This book has an iron-spiked case, without any name on the cover, and lacks any information about the author.

The spikes on the cover and the pages itself are so sharp that any round of handling requires a Dexterity check (or similar) to prevent cutting yourself. Use of gloves is recommended.

The book always opens on the first page, displaying an extremely critical description of the reader, making many readers close it. Please be devious and insert the most appropriate critique for given PC. On the next pages wealth of information can be found on many things, including descriptions of various monsters, empires hostile to given kingdom, important enemies, and much other things the reader may seek and which may harm him.

The last page, if the reader ever comes to it, contains a warning of an oncoming danger, always true. Example: the hostile man you were forced to kill is not really dead - he is a lycanthrope and now seeks revenge. He will try to infect one of you, if he has not done so already.

Magical Properties:

The book contains accurate information most knowledge-based skills could give on any subject likely to endanger the reader, even if the powers of all described subjects are slightly exagerated, and all weaknesses made look petty compared to the powers. The book never contains
any fatal weakness the reader could use to easily defeat the subject (unless it is well known, like staking a vampire, etc).

With continued using of the book the reader develops a minor paranoia and/or a random phobia. This is not a magical effect or a curse, it develops naturally.

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