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Subject: WTF DID YOU DO!?!

Those test subjects you sent back to us were severely damaged! You said you would assist us in handling unruly subjects, not that you would torture them into submission like common slaves! As a result, one of them DIED during the augmentation process and another tried to commit suicide! I know this is not something you do so you must have handed them over to someone else! Who did you send our subjects to!?!


Attached Files: Batch-3_Subj_Med_Evals.tar.7z




Subject: RE: WTF DID YOU DO!?!

Orkrest, I honestly have no idea what happened. I assure you, we have no idea how your subjects ended up in the way they did. We are looking into this and will hopefully get some answers for you.


Tox Message Log over Secure Onion Connection Begin:

eepsword > I understand.
eepsword > I have been trying to uncover information about what is going on with the subjects.
eepsword > But I am hitting dead ends everywhere.
Orkrest > You handled the subjects!
Orkrest > How hard is it to investigate something you did!?!
eepsword > It's more compliated then what you know.
eepsword > You are right that this is not the kind of thing we do.
eepsword > So we are looking into what happened to them.
Orkrest > You better have an explaination soon!
Orkrest > We had to terminate all of the batch 3 subjects!
eepsword > I don't know what to say.
eepsword > I really don't know.

Session Ended.


Guild of Technomancers Middle Earth, Project: MOBILE TOTEM Research Log No. 13.156.19

This is a disaster! All of the subjects in Batch 3 had to be terminated because they were beyond salvaging! The Guild of Biomancers is giving us the runaround in regards to what happened to them. From now on we will handle all MOBILE TOTEM subjects internally.--

Guild of Technomancers Middle Earth, Project: MOBILE TOTEM Research Log No. 13.156.20

Since the Guild of Biomancers is being unusually secretive about what happened to the Batch 3 subjects, we decided to infiltrate their internal network in Research Lab Hydra. Although there was not much of interest in the network since most of the data was encrypted, we did uncover something interesting in the email servers.

It appears those subjects were sent to a third party. But all we know about that is the name "ASSET-16-BB" which doesn't really help us at all. Nothing else of interest was found. We would confront them about this ASSET-16-BB but that would reveal that we hacked them.

MOBILE TOTEM Subject Batch 4 is going better then 3. It seems that the Guild of Biomancers must be really incompetent when it comes to handling subjects who are unruly. However we are really curious as to what this ASSET-16-BB is. It might be a group of slavers considering what happened to the Batch 3 subjects.--

Guild of Technomancers Middle Earth, Project: MOBILE TOTEM Research Log No. 13.156.21

So we have been asking a few of our contacts within the slaver communities around Middle Earth about ASSET-16-BB but so far no dice. However when we described what we suspect happened to the Batch 3 Subjects, one of them said it sounds like the work of the Buckbreaker Orc Tribe.

When we inquired further, we were told that this group of orcs has been known for breaking the will of "elf-flesh" with great success. This is suspicious but not enough to confront the Guild of Biomancers with. No matter, what's done is done and we are no longer going to trust the Guild of Biomancers with handling MOBILE TOTEM subjects.--

Guild of Biomancers Middle Earth, Project: MOBILE TOTEM Status Log No. 12.196.12

The Guild of Technomancers is really angry at us. They say that the subjects that we were given to tame were damaged and two of them died. We never did bother to ask what those Orc Tribes do to the people we send to them. We just know that they can tame rebellious people and that was all we needed to know.

The Guild of Technomancers is accusing us of hiding information but the truth is we honestly did not know what the Orc Tribe we designated as ASSET-16-BB was doing to tame those subjects. Now that we know, we will decommission this Asset immediately. We will also look into the other three Orc Tribes we are working with as well to see if they are doing anything similar.--

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