From down the block, it appears to be yet another street, with the same kinds of building as those around it. Yet it feels perpetually gloomy. Some say the street is cursed, but no mage nor priest has ever detected it. But those of a dark disposition find themselves drawn to it. Those that live here always have a feeling of despair or depression. The street (and environs) have become a slum of sort, an island inside the prosperous guild neighborhood it resides. It is the place where the lost dreamers go, and those with broken hearts. They drink and commiserate in the taverns that now fill the street. There are many a cheap room to rent, as there always seems to be vacancies.

Of course there are ghosts to be seen. They appear in the corner of your eye, or late at night, or sometimes in the shadows. The shades are those who have killed themselves in the area. Some say they cause the depression, others say they are there to stop others from doing the same. Either way, the street touches the otherside in a way that is not healthy.

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