The theater of confused arts is not just a hall built to bring entertainment to the populace. It is also a guild of artists, singers, play writes, among other talented individuals. The actual physical theater is an open amphitheatre with a stone tiered seating system. The stone seats are actually set in a semi circle around the actual stage of the theater. The entrance into the seating are is near the top, the theater having been dug down to the pit like stage. The stage itself has an actual building on the stage made from stone and columned in the same architecture of the Kingdom of Rhomas. Its many columns front with fluted arched windows is a sight to see even without the entertainers who use it.

The events that are held here vary and are as diverse as the people who come to watch the spectacles. Plays of drama, tragedy, and comedy fill the audience with laughter and sorrow. Many troupes come from the larger cities from around the world to entertain here. Once a year there is an event held that pits entertainer troupes against one another from different locations. This event is called the Stone Gate Troupe Festival and is a four day event that begins with a special opening by the King. These troupes are supposedly the best, the elite that performs in front of nobles and kings and the only time that the public can see them. The prize for winning this event are more for reputation than anything, but the invites for personal events and parties increase with every win at the single four day event. Other than reputation they receive a coin winnings as well as a golden plaque. This event is celebrated in the streets by dancing, drinking, and noise making.

Other shows held at the theater are a brand of short, interactive comedy. The ‘comic’ performs in front of the audience and tells them funny stories to lighten their day and make them laugh. Some of the later shows can be more rich and bawdy with language which attracts its own type of crowd, the tavern hoppers.

The choruses are also very good. Symphonies come to play their music, from haunting to lovely, from sad to energetic; the music played comes from all around the kingdom. From the ballads of the ball rooms, to the twang of the folklore, nothing is passed up for a chance at the theater. Similar to the Stone Gate Troupe Festival event, this single event held only a month after the troupe festival and is an entire week long. It is not sanctioned by the crown but the results are the same from the event. Some coin winnings, a golden plaque and the reputation as being the best offers many an invitation to play at events both public and private.

One of the most entertaining acts done at the theater is the reenactments done. The play troupes take actual events that happened both in the past as well as recent and turn them into a spectacle. Famous battles, coups, and other real life events all are fair game within the theater. Done for both a dramatic and comedic effect, the reenactments bring all kinds of watchers, from the beggars who can sneak in to the nobles who have private sections reserved with cushions of silk and down.

Additional Information
The real guise of the theater is not for entertainment but for a darker more nefarious reason. The Theater of Confused Arts is a guild front for the Jongleurs Sanguine, a guild of highly infamous and skilled death cult. Painted in white masks and other caricatures, they deal out their commissioned acts with mute silence, often leaving a calling card of singular meaning. A white rose or white silken scarf are among the more common items left behind.

They are contacted in odd manners, one of which is to leave a dead fish on the steps of an abandoned warehouse, and another is to drop alms to a beggar in the market district. None of which goes directly to a member of the guild, but someone watching those locations, and others, then follows the person to see if they are legitimate. Those leaving the alms know to arrive at the theater within a few days and they will get their chance to plead their case to the guild of assassins. When they are contacted they are usually pulled on stage in front of the entire audience to join in the fun of the skit or comedic event, most of the time at their expense. They are then told to go to a specific location while being escorted back to their seat after the show or during a certain day and time. It is then that the contracts are agreed to and payment is given.

They are very cautious and thorough in the trailing would be moles. To this day every single watchman, guardsman, hire or secret police sent in to hire the guild has come away with nothing.

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