Residential District - This houses all of the permanent homes of those that live here. Between the residence that work in the businesses or faculty that work in the academy that have homes outside of the school. This district is by far the largest next to the area in which the academy sits on. Roads meander throughout the landscape with no real order, but all ending back in a central location where roads are marked easily to enter other districts. Most of the homes are of wood and a whitewash, but the more permanent residents tend to have nicer homes made of brick and elegant wood designs.

The exteriors are usually a white stucco, with some half-timbering (wooden beams embedded in the stucco, some for support others for looks. Other characteristics include high-pitched roofs (covered in slate), asymmetrical configurations, enclosed entryways, fireplaces with ornamented chimneys and chimney pots, and casement windows. This design is fairly fire resistant, easy to replicate, and used local materials.

Most buildings in this district are two story, semi-detached town home affairs, and they are usually longer than they are wide. This long and narrow town home design allows the largest number of houses to fill in along a street. There is seldom an alley way between the buildings big enough to use. The second story usually extends beyond the first, allowing for enclosed or covered entries in front and back. There is normally a tiny yard associated with the back of the house. The back of a house faces the back of another house. If there is a business in the building (which is usually the case), the business is downstairs, while the family and workers live upstairs.

The roads here are also slanted to flow water to the center of the road. There are under channels in the center of the roads, covered by square masonry pieces with short gaps between them. Water flows into the center, down the gaps and into the under channel. Smaller streets flow into the under channels of larger streets, and so on. Houses are connected to this system by their own underchannels.

Temple District - This is a small district divided into eight parts. Each section devoted to one of the eight Gods of Hewdamia. A wide boulevard stretches the entire length of this district with large flat slate stone for paving. Each temple is large enough to be modest yet they do not try to outdo the other temples in appearance. They all look nearly identical with the exception of the reliefs in front, and the interior.

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