The task easier than usual, escort a group of pilgrims from the sleepy town of A to the dwarven forges of B, get the bell and return.

The church of Anathon long needed a bell for ceremonial purposes, and finally amassed the money needed. The pilgrims are faithful believers, travelling light and stopping here and there to perform minor rites, visit shrines and churches along the way etc. (Insert any encounters you feel are necessary.) On the way back from Barukh, pilgrims meet another pilgrims and the joy is great. Setting up a camp, they exchange stories and news and talk freely, till the purpose of the journey is mentioned: the bell.

A bell is not well, for the saint Camius (a religious figure getting more and more renown) explained to the children of (insert god), (s)he shall be revered with silence, or using your voice only. So many instruments formerly used -yes,bells count too- are now considered sacrilege.

This wont make the pilgrims happy, for they worked long and hard to get the money, and the pilgrimage is their reward. Thus words start flying around, and a little conflict ensues...

Both sides are pretty much inept at fighting, youngsters and old ones. The adventurers should take care nobody injures himself, and might get 'attacked' by walking sticks, brooms and other non-lethal weapons ;-)

For more fun, add relatives/friends to confusion, who surely will try to change their friends minds about the problem.
For still more confusion, thieves may be planning to steal the bell and this chaos is an excellent chance. (a bell = a great lump of quality steel, may be good for weapons? other plot to explain this...)

And so the heroes may be forced to state their opinion abuot ceremonial details of the church of (god) -do they have any?- , 'fight' innocent people but protect them from harm -their job is to protect pilgrims,ANY pilgrims- , possibly lose their main objective -the bell- and somehow are dragged into an uprising religious schism.

And it looked so easy this time...

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