for wear, but after two month's time they will suddenly awaken one morning to find that their hair has fallen out completely, their teeth loosened like baby's teeth ready to drop, and their fingernails simply shriveled and sliding off the fingers and toes. Perhaps unbeknownst to the owner at first, the iron ball also renders an owner sterile or barren by this time.

Regular clerical healing will not reverse this horrible malady. Only finding and beseeching a shaman of the Kiy-Kiy tribe to heal the iron ball's effects with their particular brand of magic, will work.

Hu's Iron Ball should be handled carefully by players and gms.

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