Full Item Description

A Silverwood Fighting Knife is a simple weapon used by the elves of Silverwood. They are favored over weapons of a heavier, more awkward nature like swords and axes. The blade seems to flow naturally from hilt to tip, being made entirely of steel. The handle is curved slightly and no guard exists as the transition from hilt to blade is made. The blade has a vicious curve and is razor-sharp.


Very few people have ever seen an elf from Silverwood and lived. They rarely venture out of their homeland, doing so only to extend invitations to those who demonstrate exceptional abilities that should be preserved. The greatest wizards have been extended these invitations, as have the most heroic of adventurers. However, once they enter the Silverwood, they are never seen again.

The warriors who defend their homeland with deadly precision choose to wield these unique knives, often paired, over heavier, more awkward weapons. From a young age they are trained in a fighting style that utilizes speed and precision while also requiring the weapons to be a fluid extension of the body.

Magic/Cursed Properties

In the hands of someone who has not had the proper training, these knives are awkward and unwieldy. Striking with them is more of a hindrance and requires great effort.

In the hands of someone who has had the proper instruction, these knifes feel as though they are part of them, and when paired, seem to make it easier to strike an opponent.

The proper instruction, coupled with the unique fighting style of the Silverwood make these knives more than deadly. Striking an opponent is almost effortless and it even seems a bit easier to deliver a critical blow with them.

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