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November 11, 2005, 5:46 pm

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Corvis is a western region of The Land, comprising several small counties. It is a magical place, filled filled with fruitful farms, green rolling hills, low stone walls built up over centuries, and a number of small forests. The people are happy and content. It is an ideal place.

Most of the time. And it depends on what you think is ideal…

Corvis is a western region of The Land, comprising several small counties. It is a magical place, filled filled with fruitful farms, green rolling hills, low stone walls built up over centuries, and a number of small forests. The only usual feature is the perfectly round Mirror Lake.  This good sized lake is perfectly round and a league across.  It is deep, blue to the point of black, and very still.

There are mostly villages in the region. There are two towns of any note: Keplers (known for their china) and Blue Hills. The properties are all lined with low rock walls from centuries of pulling them out of the fields. The roads are well kept up and lined with the walls. 

The People of the Corvis region are mostly farmers. However a good number are skilled glass and crystal workers.  They also make a marvellous blue china.  They are generally a content folk. Not want to get excited or worried. The people of the region are known to be somewhat unfazable. They take strangeness and monsters that would send an average peasant (and some knights) screaming for the hills, in stride. Which is good, given the number of magikal creatures that make this region home. 

You see in these idylic hills and corpes of woods are many an unsuual creature. Nothing Evil. Things just not mundane. In a forest you would expect Lions and Tigers and Bears.  In Corvis, you would expect Fairies, Gryphons, Bears, and the occasonal Troll (who maintain all the bridges, roads, and walls in the area). It has been this way for longer than the Elves can remember.

What has been forgotten, is this region used to be the Mansion and Lands of Corvus, the greatest Wizard ever known. Also the Maddest. For 800 years he made magikal items in his tower here. Thirteen hundred years ago, there was a great *voop* and the the tower and everything in it (including Corvis) were spread in small bits over the world, creating the hole that would become Mirror Lake.  The surviving tenant farmers and servants, were soon joined by others who took advantage of the rich land here. 

Corvis is the modern corruption of Corvus. He survives in name, only slightly not… true to his form

If you want to know how Unfazable these people are, see this example dialog of two men sitting on their porch.

Looks like the farm is going well this year.

Yep, The Gryphons have been a bit hungrier this year. Took two sheep last week. But the Turnips are coming in nice.

Better the Sheep than the Kids. Oh look, a Land Worm is ripping though your field.

Well that is one field I won’t have to turn the soil over in.  Looks like rain, you think?

Naw. The rain fairies took up over by the Coopers place a few hours south. Should be dry.

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Comments ( 9 )
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August 10, 2003, 15:09
Would be a fun place to use when the PCs have impending doom coming that way. They think they are going to save the village by warning them but come against such calmness and uncaring. Would they result to force to move the farmers? Might be interesting to see if they give up or continue to try and 'help' or if the nature of Corvis lends its own protection that the farmers fail to pay enough attention to.
August 11, 2003, 3:49
Oh look. The Wyvren is back. Guess we better go to the root cellar.

Didn't the purple worm collapse most of those yesterday?

Oh yes, that is right. Well we can use its tunnel to get to the highland caves.

They will have village evacuation plans down to a science. Nothing is too dangerous or too evil. It is just an ecology that has more natural monsters in it than normal.
November 10, 2003, 19:18
Still sort of trying to think of the why behind their uncaringness? Leftover magic from voop that affects those in the area. Children grabbed by a gryphon should get a rise out of somebody. Does mirror lake heal or make these people more sturdy against the creatures that inhabit the region? Easy to bring people back to life? Might make more sense in my head if so.

Oh, so the Gryphon's got Kilder's kids again, eh? When are they going to learn to stay away from it's nest? Guess he will get them back tomorrow sometime.

Just need a why...
November 11, 2003, 1:08
It is "New York Syndrome". They have "been there, seen that". These folks have seen more "natural monsters" by the time they are twelve than most modestly high level adventurers. It is all in the amount of stuff. (Plus many of these people are the descendents of the staff, who must of been made of hardy stuff).

Yes, they get upset and go after things that pick up the kids, but they would rather loose sheep than the kids. I mean these must be high level peasant farmers, who probably have better combat skills than most low level fighter types.
Ria Hawk
November 11, 2003, 11:58
*Evil GM Grin* That would be humiliating, for a fighter to be out done by an average peasant.
November 12, 2003, 6:59
Plus, while the monsters are quite dangerous themselves, few of them are directly man-eaters, or going out of their way to kill/harm people. Throughout the centuries they may have learned to co-exist with humans in some way.

"There's a giant grzfrz in your garden!"
"Well, if you don't disturb him, he won't disturb you."
"But, but..."
"Come, sit, have a pipe. Where are you from, stranger? What is new in the world?"
Voted Chaosmark
November 7, 2005, 20:58
I got quite a kick out of this background. Quite amusing to see the direct results of Corvus' works.
Voted valadaar
October 13, 2006, 15:57
Only voted
Voted gulkien
February 6, 2011, 5:45

omg there is a dragon on your roof call a mage quik says a warrior the owner of the house says o thats nice

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