'An Army travels on its stomach,' it is a phrase that we have all heard. Supplies win wars almost as often as clever tactics. If your Army is supplied and fed, it will fight better than the opposition who is tired and weak. It is because of this maxim that WheatSword exists.

Wheatsword is surrounded by miles upon miles of farmland, producing wheat and a few other products. All of this farmland is owned by the military. There are even military checkpoints along all the roads every so often (manned by really old soldier waiting for pension). Most of the farmers here are ex-soldier turned tenant farmers. Their products are brought here to be stored in the massive silos. The food stored here has one purpose, to feed the Military. Intially it was only for when it is on campaign, but now once a certain level of surplus is built up, older product is sent to lesser stations to feed the standing military.

Wheatsword is the largest military base in the world. The buildings are big, square, and boring. They are of the basic military design, made to be slapped up quickly by soldier labor (i.e. not skilled in building). They are just larger. The city is painted in a plain basic tan, so it nearly blends in with the surrounding sea of wheat.

The streets are wide and well paved. They can support a column of marching men AND a flow of supply wagons. The city is set up in a square grid pattern. However, there are defensive choke points, should someone have to fight to defend the city.

The city is that of warehouses. The warehouses are mostly silos filled with stored food product. However, some military equipment is kept here. The weapons and armor are forged elsewhere and stored here. There is a large shop that does nothing but make and keep up a huge fleet of supply wagons.

There is a huge bakery that makes Hardtack. (There is a secret experiment group trying to make a hardtack spear that is strong enough to use, but can be eaten if one is hard pressed).

In addition to silos and food storage, there are massive barracks and paddocks here. They are only fractionally full unless the country is at war. This is a staging point for many military actions, the place where militias and loose units are assembled and sent to the campaign.

The Military command of The Marshall is in another warehouse like building. There is more room here than is needed. It is open for other commanders to move their commands here before the war. Here is also the largest depository of maps the military has.

Wheatsword has the reputation of being the dullest city in the world. It really is. There is little to do here. Military discipline is actually held here, rather than the rough and tumble of many other postings. There are civilians (a few craftsmen, an odd farmer, and a few families) here, but they are held to ideal military standards. Since most of the civilians follow a fairly strict religious sect, problems are at a minimum (and so is the fun).

This is a mostly dry city. Wine might be found, but it will be expensive. There is no official brewery here, so there is no beer. Yet people are finding a way. Someone is brewing it and distributing it on the side. If the Marshall actually finds out who, they will pay.

Wheatsword is the ultimate weapon. From here the Military can supply and feed every militiaman and conscript brought to bear against the enemy.

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