It was said that before she died, Senthia Khlack was so beautiful that the headsman offered to spare her for a kiss, but that she had refused.

She is no longer beautiful. Senthia is a human brain, floating a greenish, bubbling solution inside of a humanoid 'body' of metal. This 'body' is composed of gears, rods, filaments of a rubbery substance, water-tanks, evaporation-chambers, steam-channels, energy pipes, and so on, all encased within a blocky metal shell. On the whole, she appears much like a golem or a primitive robot.


Senthia Khlack was the daughter of the infamous Duke Eldward Khlack, the Duke of Gears, who launched a bloody Rebellion against the throne of Marcosia with an army of strange, clockwork warriors. The warriors were potent, and Senthia and her father were excellent strategists and had some mastery of sorcery. But it was not enough. They were ground down by sheer attrition, and as a gear loses its teeth, so did their mechanical army slowly shrink. In the end, the Khlacks, Duke Eldward and his daughter Senthia, were beheaded in the Great Triumph Square in the Marcosian capitol of Asseneras.

But the body's death rarely stops the sorcerous spirit. As they died, the Duke Khlack reached out with his last magics and carried their brains from their bodies to his hidden Gearwork Fortress. There, the strange, white-robed, masked beings, from whom the Duke had recieved his knowledge, placed those brains into containers of preserving fluid and inserted sorcerous diodes into them, and then departed to wherever it is that they hailed from.

Unfortunately, the clumsy hands of gearwork caretakers destroyed the brain of Eldward Khlack. Only Senthia was left.

As her father had already taught her all that was necessary to know of gearworks and sorcery that he could teach her, she was not overly distraught. She merely bided her time, and bade the gearworks construct her a body so that she could move about as they did.

It was a clumsy body, insufficient for all purpose but movement. It was without finesse. Its thick, blocky digits smashed priceless alchemical reagents in the labratory and destroyed the pages of priceless and delicate books. But, for the time being it would do.

For 400 years, Senthia Khlack has refined her gearwork body, become more and more adept at the construction and design of gearwork servants, and deeper and deeper entrenched in sorcerous study.

She intends to finish what she and her father started 4 centuries ago, and take her place as the ruler of all of Marcosia. To that end, she has bolstered what little remained of the Khlack Gearwork Army into a massive machine fighting force, which she currently houses in the Gearwork Fortress. She also wants revenge on the nation of Marcosia, for she feels that it is because all of the peasants for not rising up alongside her father that the Rebellion failed.

Senthia Khlack is highly intelligent, an excellent analyst, a fine strategist, and, like her father, highly unstable. She wishes that she could construct a body worthy of her former beauty. She considers her current body to be hideous (and certainly, it is not an artwork), and will not bear mirrors about her.

Roleplaying Notes:

-She is haughty and arrogant, as well as wildly erratic in behavior. She has trouble staying on one subject for too long. She takes great pride in her gearworks, save her own body.

For more information about this, see the Armorican Kingdoms thread in the Forum.

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