The Village is a small, and unimportant one located midways between two larger cities or towns, both complete with established stone churches, or one might even have a lofty cathedral. The villagers have tired of not having a church of their own, and having to walk or ride a full day to hear services, be wed, or have last rites said over the bodies of the dead or dying.

The Church Guild was formed as a way to finance the building of a real stone church, rather than the wattle and daub, earthen floored building that serves as a church when a traveling monk, exorcist, or priest deigns to stop and preach the good word. Otherwise, the communal building serves as a resting place for travelers who are willing to give the Guild a few copper pieces. A silver piece will get them a meal.

After enough time, the Guild would hoard enough gold to finance the building of the stone church, but suddenly time is not on their side. The Prior of the closest Cathedral is unhappy about the prospects of another church being opened in the vicinity of the cathedral. Running such a large establishment is a costly venture and the church would bleed some of that money away. The Prior has been sending acolytes, and other servants to the guild to gather alms for the poor. This has been depleting the coffers of the guild.

The Prior of the church in the town on the opposite side has had the same thought, as he wants to build a cathedral to rival that of the opposite town. The new church would cut into his profits as well, but it hits him worse since his cathedral is still in the planning phase. He has responded by also sending priests and acolytes to gather alms for the poor from the guild.

The party has arrived in time for a meeting the Church Guils which has become distressed by the depredation of its neighbors who seem much more concerned with secular things than in the spiritual providence of god(s) and they beseach the adventurers for help.

A. One of the Priors has decided to undermine the guild by playing dirty. It could be that laybrothers disguised as lepers block the road, or zealots of a church were induced the tear up the road, or collapse a valuable bridge. Or a Prior has hired a band of brigands covertly to harass travelers on the road unless they are expressly going to his church of cathedral.

B. The guild beseeches the party to help finance the church, or even help in its construction if they are big strapping types, in its design if they are intelligent mage types. If there are clerics not aligned with either church, they will plead for their aid. Once the church is built, it will need a prior and staff as well.

C. The guild trys to pump the PCs for money.

D. Upon reaching one of the other parishes, the PCs are drawn in to meet the Prior of a church. They are questioned, and either sent to harry the church guild or are dismissed in an unpleasant, rude manner.

Well, that is my plot. Scrap hammers at the ready!

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