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August 21, 2007, 3:58 am

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Staff of the Majordomo


Oft overlooked, and moreso understaffed, the majordomo of Jesolo Manor sought out a sorcerous cousin to craft for him some sort of charm or spell to aid him in the maintainence of the sprawling manor. A six foot staff of twisted oak was his prize.

The Staff of the Majordomo is a six foot length of oak, the wood warped and twisted by a vine that grew about the tree. It has a pale color, and is capped with copper ends. There is a plain inscription along the shaft that reads:

Joy is in the ears that hear the call of duty

The wood is well worn with the passage of time and has been oiled and well preserved by the hands of a long line of majordomos.

Origins of the Staff
Prince Luchilde Varick of Jesolo Manor was a harsh and demanding lord. He was also one who continually remained near bankruptcy due to his lavish habits of wine drinking, gambling, and making outrageous purchases for the women he sought to purchase affection from.

His majordomo, the head of his household staff was continually overworked, and completely understaffed, often required to maintain the sprawling Jesolo manor with no more than two other servants. The cooking and cleaning could not all be done by three servants, and there was often harsh words and abuse from the lord. In other times, the servants could have discontinued service to the lord but times were leaner and a good paying job was scarce.

The Majordomo, Edvine, sought out the lord’s cousin Constantine Varick, a sorcerer of middling power and ability. He persuaded Constantine to fashion him a magic item to aid in the upkeep of the family home. After six months of hoarding money, skiming some from the Lord’s drunken pockets, Edvine paid for the item unseen and was gifted with the staff.

With the instructions of the staff’s use, Edvine returned to the manor. He used the staff to conjure unseen servants who quickly went to their appointed tasks, and soon the manor was in good repair, and the abuse from the lord ended. Edvine passed the staff on to his son Mendel when he assumed the post of majordomo under Luchilde in his later days, and then on under his son, Lawden. Since then, each majordomo upon retiring has inscribed his name in the staff. The staff itself has become a symbol of authority and power among the servants of Jesolo manor.

Magical Properties:

And thus said the enchanter Constantine:

Stike the staff upon the floor thrice and call forth the servant unseen with the following words: Servant of the Staff - come forth and due your duty. Upon saying these words, whence the servant has come, utter then the task that is to be performed. Remember, these servants are petty in mind, and have no skill for battle, nor for the subtleties of espianoge and surveillance. They come forth only to mend clothing, and to dust, and to make such repairs that thine alone would be able to complete.

Plot Hooks
Stolen! - Quite simply just that. Great for lower level adventurers. THe staff has been stolen by the local thieves guild. This could be as simple as a bash and grab, or as complex as a disenfranchised son seeking the position of Majordomo that was passed to his brother since he was a thief and disobedient son.

Fetch - A local lord has grown interested in the rumor of the Staff’s magical power, or fearful as he may think that the staff might be able to conjure invisible soldiers. He wishes the PCs to investigate, and if possible gain the staff and return with it. Ranges from paranoid curiosity, to seeking the seeds to create a staff of Invisible soldiers.

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Comments ( 9 )
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Cheka Man
February 1, 2005, 18:20
Very good, a mundane magical item that seems much more dangerous then it really is. 5/5
February 2, 2005, 2:46
I like it. Just the kind of magic item one would find in a fantasy world. Useful in daily activities.The storyline accounts for the cost of the item also. Well thought out.
February 2, 2005, 3:03
In a high-magicworld, this is certainly the way to go - free labor that won't rebel. Of course, the people may be upset at magical items 'stealing' their jobs, with golems and conjured servants doing chores, succubi competing with prostitues for clients, warrior demons entering the market of assassination...
Could cause some outrage amongst the populace...
a good one 4/5
Dragon Lord
February 2, 2005, 9:26

Like EchoMirage said - in a high magic world, magic would almost certainly get used for basic labour saving devices

This is exactly that sort of item

I'm definitely going to use it

February 2, 2005, 9:49
In a lower magic world, this is still a great item. In a lower magic world, the back story would change ever so slightly... as one does not buy magic items in that kind of world... but basically a very useful tool.

In a very HIGH magic world, this might be a common sort of item... every noble household would have one. After all unseen servants never spy on you and never gossip, and after the cost of the initial investment in the item it become a major cost saving item for generations down the line (Think of it as a major appliance).
March 25, 2006, 5:56
"...unseen servants never spy on you and never gossip..."

Wait, wait: what if they can be reasoned with in some way, and, after their shift is over, when they return back from where ever they came from (wherever that is), somebody from this world pays them a visit... learning a few interesting details. Even worse if this item is used in many households.

Thus an obvious plot hook: somebody attempts to blackmail the lord. Find out how could the important secret be revealed.
Voted Murometz
March 24, 2006, 17:56
You said it Moon! very useful for a LOW-magic world as well. Hence, I love it!
Voted Kinslayer
June 20, 2008, 11:42
Though incredibly useful, this item is only mystically powerful in the lowest of low-magic settings. In higher magic settings--or even moderate ones--the staff's representation as a symbol of office & position could spread rumours about other abilities. This could be the reason why it would be stolen.

The power of the staff not only takes away paying jobs from living servants, but could drive them away as well. That is, the rest of the staff quits--and no one else can be hired--because of the creepiness of the unseen servants going about their work. Unless this sort of magic is common (such as in D&D where it is a first-level wizard's spell) the manor could gain a reputation as haunted, or the major domo (or even the prince himself) could get a reputation as a witch or demon-summoner.

Personally, I would darken this up a little, but that's just my sick imagination. I would have the staff powered (or rumoured to be) by the spirits of slain servants, or perhaps by the psychokinetic talents of an emotionally troubled teenaged spirit.
Voted valadaar
June 18, 2013, 21:30
This is pretty cool - as others have said, a great low-level item.

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