Kingdom of Kerabarr - King Furmold

The Kingdom of Kerabarr is one of the older human kingdoms that have grown throughout the years. It was founded on strife and conquest and each inch of land was paid for in the lives of its people. Whether it was from other human raiders, the Gison, the Sladiva, the winters in the northern part of the kingdom, or the abominations that swarm out of the mountains; the people of Kerabarr have earned their right to claim this land as their own. They have taken the land over and turned it into cultivated and cattle used land that harvests more than what the masses could use so they export a lot of their food and cattle to other kingdoms that are willing to trade with them. They have an ongoing disagreement with their neighboring Kingdom of Rhomas. It started off as minor border disputes, but every so often a patrol from either side will venture to far and end up defending themselves from the other kingdoms patrols. This dispute has turned more violent in the current time and may be building up for an all out war between the two.

Kerabarr has an ongoing friendship with Goric Rock-biter of clan Buhrodar to the north. This friendship does not extend beyond the clan very far since most Gison clans are very suspicious of non-family or non-clan members. A patrol from Shaedra found a small group of Gison from clan Buhrodar in chains being held captive by a mix of Sladiva and corrupted called Oba`ke (Orcs) being tortured for information about their stronghold. The humans, without thinking, rushed into the camp and proceeded to destroy the Sladiva and the Oba`ke as there was no love between the two groups. When the Gison were set free they thanked the humans, helped tend to their wounded and returned home. In 1630A, when the harsh winter assaulted the human settlement of Shaedra, the Gison came down in force to help them make it through the winter in thanks for saving the oldest son of Dwal Bone-masher the leader of the clan at the time.

The main worries that the Kingdom of Kerrabar has is not the ongoing dispute with the Kingdom of Rhomas, but the constant raids that they receive from the north from the Oba`ke. There are a few outposts placed in the mountains but there are to many passes to watch. Occasionally they send large groups of calvary and foot solders to raid beyond the mountain passes to thin the ranks of the corrupted, but year after year the raids continue to come with more frequency.

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