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The Magma Borer is a large creature native to the extreme world of Crematoria. Scientists and planetologists have yet to be able to explain the fact that despite have a wildly violent atmosphere, Crematoria has a breathable oxygen atmosphere. The planet swings from 700 degrees F on the day side down to a chilly -100 degrees on the night side. Spontaneous combustion follows the night terminator, eliminating the oxygen supply from the air. The rich mixture of sulfate and carbon compounds in the air further fuels the combustion wave that circles the planet.

Planetologists discovered some of the geothermal vents that dot the savage and broken landscape of the planet do not exhale the typical mixture of carbon gases, vaporized sulfer and other volatile chemicals. Quite amazingly they found geysers of O2 gas. The emission rate was very steady from the vents, and measurements from the vents remained at a constant rate, whereas the emission from the other poisonous vents changed with each passage of the combustion wave.

Robot exploration devices repeatedly penetrated these O2 chimneys and found something extrodinary. Deep under the crust, usually 1500 to 2500 feet beneath the rock there are living creatures. They resemble terrestrial baranacles with thick, dense shells that seem impervious to heat and the pressure found at such depths. The creature inside is a composite organism, a synthesis of a silicone based life form that refines the gases and minerals of the sub-crust into digestable matter for the larger carbon based creature. The entire beast is at least 15 feet wide, and weighs an estimated 5 to 8 tons.

The creature exhales oxygen, nitrogen, and other trace gases as it metabolizes the excretions of the silicate creatures that line it's shell. Little more is known about the creatures, as the violent climate doesnt lend itself to research, and no way has been found to extract such a large animal from its burrow without killing it.

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thought of this beastie after watching Chronicles of Riddick and wondering how in the hell did Crematoria have a breathable atmosphere with no O2 generating plants or other primitive life. Voila, the Magma Borers.

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