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September 2, 2006, 3:26 pm

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Cheka Man

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30 Knights


There is a tournament and now the town is flooded with Knights. OR there is a huge group of nights the characters are interacting with. Now you have to fill out those personalities.  Here is 30 of them.

1- The Party Knight
This knight is known for his carousing and wenching. He has a number of free riders who hang about him, soaking up the “good times”.  He has a number of squires just so he has an entourage (and that occasionally he needs some help “the morning after”).

2- The Recently Raised
He is a knight of a lower social order (Country Knight) that has been raised to a higher degree of peerage (He is now a courtly knight). He is a practical man, but uncomfortable in these new surroundings.

3- The Green
This knight has just gotten his spurs and is ready to prove himself to the world. He is the son of a great knight, so he finds himself entangled in his web of his father’s peers and enemies.

4- The Ugly One
After one combat accident (or jousting accident) too many, the man’s looks are hideous. He is resentful of the beautiful and pretty. In fact, he is arranging a little surprise for the beautiful knight.

5- Honor Knight
This is a seasoned knight who is known far and wide for his unbending honor and sense of Right and Wrong.  He will take the hard road rather than lie or do something other than “the right”.

5- Cunning Knight
He is a seasoned knight of some skill. He is not the best, nor is he the worst.  He is however the most cunning of knights.  He utilizes his brains and social manipulation to achieve his ends.

7- The Old Knight
This warrior should of retired his spurs a while ago. However he is in denial about his faltering prowess.  While still highly skilled, he is physically no longer a match for a younger knight.

8- Holy Knight
The knight is known for his pious devotion to his religion.  It is more than just saying words or visiting temple, he truly believes in his faith and follows it tenants.

9- Heart Knight
This young knight is handsome, gallant, and skilled. Young girls swoon over him, and older women try to get him either into their beds or to have him court their daughters. While he could have any woman, he seems chaste… saving himself for his true love.

10- Big Knight
This bear of a man is loud, boisterous, and dangerous to everyone in combat. He does everything Big and with all his enthusiasm.

11- Hunting Knight
This knight is known for his prowess in The Hunt. He is a master tracker and totally at home in the wilds.  He is also a master hawker.

12- Joust Master
This knight has earned renown for winning tournaments.  He is not a great knight in war (he is an average knight). He is however the best jouster in the world.  And he knows it.

13- Bitter Knight
This knight has been wronged at so many turns that he has come to expect it. For some reason, he has been lied to, betrayed, and ignored by his peers. Many of these were not even his fault. He is a cranky and bitter man who is always in a foul temper.  He can casually be turned against his Lord/ King with enough promises.

14- Political Knight
This knight is trying to arrange things so he can take the throne. He is more book learned and courtly than many knights, but he has higher aspirations.  He has two to three knights (Bitter Knight, Warfare Knight, and one other), in his pocket.

15- Warfare Knight
This knight has distinguished himself on the battlefield.  He is an excellent leader and warrior. For reasons unknown, he is not good at “knightly games” and has never won a tournament. This bothers him greatly.  In battle, he has placed the Joust Master in positions of great peril. He also has a feud with the Party Knight.

16- Mace Knight
This knight is adequate with the knightly weapon of choice. However he is quite skilled with an odd mace like weapon.

17- Red Knight
The knight from the far corners is known for his red equipment, red coat of arms, and his red tinted hair.  He is also well versed in the old styles of courtly behavior. He does have an odd accent, one from the far corners of the Land.

18- Knight of Renown
This knight is well seasoned. He is liked and well thought of by almost ever member of the peerage. He is fair, just, and honest, but not excessively so. He has the kings ear, thus is often dragged into intrigue by the cunning and political knight.

19- Fun Knight
This is a likeable knight who is always good with a jest or able to lighten a moment. He is an adequate knight. He pokes fun at all people except the Honor Knight, who does not have much of a sense of humor.

20- Dour Knight
This tacturn man is careful and serious in all things. It said he has not smiled since he was small.  He has an irrational hatred of the Fun Knight (because he is constantly being made fun of) and the Party Knight (who is too frivolous to be a true knight).

21- Farmer Knight
This Knight loves his holdings and farms. He loves his peasants. He would do anything for them. However, his obligations pull him away from his holdings.

22- Mystic Knight
This knight is known for trafficing with magics and other things.  He has a couple of free-riders who are wizards, mages, farseers, and oracles.

23- Common Knight
Not everyone is something special.

24- Bow Knight
This knight is a master of the Bow. He uses a powerful bow that most men can not draw.

25- Knight of Marriages
This knight has six daughters (and one son). He is constantly trying to marry them off to any knight of worthy reputation… even if that reputation is an hour old.

26- Drinking Buddy
This knight is a drinking buddy of the Lord/ King. This makes him sought after by those looking for power or those who like a good time.  When sober, he gives the Lord/ King good advice.

27- The Arrogant Knight
This knight is good, but not great. But to hear him tell it, he is the most skilled/ smart/ powerful knight since Knighthood was invented. He is snide and often loud. Any misfortune is always “something else’s fault”.

28- Knight of No Title
This is a warrior of noble blood and title. However, because of events in his life, he has never been made a knight and never wants to be a knight. He is an excellent warrior and a good advisor of the throne (who ever is in charge), but he takes no title and can not abide by this honor game.

29- Loyal Knight
This knight is well seasoned and will blindly follow his Lord. He hates the political knight because he is “not as loyal as most” to the Lord/ Throne.

30- Perfect Knight
He not only meets all the expectations one has of a knight, he exceeds them.  He is a matter of awe or a subject of spite depending on who you talk to. Some have a personal rivalry with him, but the perfect knight has none. He treats all knights as his brothers.

Additional Ideas (2)

31. The Xenoknight

This warrior isn ot of our world. It's unknown where it came from or why it is here. He/she/it does, however fit the mould of a knightly warrior - honorable, cultured and robed in protective garments, it rides upon a steed unlike anything anyone has ever seen before, wielding glowing weapons foreign to this land - or indeed, planet. While he lacks an discernable vocal organs, and as indeed mostly hidden beneath his armor, he shows a fond affinity towards the other knights, and while there is no way of telling for certain, he displays an other-worldly grace and comendable style of courtly etiquitte, including a cavalier attitude amongst the ladies, and a enviously confident, though silent, posture amongst the other men. 


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Comments ( 15 )
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August 23, 2006, 14:22
Interesting... the fact that an old Pendragon Dm came back to town for a weekend gaunt, this was a week late but perfect for the next go around in six months. Can't wait for the others.
August 23, 2006, 15:13
Being a Pendragon player of old, I can probably do another set of 30 knights just from memory. Of course, that was a long time ago... so it may take some time to warm up the waybac to get there.
August 23, 2006, 15:15
Pendragon is far different than other games Ive layed and is a welcome refreshment the once or twice a year we play it.
Voted Mourngrymn
August 23, 2006, 15:16
Didn't keep my vote.
Voted CaptainPenguin
August 23, 2006, 17:38
Only voted
Voted Murometz
August 23, 2006, 17:54
Lances Up!
Cheka Man
August 23, 2006, 18:31
4/5 What a delightful group of knights.
August 23, 2006, 19:35
I'm just curious Cheka. What made 30 priests a 5 and hoh, and this a 4?
Cheka Man
August 23, 2006, 21:39
5/5 then.

1-Everyone else was giving it a 4 and unless I really like or detest something I tend to *go with the flow.*

2-I'm upset that my 30 Wizards thing was disliked.

Shall I create the Mage of Mathom as an NPC in his own right?
Voted Scrasamax
August 24, 2006, 8:31
Such a gathering of knights!
Voted necromancer
August 24, 2006, 9:16
Brillient post. It is very but I like that because it is easily adaptable to any game.

I also like the way you linked the knights together with plots and rivaleries. 5/5.

Oh by the way its so great that im finally able to use the comment system on this cos I couldn't before.
Voted valadaar
January 4, 2007, 11:32
Good solid ensemble!
Voted axlerowes
March 17, 2009, 15:59
After just reading 30 firemen I was extremely underwhelmed by this one. Just few bits of flair could have made this a great resource, some heraldry , more talk of fighting styles, description of the mounts or family background.

I'd really like to see this redone.
Voted Dossta
March 25, 2013, 13:40
I agree with axle. Compared with some of the newer 30s, this list is beginning to show its age. It's fairly complete, but there are few new ideas here and 23 is a complete cop-out. Would love to see this one updated with more information -- something to take this from a list of tired archetypes to a list of unique and interesting personalities.
Voted Cheka Man
July 19, 2014, 13:23
Only voted

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