The Kingmakers: Machias NPCs #1

Important NPCs within Machias.


Compiled by Reginald

The Council

High Matthias Baron Fruit: Venerated within Machias, Matthias Fruit was possibly the King's closest friend and adviser. After the assassination, word is that he has been withdrawn and taken with a malaise. It is my belief that he is keeping a keen watch over the political situation, preferring to allow the other High Barons to feature more prominently in the eye of the public, so that he may work in the background. Matthias Fruit should be highly supportive of our cause, especially given that his adopted son, Lenny, has thrown his lot in with us fully.

Baron Fruit is not the youngest nor oldest member of the Council. He is a strong moderate voice in most cases, especially over the use of magic. Of the Barons, he has the closest ties with the Royal Army as his only daughter is the wife of Lord Commander John Cairo, the operational head of the Royal Army. His estate has long been profitable, maintaining orchards for generations. Fruit's family is robust. Even should his daughter fail to assume his duties, he has multiple siblings capable of assuming his title well.

For his Dragon- his personal bodyguard, assassin and confidant- Fruit has chosen Lenny. Lenny is observant and deadly, a supreme archer who has obviously absorbed much of his adoptive father's political insight. Also painfully obvious is his delight in combat and other dangerous situations.

High Baron Arcturus Dredge: Dredge is a tactician at heart. More critical than Baron Fruit, Dredge has long been a strong voice among the Dukes. His political acumen is almost unmatched within Machias. Many of his rivals are quite stymied that he has chosen politics, much preferring that he outsmart others on the field of battle where stray arrows might find his flesh. Opinions on Dredge are mixed, across the entire spectrum of love, neutrality and hate. As the newest High Baron, Dredge has relieved some of the pressure he would have brought to the debate as a Duke, likely a temporary adjustment as he becomes accustomed to his new role. I am unsure if Dredge will become a loud voice within the Dukes, possibly the loudest voice, or take a more subtle path.

The Dredge Family has waned within recent years due to problems bearing suitable numbers of children to maintain the houses. Arcturus Dredge has only one brother, and a bastard at that. His two sons are quite well favored within the capital, and show immense promise. Nathaniel is a natural leader and soldier, while Briar Dredge takes very favorably after his father. The Dredge family remains wealthy and influential given Arcturus' business acumen.

Baron Dredge has yet to choose a Dragon. I am uneasy with the possibility that Valen hopes to assume such a position.

High Baron Bradley Namidian: Namidian is the most traditional and closed-minded of the Barons. His Hold is in the Far East, the source of the majority of anti-magic sentiment within Discarthia. Despite recent attempts to wean such opinions from the masses, the old immigrants who settled there cling to their superstitions very jealously, superstitions which Namidian hopes to bring to the rest of Discarthia. Namidian is a fiery and passionate speaker, very adept at rousing people to action. What Dredge commands in Logic, Namidian summons in emotional furor. The Dukes from Namidian's Hold often form a bloc within the Dukes, a very intimidating group of nobles that are generally quick to anger. This bloc is a constant source of friction within the Council, and is one of the groups most feverishly awaiting the return of the Royal Army's troops to their liege lords in the absence of the King.

Namidian's family is extended. He has at least ten sons, as well as multiple daughters and bastards. Two of his wives have perished during childbirth, and socialites are quick to point out that his third wife is a very large woman. Namidian is a physically large and stocky man, as are most of his children.

Namidian's Dragon is a woman named Breeze, a former member of the Wildfire group dedicated to killing southerners under the guise of freeing slaves. Breeze is a typical example of a person from the Far East, being adverse to logic, magic and reasoning. However, Breeze is an extremely capable assassin and warrior, being an expert in styles uncommonly seen in Discarthia learned during travels in the South. Such exotic knowledge often leads to bloody fights that end badly for her enemies.

High Baron Dudley Haldeep: The Baron of the Far West, Haldeep's Hold has seen the worst activity after the King's assassination. Multiple villages and towns have been pillaged, razed, or otherwise molested by malicious entities. Haldeep is a shrewd diplomat and merchantile mind, given that the ports under his watch are some of the most active within the Kingdom. Sadly, Haldeep is inept at organizational matters, something that has contributed greatly to the woes of his people. Haldeep tends to be passive, allowing the other Barons to play off one another and quietly taking the course of action that leads to the least amount of trouble for himself.

Haldeep's family is also very large and extended. He has relatives across multiple countries, many of them overseas. His wife is a foreigner, a fact that angers some and pleases others. Haldeep's family is very wealthy, and the nobles living within his Hold maintain the largest number of troops in the Kingdom. Haldeep's children are all extremely young, the oldest being about the age of nine.

Captain Griswald is Haldeep's Dragon, a sailor of great skill and finesse. Griswald is well-traveled and very aware of the world at large. Of the Dragons, Griswald is the oldest and quite possibly the least violent. That said, those who doubt Griswald's abilities usually find themselves cut apart by his loyal crew, or by any number of implements commonly used by those who brave the oceans.

High Baron Lionel Glamdor: Most would say that Glamdor is the stupidest Baron, a self-serving lout who the King only promoted as some kind of kindness. That said, most are somewhat wrong, even if Glamdor relentlessly pushes for his own self-interests. Glamdor is loud and stubborn, as well as one of the most militaristic nobles in the country. He has deep ties within the Royal Army, and bears a grudge over the appointment of John Cairo to the position of Commander. Glamdor tolerates Namidian slightly better than the other High Barons given the proximity to his Hold.

Glamdor's marriage with his wife is an unhappy one, punctuated with bouts of violence and vitriol that may someday claim either the life of Glamdor or his wife- or both. The union has produced children, most of them unsavory and mean. The family still enjoys a prosperity of wealth, and their ancestral lands remain profitable, even with Glamdor's occasional excesses.

Glamdor's dragon is the dour and bad tempered Sir Ian. Sir Ian was once a part of the Royal Knights, that most illustrious and respected portion of the Royal Army, but he is a kindred soul to Glamdor's cantankerous nature. Sir Ian is formidable on horseback, although the story of how he was defeated by Zarek Tor- who was without a horse at the time- is still extremely popular.

The Late Baroness Ruth Tor: Killed during the attack of the conspirators on the late King Hiram Blackburn, Ruth was propelled to the position after the sudden death of her father, Derrick Tor, at the hands of his Dragon and adopted son, Zarek Tor. Zarek found Derrick attempting to rape his own daughter and killed him, causing an immediate scandal that came perilously close to costing him his life. This information has been confirmed both by Sage Kahn and Lenny himself. The fact that this did not become common gossip is nothing short of a miracle.

Hiram allowed Ruth to claim the position of her late father at the urging of Matthias Fruit, with the stipulation that Ruth rule in secret. Her cousin acted as her faithful puppet, fooling many into believing that she played no part in the kingdom's politics.

By all accounts, Ruth was compassionate and capable. Were Arcturus Dredge not married, I do not doubt Ruth would have been offered to him in marriage. It is my personal (and unconfirmed) belief that Ruth and Zarek did not see themselves as siblings, and quite possibly were lovers.

That said, Zarek is possibly one of the most feared warriors in all of Discarthia, and his strong friendship with Lenny only increases the danger others perceive in him. Zarek is a paramount swordsman. Despite his failure to stop the assassins that killed both Ruth and Hiram Blackburn, Zarek claimed at least fifteen assassin lives in the fray before being incapacitated. I suspect Zarek and Lenny were both recipients of lessons from Matthias Fruit given his shrewd and tactical political observations.

Arcturus Dredge has assumed the vacancy left by Ruth's death. Her cousin now serves him as an aid.

Knight Commander Sir Lefray: The general in command of the Knights of the Royal Army, Sir Lefray is a grizzled old man who carries himself with dignity and respect. Politically, the Knight Commander is extremely passive, genuflecting to the will of the Council. Lefray chafes at his treatment from Glamdor, who publicly and obviously would prefer if Sir Ian were the Knight Commander. In addition to that stress, the succession crisis has put a great deal of strain on the Knight Commander as he struggles to keep his soldiers under his control.

The Captain of the Royal Guard, Calum Nash: Albert's Brother, Calum Nash is the current Captain of the Royal Guard within Machias. Calum is a responsible and fair man, one very opposed to corruption or abuse of power. His family history is marred with strife and discord, especially thanks to his father, Joseph Nash. Joseph is a duke, a vindictive and adversarial man who enjoys besting those he sees as enemies. This stands as a stark contrast to his sons, especially Calum. Albert is currently estranged from the family, something that Joseph hopes to continue moving forward.

The Treasurer, Ivan Glade: Wearing a pair of circular spectacles, this small man is often found squinting over piles of coins, which he highly enjoys counting. Ivan has a great mind for numbers, and is largely to blame for the success Blackburn had running his kingdom. Ivan has jealously guarded the treasury, preventing others from accessing the funds of the King. Under his watch the guard and army have still received pay, and Ivan is carrying out his role responsibly.

Lord Brown, Cousin of the King: Although his grandfather was once in line for the throne, that honor eventually passed to Lord Brown's extended family, bypassing his own. Lord Brown is a militaristic man, having formerly commanded troops within the Royal Guard. Lord Brown has been working with High Baron Fruit to try and maintain the situation within Discarthia.

Insuldan: A mage who resides within The Slants, Insuldan famously had a falling out with the Mage Cabal over the appropriate use of magic. Insuldan is generous, if extremely cantankerous and grumpy almost constantly. Insuldan has outright refused to become involved with the intrigue taking place within the Capital, instead preferring to focus on providing help to the needy within the city.

Mathus: The proprietor of the Dog Pits, Mathus is a dour individual within the Brown District. Like all of those within the district, he distrusts strangers and he has already developed a disdain for Valen. Mathus enjoys a stable relationship with the underworld of the Brown District because his fighting ring is unique business within Machias.

Acheran: A mage who resides within the Mage Cabal tower, he is one of the foremost healers in the city and is often tasked with meeting newcomers asking questions. He may be looking for someone to introduce Adrienne to magic.

Logan the Overseer: Tasked by Hiram Blackburn to oversee the development of the East District, Logan has the final say over the majority of the district unless overruled by one of the High Barons. More than a few Dukes are particularly upset about this fact given that their plans have been ruined by the honest and responsible overseer. Logan knows the players, having sold them their new residence in the East District.

Duke Levi Bosner: The Wraith will be returning to Machias, taking residence in his home within the Gold District.

Leonard The Merchant: Obyn's former trading partner, Leonard is a crime lord who is extremely active within the Brown District. His gang is currently working on the Shaw-Boyle feud.

The Shaw-Boyle Feud

Given the amount of strife, blood and discord that has gripped the two most influential families within Machias, the origin of the feud has been lost to those involved. In truth, The Locust manipulated the two sides into the conflict, using Leonard to stir up the initial trouble.

That said, it has now perpetuated to the point where the two families are almost brazenly attacking one another in the streets, turning The Cuts into a battlefield between the two warring factions.

The matter is starting to encroach on the minds of the Council, and others within Machias have been trying to sway the issue to their own advantage. In particular, Glamdor has been speaking with the Boyle family, even as The Browns increase their deals with the Shaw family.


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I like the details outlining the high barons. The somewhat imperious title of 'Dragon' is pretty rad too - I like the implications of not only a bodyguard, but a personal assistant and killer. You've left some to the imagination with that position, but I like the ambiguity and the implications it has.

The other various personalities round it out well.

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A neat set of interconnected Nobles. I like.