Valdus Darkmour. Suave. Handsome; nay, beautiful.
Valdus is a tall, handsome, intelligent individual who anyone, on first glance, will be sure to think of him as a noble. He always seems dressed in fineries, silks and delicate materials wherever he is. Long, white hair falls down to shoulder length, and dispite his white hair, he appears to be only early thirties in age.

Valdus travels often. He will never be seen in any town more than a few months, and he always appears in any town unexpectedly during the night. Nobody is ever able to glean any more information about his past than when he first appeared in the town he is currently in. The man always starts off in the backstreets and slums of the town he's in, but before long, he will have caught the eye of a single noble-lady. It doesn't matter which town he is in, the scenario is always the same. Manipulating the woman perfectly through charm and flirting, Valdus ends up living in the ladies' estate by the end of the first week. Within a month, the noble will have fallen hopelessly in love with Valdus, and marriage ensues soon after. For the next few months, everything is perfect for the poor lady who is besotted with this man, and daily her love and adoration grows. Her life couldn't be better. Until one morning the innocent woman awakens to a cold bed, and a note resting upon her pillow, written in a flowing handwriting.

Alexi. It is time for me to leave. There is danger in my life, and staying with you any longer will only bring it down upon you; I cannot bear to see you hurt so I must go.
And Alexi, Please don't let this bring you down. You have your entire life ahead of you - Let me become nothing more than a memory. We will never see each other again.

- Valdus

The name may change from note to note, but the rest of it is exactly the same. Valdus will have disappeared from the town. None of the townsfolk will have seen him leave - not even gate guards.
Though the note says for the lady to forget about Valdus, it almost always is the tool to break the poor womans mind along with her heart. Many take their own lives in the next few weeks. Those who don't often lose their fortunes sending people looking for Valdus. A few even forsake their noble life to take up adventuring to find the man. The entire town is often in shambles for months as one of their strong political figures tear their lives apart looking for any trace of Valdus.

A few months later, in a remote town far away from the last, a stranger wearing silk fineries enters during the night...

Roleplaying Uses
- Lady Caroline is distraught! She's paid you a ridiculously large amount to find her one true love, who strayed away during the night to protect her. Find him, and help him by finding out this 'danger' in his life and getting rid of it!

- While staying in the wealthy district of the city, your group is delighted to be introduced to a Lovely young noble and her husband - a suave gentleman with shoulder-length, white hair. Your entire group except Rita, that is, who went into the adventuring business to find her love who ran away in the middle of night. And who is this COW hanging off Valdus' arms!?

- The husband of Lady du'vere died not two weeks ago, and now she's already got eyes on a newcomer to the town - there has been talks of marriage! The deceased's brother is suspicious, and wants you to do a background check on this 'Valdus Darkmour'. Something's not right here...

The Truth
With all the Heroes and adventurers running about these days, its difficult for your run-of-the-mill demon to cause discord in communities without having a small army of would-be-champions waving their swords at you. After all, what is the point of bieng an entity of evil if you're dead whenever you exercise your skills? Valdus Darkmour is the first of a new generation of demons using not hatred but love to destroy lives and communities. His powers are limited, but he makes good use of them. With little effort he is able to worm his way into the mind of another, causing chemical changes within the brain. When he spots his target - always a noblewoman, as nobody cares when a poor man is ruined - He begins to use his charms on her, and whenever they speak, Valdus controls the chemical releases of the targets brain, causing affection and elation. The effect of this is quite potent, and after a few days treatment, the woman is head-over-heels in love, and because its her own mind that believes herself in love and not the use of a foreign substance or 'love potion', this is completely untraceable.
Over the next few months, the demon will concentrate that feeling of love to a point where - if he leaves - the womans mind will collapse. At this point he leaves a note to the woman in the middle of the night, designed to make her feel yet more love for the man, and takes his leave.

Any adventurer who catches up with Valdus will be in for more of a fight than they expect. Valdus, able to manipulate the mind, can easily distract any would-be assailants with thoughts of affection for the man, or sudden jealousy, or perhaps a migraine to throw off the concentration.

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