Ever clad in grey robes of expensive material and good tailoring, Sokolov the Axiomancer strikes an impressive figure. Most of this is a matter of personal posture and presentation as the judicator of lawful magic is a short man with a balding head.

Born to the ranks of the middle class in the noble infested city of Tekne, Sokolov was seemingly destined for an unremarkable life toiling away as a clerk in the city of duels. It was a duel that drew the youth to the persuit of the law and the realm of axiomancy, law magic. The noblity were all to keen to strike contracts and bargains, and once their end was gained, they would break the contract. What grounds did a mealy mouthed commoner have to make greivance against one of the blood? As he delved into the lore behind sworn oaths, geases, and other tenets of law, he discovered quite by accident the Axionomicon, from which he learned of common and noble law, magical law and the laws of the planes.

Within a decade, he had made a name for himself, not only as a competent magic user, but also as a man whose contracts could not be broken, no matter how rogue the lord who signed it was. He had also made a name for himself by being a very greedy man, with his rates for contract spells being borderline excessive. It was not long after he established himself not as just another law mage, but as The Law Mage, that he began expanding his practice.

The Axiomantic Cabal
Founded as a subchapter of the greater Mage's Guild of Tekne, itself subsidiary to The Upright Society of Civic Wizards, arbiters of Orthodox Sorcery, the Axiomantic Cabal was devoted to the study and legal applications of law magics. With Sokolov at it's head, the cabal grew to compose of nine axiomancers and three score consors, servants and scribes.

Special Equipment
Robes of the Arbiter - these robes are made of a fine blend of linen and imported silk and are generally a powder grey or pearl grey in color. Thin pen stripes of blue and white are traced through the weave of the fabric. Anyone wearing the robes of the Arbiter recieve a standard +2 bonus to their charisma scores when dealing with matters of the law, juries, or arguing before a judge or magistrate.

The Axionomicon - Many consider this 10,000 page tome to be one of the most soul destroying works ever penned. It is a book of every law ever written, and it has an ancient enchantment on it that updates the book as the laws are changed and amended. Once in a very great while, the book will shed pages when a body of law is completely removed from circulation or usage. The last time this happened for more than a single page was nearly 600 years ago when the laws of the Stratian Hegemony were struck down, more than 200 years after the fall of the Hegemony. At that time, the Axionomicon shed almost 700 pages of laws.

The Staff of the Well-Dressed Servant
There have been a great variety of staves created with the power to create unseen servants, menial spirits to perform menial tasks. Each of these invariably increases the power of the servant and their designated function. This particular stave conjured the standard non-combative spirit servant, but instead of being invisible, these spirits appear as young pages clad in grey robes and white undershirts. Polite in the extreme, they cart about evidence, reshelf books, and scribe tedious law procedings for the Axiomancer to review later. Banishing one of the Well-Dressed servants is as simple as pointing out a flaw in their appearance, at which point the spirit is instantly unsummoned.

Roleplaying Notes
Sokolov is a very proper and dry older man, the head of a large Advocates and Law Mage guild. He is a constantly busy man as he is always having meetings with heads of other guilds. When he isn't orchestrating business deals with the guilds, Sokolov is toe to toe with the nobles. His growing power supports the rising middle class and the guilds and is an increasing threat to the status quo of the nobility. At the moment his guild has been stymied and limited to one city as no noble in their right mind will charter a Law Mage guild at a level higher than a city guild.

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