Full Item Description
It is a beautiful tube of lipstick. It is a dark greenish black color with an intricate 'weave' etched in it. If viewed under bright moonlight (or blood is dripped on the case), certain mystical runes and symbols... and not those of a good variety... will become apparent. Of course, few will actually notice said runes.

The origin of the item is unclear. Some believe it is a 'gift' from a succubus.

Magic/Cursed Properties

The shade of the lipstick is Dark Blood Red. When first applied, it is that color. Yet almost imperceptively, it changes to 'the perfect shade of red' for the person wearing it. The woman who is wearing it, unless she is mystically trained, will see it in that shade. In fact, it is such a perfect shade, it makes her look prettier than she is. (She wants to wear the lipstick often). Men are attracted to her like bees to honey. She is beautiful and captivating. They crave her kiss. Women are both repulsed by her ('What has she got that I don't have?' and attracted (she is pretty and if I hang around her maybe I will get her secret as well as her 'left overs').

If a woman wearing the lipstick truly kisses someone, a point/ pawn/ unit or so their personal power are drained. A magic user might notice this lack of energy (or loose a stored spell), but most people will be unaware of the loss until they approach no personal energy left (then they will be fatigued, feel like they have the flu, and be undermotivated). If she kisses someone enough times over, they will suffer they symptoms of over extending their power use and even die.

The power gather thus empowers the glamour of the lipstick. It also renews the color in the tube, so it never 'runs out'. If left 'unfed' for a while, the next kiss will be quite draining.

Oh yes... if the woman ever kisses a mirror to kiss herself (which she might want to do eventually, given the confidence, attention and ego the lipstick will evoke in most people, she will suck her own soul into the lipstick and promptly die.

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