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July 15, 2006, 6:08 pm

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Quiet Ward


It was supposed to be the district of hearth and home: the domestic soul in a city of industry and trade. It has been the quiet ward for most of the city’s recent history. It is still the “soul” of the city, but now that soul is changing.

If you travel through the city’s main gate, travel down the grand ArchStreet, and turn left, you will eventually reach the wall for the Quiet Ward. Sometimes known as The Forgotten Ward.

It’s official desigation was Hearth District. That is sometimes still used. The locals called this the Quiet Ward for a century now, mostly because it does nothing to call great attention to itself. This Ward has homes, shops (usually one and the same) and other guild halls. This area is another of “classic Antioch way.”

The buildings are Neo-Tudor town homes; white stucco with some half-timbering, high-pitched slate roofs, asymmetrical configurations, enclosed entryways, an ornamented chimneys. They are all two stories tall, with shops and workshops selling goods on the lower level, families with apprentices and journeymen living above. A few lots are green and have common wells (not that Antioch water is fit to drink). The roads are a smoothed cobblestone, similar in appearance to the Imperial roads. There are normally sidewalks made of a weak local concrete. Their size and condition often explains the commonness of taxis in the city.

The exception to the Shop/Home configuration is the Antioch Inns, which seem to be everywhere in the ward. There the owners often live in the house next door. Every business and home has a place for accidental guests to stay. The Streets of Antioch are magical at night, and not in a good way. The StarStone that originally borough people to the Antioch Biome still impregnates the soil here. Tiny crystals of magic are part of life here. At night, upon occasion, an elemental, a spirit of magic, appears. They wander the streets. Normally they just pass through and fade away one bell later. Occasionally damage things in their passing; even more rarely someone is directly harmed. To listen to the natives, it happens every night on every street where walking home from the Inn on the corner can be a harrowing experience. But in reality, it is a uncommon occurence. But the natives consider it an unlucky sign, so they avoid travelling the streets at night when they can.

Many MagicSmiths live permanently in the Inns here. The locals are not sure if they cause more or less magical disturbances here.

The Quiet Ward is fairly quiet and calm. Unfortunately for them, the Impressor’s acting guild hall is here on Excellera. So there are noises, explosions, magic, inventing, and pressing going on at odd times. Luckily this is mostly towards the Wall Line (Excellera parallels it), so most of the district is actually quiet. Excellera has four pagesmith shops, who produce all the books in Antioch. Given that each shop has two to four presses going nearly 24 hours a day, that is a good number of books (and dogbounds).  Most of the buildings around Excellera St have shifted to crafters who support Impressors. There is also a swarm of carters around here, as Impressors need Klah and sweets at all times.

There are three ways in and out of Quiet District. One leads to the GreenWay. One leads to the DiPlaza. The Last One leads to the ArchDistrict.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted KendraHeart
December 1, 2005, 0:38
So here is the home of the technical revolution you mentioned. It is kind of cool that the quiet neighborhood is actually the hotbed of technical change. There is a serious drama here between the normal people and the magical techies.
Voted Scrasamax
October 11, 2008, 0:32
Well, there isnt that much quiet about the quiet ward, there are uncommon wandering magic elementals, a technological revolution, and a major acting troupe, maybe calling it the Quiet Ward is like calling the 6'5" biker with the barb wire tattoos Tiny.
Voted valadaar
April 20, 2016, 11:57
Neat location. I like the idea of the magical contamination.

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