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Guild of Technomancers Middle Earth, Project: MOBILE TOTEM Research Log No. 13.156.10

We just got a notice from the Guild of Biomancers that there might be some complications in the future in regards to this project. The MOBILE TOTEM labs might have to be moved to the Biomancers Hydra Facility. One of the subjects we sent to ALPHA-1 has been protesting the treatment it has been receiving. Though we are not sure if it is from us or some human village near EPSILON-5.

We are going ask ALPHA-1 to get some clarification as to what Subject No. MTDE-0010 is complaining about and see if this could become a problem in the future. In the meantime we are slightly increasing the security around all Guild of Technomancer Facilities in case something happens. We honestly have no idea what is happening among the Dark Elf populations right now but it might be a good idea to insert a few spies among them just in case.

As for the second batch of subjects, those have been assigned to BETA-2 who has requested a few of them. The second batch has been augmented and will be prepped for transport soon.--

Guild of Biomancers Middle Earth, Project: MOBILE TOTEM Status Log No. 12.196.11

The Guild of Technomancers is getting ready to move all augmentation operations to Research Lab Hydra. Although they have not been signalling that they will actually go through with it, concerns about the Dark Elf populations have prompted them to take precautions.

We have a partnership with a few of the Orc Tribes to send unruly subjects to be tamed. We have not asked them how this is done nor do we wish to know how the orcs break the will of individuals. If the Guild of Technomancers needs help with MOBILE TOTEM subjects, we have told them they can send them to us and we will take care the problem.

We trust the Guild of Technomancers to know what they are doing.--

Guild of Technomancers Middle Earth, Project: MOBILE TOTEM Research Log No. 13.156.11

Something is odd about the third batch of subjects. These were more unruly then normal so we sent them to the Guild of Biomancers who said they would assist us with this issue. But when they were sent back to us, they were acting very concerning. Almost as if what the Guild of Biomancers did something to them that broke them mentally.

We are going to proceed with the augmentation of the first of this batch but there is something that doesn't feel right.--

Guild of Technomancers Middle Earth, Project: MOBILE TOTEM Research Log No. 13.156.11

The first subject of this batch died during the augmentation process and another one attempted to end its own life. This has not happened before and we are ordering the reevaluation of the remaining subjects. Something is definitely wrong and we are going to find out what it is.--

Guild of Technomancers Middle Earth, Project: MOBILE TOTEM Research Log No. 13.156.13

WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED!?! The health of all of the subjects has declined considerably! Signs of what appears to be physical, mental, and ****** abuse are present on all of them! No wonder things went downhill! We contacted the Guild of Biomancers about this and they acknowledged it but said they didn't know how it happened either!

We suspect there is something they are not telling us and we might have to hack their network to find out what it is.--

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