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January 7, 2006, 3:20 pm

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Magenta Rose


The Magenta Rose. A keystone item, its presence defines history. It is a rosebush, an Elven construct, a living reminder, which signifies the relationship between two kingdoms at odds.

Its physical description is simple. It is a moderate sized rosebush with beautiful magenta rose blooms (American Beauties, but Magenta). It seems in bloom between spring and fall, always having just enough roses if one is not greedy.  Its thorns are razor sharp, but they are few and far between; just enough to remind one to be cautious, but not enough to be too dangerous.

As long as it is moderately tended, it seems to thrive.

The main determiner of its health is the relationship between the Human Kingdom and the Elven Lands to the West.


It happens all the times. Human colonization and development encroaches upon Elven lands with the expected results: a war.  The Elven numbers were always too few to exterminate the human vermin (despite King Seelie’s edicts not to); while the Humans barely able to fight the expert warriors of the near immortal Elves, their iron weapons did the job. After too many deaths on both sides and the Elves realizing the Humans did have an actual civilized ruler, a diplomatic mission occured. 

The Mission seemed doomed to failure, as both sides made unreasonable demands. One of the members of the mission was the Prince of King Seelie’s line. Early one evening he waundered into what the Humans pathetically thought was a garden (He had not realized what it was before being told ... it was so childish and primitive). He had a chance encounter with Queen Isa. From that conversation, a friendship of sorts was born.  Through the workings of the Prince, The Mission eventually became a qualified success.

Two Months later, several Elves brought a gift to the Queen, a magnificent rose bush in a color like no other. It was Magenta, the Queen’s favorite color. It was a gift from the Prince, made by his own magics.  “To symbolize and signify the relations between our peoples.” It was planted in the center of the royal garden (which had been improved greatly thanks to the Prince’s suggestions). 

That was several hundred years ago. The rosebush has continued to live and thrive over that time. It has survived two human war, two orc incursions, and a Castle Fire (though heroic effort was exerted to save it).  While Queen Isa is long dust, the Prince, now King, maintains the relationship with his noisy neighbors… in respect to King Seelie’s wishes (even though it is against his better judgement) and a child queen (who was merely 40 at the time).  As long as his honor, in respect to his gifts to the Humans, is respected.

Magical Properties:

See above description

Follow the links or follow the Free Text Magenta Rose to find everything in this series

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Comments ( 15 )
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December 9, 2004, 14:22
So I had been planning this Rose post for several days now. When I log on this morning, there is another rose related post. Synchronicity strikes hard and fast.
December 9, 2004, 14:37
From the text i did not discern ... does it do anything special? Like thriving when the elves and humans are at peace, or withering when armies march to war?
December 9, 2004, 14:43
Yes. It is symbolic of their relationship. So when the relationship goes antagonistic, the rose withers, dries up, and so on.

"To symbolize and signify the relations between our peoples"

Symbolize it (gifts are often given to commemorate events and things).

To signify (it monitors the health of their relationship).
Ancient Gamer
December 9, 2004, 16:09
I have a soft spot for fauna, I admit it. I like the background and I like the fact that the plant has an unusal function. Good idea and a nice touch that will lend extra wealth to the setting.
December 9, 2004, 16:33
Subtle yet enchanting. Well done.

December 11, 2004, 19:55
An interesting symbol of peace and alliance. Something to add spice and background to a world.

December 16, 2004, 10:12
I'm glad my simple post was able to bring out more, if not something better, ideas than my own. The duality of Elven and human culture is a wonderful touch. When they thrive the roses bloom, when they war, they wilt. Very interesting touch.

Good job.

Oh and 5/5
Voted KendraHeart
November 4, 2005, 11:07
Romantic Fantasy inspired. I could see this as a Blue Rose background. Where is the campaign attached to this.

And how many things are attached to this? Why aren't the Southern Knights group attatched to this.

Sorry accidently posted this on the knight order as well.
January 7, 2006, 15:24
The Campaign is comming, search all the various parts and the freetext Magenta Rose to see them all come up. I am adding more slowly and surely.
The Southern Knights could be added to this mix, but they are really a seperate series.

There are five NPCs (King, Consort, Princess I, Princess II, and Elven King (once Prince), two to three related plots (in a series), and maybe some location/ kingdom posts.
January 7, 2006, 23:45
Hurry. Inquiring minds want more.
Voted Iain
November 11, 2006, 3:43
A post that could be the keystone of an entire campaign or world.
November 12, 2006, 11:52
That is actually true. The item can be used by itself, building up a world around it and the powerful Elves/ Mythics on their border. Or you can add all the other Magenta Rose submissions together with it, creating a more complex and dramatic situation with an aging king and the courtiers jockying for position OR outright war.
November 13, 2007, 19:30
It is close to being totally done actually. I have done enough that you can just plop it down. Follow the links back or go to Court of the Magenta Rose for the summary.

Or you can go back to basis, and ignore the whole Twin Rose Wars plotline, and create a kingdom that backs against the fairy/ elves. It is an old country, but in many ways, it is the frontier against the unknown. There we have a fragile peace between Humanity and The Mythics, all held together by a single rosebush.
Voted axlerowes
June 2, 2013, 12:46
This daily highlight comes from a different time on the citadel. It has core idea which is nice enough. The rose bush is a nice plot idea and could be interesting starting point for some intellectual excursions into how this barometer might work. Does the Rose bush see the future? Does it mystically poll public opinion? Does it track the exchange rate between currencies and trade goods? What is a healthy relationship between Elves and Humans? Does the rose bush take into account the author's disrespect for human culture? If Elven culture begins to dominate human culture is that healthy? Is the Rose bush biased? I don't think the specific answers matter, but the in game exploration could be interesting. This is a good candidate for a 100 word rework.
Voted Elbin
June 2, 2013, 12:51
Have you thought of making the connection two-way? I mean that influence on the rosebush could have an effect on the relationships between the countries, even if it's subtle.

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