In a time where the zombie menace has all but been erased, one lone zombie still stands.

In the year 2076, zombie activity has risen to dangerous levels. Zombies have run a muck and were killing people by the hundreds. In an effort to kill them all, the organization known as ISO34 had made it their sworn duty to eradicate the planet of zombies. Using high-tech zombie destruction and detection devices to aid them, they had the advantage against the brain-eating undead. In a great war that spanned for over a century, they almost completed their goal. A year after their victory, however, they found a problem. With the use of one of their surveillance satellites, they saw a single zombie still standing. Clocked in bandages and a tattered tench coat, the zombie took down its surrounding enemies in droves using a dagger and a shotgun. Before reinforcements could get to the location, the zombie left. The only thing left behind were the battered and broken remains of the fallen soldiers.

ISO34 swore to find this zombie and to finish the genocide of the zombies, once and for all.

Meanwhile, the zombie has been traveling from town to town, from city to city, getting by with what he has and knows. Rumor has it that he helps defend people. Others say he kills people under the cover of night. While no way to claim these rumors to be true, there is one thing that can be certain: The undead still walks.... and it can think.

A few months have passed, ISO34 issued a large bounty upon this zombie under the title 'The Dead One.' His appearance has changed some during the time of his first sighting. He still carries the dagger and shotgun. He wears the bloodied and torn trench coat and yellow bandages. He wore leather boots as well as a fedora and bandanna to cover his face. His eyes are simple yellow orbs and his nose long gone. It also states he smells of death and salt water. He is considered very dangerous and should be avoided to prevent his zombie infection from spreading.

Rumor has it that he is making his way toward a remote city off the coast of the Atlantic ocean. City is called Wesgin. It has all what a city would ask for: Malls, shopping centers, homeless people, apartments, even Starbucks. Bounty Hunters and soldiers of ISO34 as well as other military personnel have station themselves there or are on route to the city. They have orders to shoot first, ask questions later. So now they lay in wait for the last zombie...

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? Quest

ZOMBIES! (the apocalyptic kind)

Test your mettle creating all that there is to know and love about our zombie friends. Outbreak myths, weapons, strategies, zombie types...we want them all and more!

Experience Points rewarded for every zombie quest submission during the time frame with 100xp to the first place winner and 50xp going to second.

Let the Zombies Attack!!