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November 15, 2005, 12:36 am

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Greenway Ward


Originally planned to be a green area, where an Elventi community would thrive, this area has become the ward where the rich and powerful live. It is neat, orderly, and practically invitation only.

Like so many things after the Grand ReDesign, this section of the city did not redevelop as planned.  It was originally set aside as a natural area, with the idea that an Elventi community would thrive here. This proximity to Elventi made it prestigious.  Alas the Elventi community never materialized. While there are a few Elventi living in their way here, it has been taken over by the well to do in the city.

This Ward has three parts, dividing the roughly triangular shaped area into three paralellegrams. The three areas from smallest to largest are called Plazaside, Greenpath, and Goldpath.

Plazaside is just that, the side of the Ward adjacent to the Central DiPlaza.  This area’s main entrance is the DiPlaza gate.  It’s other gate leads to the Greenpath, centered upon that dividing wall. The gates are always manned by guardsmen, keeping people who do not belong out. The homes in Plazaside are larger than most in Antioch, more detached, and do not have shop fronts/ work spaces in their lower floors (though certain professional do conduct business in their lower levels).  Gardens decorate their back and side yards.  Some homes are far enough back from the street that they may have small gardens there as well.  Some say it is the nicest area in Antioch to live in. 

GreenPath is the only area that is truly as the original designers envisioned the area.  This longer and narrower area is green and landscaped.  It has two areas, deSol and Widdershins. The division between these two areas is the paved roadway that leads from the Plazaside gate directly across to the GoldPath gate.  DeSol area is the closest thing to a grand park that this city has. The counterclockwise wall has a small gate to one of the common areas. You have the occasional picnic and lovers walking together here.  But you also have to pay to enter it.  In the clockwise area, widdershins, is a small guided area with three Elventi HomeTrees. Here, BeautifulCloudsDeepintheAmberSunset and some Elventi children and grandchildren live. He has interests in the mercantile businesses of the docks.  He also hosts any visiting High Elventi who are not living in Humantime OR don\‘t want to adopt the local way stay. The Imperial Governor, who is a close cousin, is a frequent guest. Casual visitors are discouraged by the paths being blocked by formidable and thorned bushes, more focused visitors by the few guardsmen that patrol along the hedge.  Those that do get through, without an invitation are met with spear and bow or sometimes never heard from again. 

GoldPath has only one entrance and exit, the gate that is always manned that leads to GreenPath.  Inside this area is rolling country appearing roads and green. Nestled between are several dozen or so mansions, of the very rich. These people have horses here, something you seldom see in the city proper.  There is their own private force to maintain things; Foresters serve as the Guardsmen here, keeping those without any business here out of the area.  They will even escort visitors to the correct homes.  Most of those that live here are of HighClans of SecondLand who have business connections here.  The three exceptions are WatcheroftheRollingBlue or Watcherus Trader (a successful Elventi Merchant and his family of six), Delena (a stranger who has adopted MaskLander ways -there is always a constant flow of these strange people to and from her mansion. She literally runs the ClothingSmiths guild bringing the innovations of using MaskLand Silks in cuffs and belts, hair scrunchies, and new and exceptional fasteners), and Sheldonus BeCarry (An Amarian Merchant who watches his good flow from Northern ThirdLand very carefully). 

It should be noted that BeautifulClounds is negotiating to put a HomeTree next to some of his others on the other side of the GreenPath/GoldPath wall.  The people of GoldPath are wary of this Elventification of their area. Many of the people here dally in the Humanti Independence section of the Returner’s Legacy organization.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted Cheka Man
November 15, 2005, 8:35
I wish I could live in such a well guarded gated community.
Voted KendraHeart
December 1, 2005, 0:35
I like the various parts of the "nice part of town". It shows you a lot about the city and its politics, as well as the wranglings of the rich. It includes the city park as well.
Voted MysticMoon
September 8, 2013, 19:34
This is generic enough that it could easily be adapted for many locations.

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