Braies of the Tides

The Braies of the Tides are a not uncommon magical piece of clothing owned by wealthy and infuential women. They are made of high quality linen, silk, or some other expensive material. They are always a dark color, with black or dark blue being the most common. These are the most expensive of the unmentionables that a woman might own, barring Bras of Holding and the like.

Braies of the Tides have two magical properties, they are more durable than traditional cloth, and the fabric has an almost unlimited ability to absorb blood.

An Inconvenient Truth

An often overlooked truth in fantasy literature and gaming is that once a month women have a certain visitor. Modern aspects of feminine hygiene such as liners and such were not invented until the last century or so. Vampiric Panties, or Braies of the Tides are a magical answer to a very common event.

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Plot 1: A mysterious bout of venerial diseases has suddenly come to plague a city. Spreadding like wildfire and un-talked about by the community. A faulty manufacturer of the panties could be to blame.

Plot 2: Some pervert has been stealing into the chambers of lords and ladies and sniffing their panties! Finding the criminal reveals he has been able to reverse-engineer the panties to give up blood, which he uses for more sinister necromantic purposes like creating hollow children.

Plot 3: The rivers of a far away town begin to run red with blood, destroying crops, causing disease, and fouling the water for drinking. This happens to coincide with a certian fad in panties several miles away. All the blood had to go somewhere, how can you convince the wealthy people of a far away town to care about this hamlet?