Noble Born

It's coming, Levi, and no amount of money will stop it.

The Bosner family was old, respected, but forever small. Their marriages were forever marked by a problematic time conceiving children, and so it was that most Bosner children grew up alone without the benefit of siblings. Given its small size, wealth was easy to hold onto- the entire fortune was usually claimed only by a single heir, not picked apart like a carcass.

Political power is not so easily preserved. It doesn't help that the last sane member of the family keeps to himself, despite how many ladies would love to claim him as their husband. Withered and covered in the dust of misuse, no Bosner voice is heard loudly protesting for the King's attention. Some even wonder if the family will die with Levi himself.

Others tried. They failed. But they succeeded far more than you could ever dream to accomplish, hiding away from the light of the sun.

When he is seen in public, Levi is usually very charming. Although he generally only speaks when absolutely necessary and doesn't mince words, his gaze is intense and his face usually betrays the keen attention he pays to everything around him. Gifted with charisma and very attractive features, Levi's usually withdrawn manner makes his more overt romantic actions even more effective, rare as they are.

Politically, Levi listens and watches, but rarely acts. Most assume that he feels he has nothing to gain through the effort expended. Levi seems content to sit in his opulent but small dwelling within the walls of the Capital city.

No empathy? No concern? Do you not see the creeping tendrils that slowly make their way to the throat of the world?

A Broken Man

In truth, Levi is a callous and sadistic individual. He simply does not care about the emotions of others, and enjoys being able to exert power over others as a Duke. His public persona is largely an act, an attempt to mislead others as to his true intent and personality. Levi is extremely careful to hide his true intentions- he does not abuse his privilege in public, and treats most with a muted respect- preferring instead to exact his influence over others with a blade.

In particular, Levi's mind has been thoroughly affected by The Locust, who used magic along with Devil's Spit exposure to brainwash Levi. This brainwashing instilled Levi with an automatic and severe fanaticism towards The Locust. Hoping to become useful, Levi began spending his wealth on training and instruction, quickly finding that he had a natural talent for deception as well as infiltration and other less than noble undertakings.

Notably, Levi is afraid of deep water, and has absolutely no experience swimming. Additionally, Levi is constantly plagued by a disturbing voice that taunts and goads him. All attempts to make the voices stop talking have failed.

The Wraith

Levi first took on his persona as The Wraith soon after he began hunting his first Locust-assigned victim. Levi takes his usual quiet demeanor and becomes menacing, usually saying nothing if at all possible. Levi wears dark leather, allowing the use of a cape and mask to fully try and distance The Wraith from his day life.

The Wraith is a capable assassin, linked to a number of unsolved killings. Levi's skill at getting away unnoticed means that he has no reputation- although were someone to realize just how many victims were killed by the same hand, a panic might ensue.


  • Levi is an above-average physical and mental specimen in all regards, but especially Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence
  • Levi is Ambidextrous, has Combat Reflexes, is Double-Jointed, has Perfect Balance, is Fit, and is less affected by pain than other individuals.
  • That said, Levi is plagued by Phantom Voices, and has a fear of deep water.
  • Levi is highly trained at social deception, having a skill of 17 in Acting and Fast-talk, as well as a 15 in Body Language and a 14 in detect lies.
  • Levi is capable of advanced parkour given his 16 in Acrobatics and Jumping as well as his 19 in Climbing.
  • With an escape skill of 17 aided by being double-jointed, it is next to impossible to keep Levi restrained.
  • Shadowing (14), Tracking (15) and Stealth (18) all serve to make Levi extremely hard to escape from or spot when he chooses to try and remain hidden.
  • Levi is trained in the use of Bows, Crossbows, Broadswords, Rapier, and Spears.
  • As an accomplished martial artist, Levi is almost as dangerous in unarmed combat as he is with a rapier.

Intent and Design

Levi is built primarily as an antagonist for the players to have to face. As one of the main agents of the Locust, it was appropriate to ensure that he could operate unseen through social guile, while remaining an extremely competent assassin and combatant.

I'm sure my players are going to hate him. Especially once it's established that Levi really is a cruel, uncaring and sadistic individual- The Locust merely programmed the fanatical loyalty to the Conspiracy that Levi shows.

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