A dagger with an 8-inch blade and a bronze handle with a copper spiral inlay for grip.

The origins of this blade go back many years. It once belonged to a simple shoesmith who carried it for protection. His wife was an overbearing woman who slept around and abused him verbally, both in public and in private but he was a coward at heart and never stood up to her. Sometimes when he was alone he would clutch his dagger in his hand and think of doing horrible things to his wife with it, of torturing her slowly to make her pay for all the bad things she'd ever said and done to him. In the end, his wife killed him with the help of his own brother. They pawned off many of the poor shoesmith's old possessions, including his dagger. Since that time it has passed from hand to hand, no one possessing it for more than a few months at a time, all falling victim to it's deadly curse.

Magical Properties:

The dagger is infused with all the hatred and rage of the shoesmith. It is capable of inducing only the tiniest of injuries (never more than a few hit points) regardless of how much force is put behind the blow. Any cut it makes is razor thin and any stab wound is only a prick, but these wounds cause the victim agonizing pain.

Once the owner makes the first wound with this dagger, they will find themselves overwhelmed with the urge to use the knife on someone again. Men, women, children, animals, it doesn't matter. Just as long as it bleeds. If there is no one nearby, the owner will begin to cut themselves until they find someone else. After a few weeks of this, most people become gibbering madmen, kidnapping people and torturing them to satisfy the hatred of the dagger.

Attempting to take the knife away from the curse's latest victim will send them into a frenzy that only death or repossesion of the dagger will appease.

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