Placenames are simply suggested ones which I used when I ran this campaign.

Tuske is a poor rural province of Ichyria, where the peasants and serfs are treated with as much respect as the dung and filth in which they live. The characters have just signed up to the Hesa Rada (Black Shield), a rebel group, in a hideout deep in the Garba Pusa (Hidden Woods).

As the characters swear an oath of allegiance to the Hesa Rada, a stray arrow from some archery practice elsewhere in the hideout, hits and kills the leader of the Hesa Rada. One of the PCs inadvertently picks up the stone he drops as he falls, which happens to be the rite for passing on leadership: the hand of fate is supposed to guide the hand of the picker. So the characters find themselves in charge of a rebel group.

Did I mention that the Halar and his troops have secretly discovered the whereabouts of the hideout, and are about to attack? There is much opportunity for big battles and a search for a new hideout, as well as a continued struggle against the Halar.

When I ran this adventure, I also introduced the twist of the Halar having been possessed by a lich which also had to be disposed of.