Guild of Technomancers Middle Earth, Project: MOBILE TOTEM Research Log No. 13.156.00

Progress has been slow. We have created what is believed to be a viable augmentation process to attach the severed head of the subject to the robotic body without any complications. But for the process to be survivable, the subject must meat specific mental and physical, prerequisites.

The main problem now is that there is a lack of elves that are willing to volunteer as a test subject. And the ones that did, have not been able to pass the medical evaluation. However this might soon end. Our partners at the Guild of Biomancers have been looking and found a viable sub-species of Elf that are lesser known to the wider population.

These elves have a very dark skin tone and also a slight genetic variation that makes them more rugged then others. One of them who has been causing trouble in a human tavern is currently en-route to Research Facility UMBRA-6 for processing. Once we evaluate the subject and it passes, it will be transferred to the MOBILE TOTEM Research Labs for immediate use.--

Guild of Technomancers Middle Earth, Project: MOBILE TOTEM Research Log No. 13.156.01

The subject has arrived at UMBRA-6. The medical evaluation is promising. We might have the first subject that can survive the augmentation process. Admittedly we have not tried to augment the other ones that have failed the evaluation because there is no point in doing it to a subject that would not survive in the first place.

The people at ALPHA-1 have asked us what this project is supposed to do. We told them as follows: The Goal of Project: MOBILE TOTEM is to see if it is possible to create fully autonomous robotic elven warriors to send on quests and battles for the Guild. Since we do not trust AI for this, we have concluded that the only way to do this is integrate a live brain into the robot itself.

While our partners in the Guild of Biomancers have several ways of rapidly growing a live brain, we rejected all of them as too risky since those brains start off as a blank slate and must be slowly raised and taught basic functionality such as walking and talking. That is simply impractical and thus not worth attempting. Where as using an already existing brain with experience in those functions would be much more useful.

ALPHA-1 wants us to send a few of the completed ones to their location once done so they can run their own tests. Thus the transfer of the first batch of prototypes has been preapproved for Research Facility ALPHA-1.--

Guild of Technomancers Middle Earth, Project: MOBILE TOTEM Research Log No. 13.156.02

The Dark Elf has passed the medical evaluation. Subject No. MTDE-0001 is being transferred to the research lab for augmentation but had to be sedated due to its protestations when we attempted to move it. This subject has been considered a murderer by the humans due to causing a massacre in a village over an altercation over its race. It has thus been handed over to our Biomancer partners who were looking for elven test subjects for this project.

The Augmentation Process is unfortunately, quite painful and the subject must be conscious for it to work successfully. If the subject is unconscious at any moment during the process, the brain will shut down which will kill the subject. Thus a special potion that paralyzes the body must be administered directly into the vain before augmentation begins. A robotic mechanism will be what does the actual procedure since we have agreed that the screams of the subject might cause a person to make a mistake.

The augmentation will begin on the next day after the subject fully awakens.--

Guild of Technomancers Middle Earth, Project: MOBILE TOTEM Research Log No. 13.156.03

The subject is awake and ready to undergo augmentation. It is secured to the table and the robotic body is being prepared to receive the head of the subject.

The robotic body is now ready to receive the head of the subject.

The paralyzing agent is injected into the subject. It will take a few minutes to take effect.

The paralyzing agent is now fully in effect. A magi-tech array is powering up to apply the next step.

A special stabilizing magic is applied to the subject to prevent the subject's blood from draining from the head. As this will start as soon as the neck is cut.

The subject's head is removed from the body with a plasma cutter. The severed head is packed up by the robotic arm to be placed on the robot.

The head is attached to the robotic body and the grafting spell is applied to ensure that nerves will be connected properly to the right parts of the robotic body.

The protective helmet is placed over the head and fused to the robotic body. The spell to remove the reproductive, hunger, and thirst instincts is applied to finalize the procedure. As those will not be needed anymore due to the robotic body.

Augmentation process is complete and the newly created Elven Robo is now ready to receive instructions and undergo testing.--

Guild of Technomancers Middle Earth, Project: MOBILE TOTEM Research Log No. 13.156.04

Subject MTDE-0001 has successfully been augmented. Subject is still in a state of shock and confusion as to what happened to it. It might take awhile for it to get used to the new body.

One of the advantages of this new body is that it can be modified to fit specific needs. Currently it is designed to greatly enhance the warrior capabilities of the elves such as dexterity, senses, acrobatics, strength, and speed. An experimental module that adds stealth capabilities is also in the works too. Such stealth capabilities includes Active-Camo.

The protective helmet has an encrypted commlink, a multi-mode visor, and intelligent HUD. It is also capable of withstanding small explosions.

Once the subject is deemed ready, testing of the body followed by the helmet will begin. But first we need to explain to the subject what exactly is going on and what its purpose is from here on out. 

The subject's friends and family have already been informed about this and that it is a way to give the subject a new purpose in life.--

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