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The concept of the Stevian race is very difficult to explain. Many of the world's greatest natural philosiphers and mages have asked Steves to explain their race. However, despite being quite eager to answer (mainly to avoid being called humans, something which is a great insult in their culture; not out of a hatred of humans, but of the fact that people keep on saying they are and making no attempt to correct themselves), their answers leave most of them in a state of absolute perplexion.

When asked about their race, Steves describe it not so much as a race, but a state of being. This train of thought once again came from a desire to distance themselves from humans, a rather large part of their culture. To be a Steve, they argue, is to be part of a dimensional plane partially but not completely made of our own dimension.. Steves claim that they are able to see into the future by watching what happens in this secondary plane and reporting back in ours. As a result, many are hired as seers, but the large number of Stevian prophecies that never come true have led many to believe that either they have trouble interpreting what they see in this realm, or that it is just another thing they made up to distance themselves from humans. Due to a hatred of failure (and a few rather large lawsuits from entire races), the Steves have changed their prophecies to be a little more vague. for example: "The spirits of the realm tell me that.... The sun shall rise again this day." "Uh, yeah, that's great, but I was asking if we would finally be able to CONCIEVE A CHILD." "I was getting to that, I was getting to that! Ummm... Oh, hey, look at the time! I forgot, we Steves are nocturnal! Gotta run!"

Most Steves live in their capital of Steveopolis, but some rove around the world, doing odd jobs here and there and occasionally controlling an entire kingdom... Before getting drunk and losing it all in a game of Tic-Tac-Toe (they love that game, but always lose. If two Steves play each other at it, the the very laws of the game will change so that they both still lose!). They are somewhat self-centered, and have a habit of saying Steve at random moments. Ex: "Okay, I'll engage to the Orcs guarding the princess, while you distract the goblin mercenaries with this strange thing I found in my attic... Uh, Steve? You with me, here?" ".... Steve?" "What?" "Oh, sorry mate, I was miles away. You were saying?"

As a final sidenote, all Steves are named Steve, except for the women. They're named Stella- or occassionally Sheila.

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