The Ooze Hunter?
Derrypepper Friendmoor, also know as Wakazashi the Ooze Hunter, is almost your typical gnome. Sure, he's crazy, but he's also short, olive-skinned, and a capable trickster. Add in an unusually large dash of bravery and cunning, and you have The Ooze Hunter. He wears a bandoleer carrying tons of seemingly normal spoons, and is usually seen with a much larger spoon, made of bone, hefted over his shoulder.

The Legend of Wakazashi
His humble beginnings:
He chose a hero's name, Wakazashi. That's what his father called the ancient sword upon their den wall.

He chose a hero's quest, to rid the Lower Bullocks of Willowpop Cave of the Gelatinous Ooze Infestation so that mining expansions could continue.

He chose a hero's weapons, spoons covered in a liquid antacid. Surely this would be able to harm the acidic oozes.

He also brought with him his namesake blade and every ounce of courage he could muster.

His success and fame:
Derrypepper Friendmoor is no more, he is now known as Wakazashi the Ooze Hunter. He rid the Lower Bullocks of it's oozy fiends, this earned him much fame among gnome-kin. But he quickly discovered he enjoyed the life of slime-fighting adventurer.

Now he wanders the world seeking out bigger and badder oozes to conquer.

Special Equipment
His bandoleer of spoons, his wakazashi blade, a assortment of liquid and powdered antacids in different dissolve able materials and his mighty Bone-Carved Ooze-Bane Spoon-Club.

He also carries a magical shell that allows him to communicate with family back at the Willowpop Caves.

Roleplaying Notes
He is pretty much the best source you're going to get when it comes to oozes. He has now spent much of his life observing what oozes do, he knows what oozes can dissolve what materials, he knows their patterns and their tell-tale nesting signs. He can also kill them quite effectively.

If you need to contact him, it is probably easiest and quickest to go to the Willowpop Caves and talk to his family. From there you can arrange a estimate on the problem and arrange for a meeting.

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