Pain Technician

Member of the Pain Technicians' Guild, originally created by the ruler of the old Empire.


A Pain Technician or Torturer is selected and trained in dealing pain, without inflicting any bodily harm to the subject at hand.

The selection is instituted to make certain he or she can maintain a working standard for a full-length career, rather than a few short years ending in misery and inevitable insanity.

The Trainee receives a set of daggers on accepting apprenticeship, and owns them upon completing the training and fully entering the Guild.

It is natural to the Guild to support all its members, while only taking on as many as can be employed and supported at any given time.

The guild has a semi official office, while most contracts are acquired by contacting a representative.

Individual Technicians are seen wearing the Guild garb, made out of fashionable silks of highest quality, and a blinding white leather vest and pointy Elfish looking shoes.

While torture originally was instituted by Royalty, the guild does take up contracts if and when they feel it is worth as far as they have people free to take up said contract.

Contracts are taken up in order to; punish criminals or enemies, coerce an individual to submit answers in truth and honesty.

If the purpose is; external leverage upon a third party or outright hostage taking, the request is denied.

In questionable cases, they may even resort in applying their art upon the one submitting the request.


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So... they inflict pain? How do they do it? Why do they do it? Who controls them? What role would they have in a roleplaying campaign? Does a full-length career also end in inevitable insanity?

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Inflicting pain is the purpose of torture.

Punishment and information extraction would be the reasoning.

They work by contract.

The guild was established in order to prevent insanity and mental anguish among the working torturers. While they may fail on rare occasions so that a few does suffer.

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Interesting concept, and I like the name, Pain Technician, a very dispassionate name for someone who inflicts the most intimate of sensations on others. I like that one of the salient points is that they inflict pain without actually inflicting injury on their victims, which makes them useful for extracting information from people, or providing attitude adjustments covertly. After being visited by a pain tech, a victim will be unmarked but could be emotionally and physically broken by the experience, but be completely unharmed. That's vicious.

I would like a bit more detail about how they inflict their pain on others, and what they get out of it, other than the pleasure of hurting others. What is the history and purpose of their organization.

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Basic idea here is a good one. A guild of people trained in torture. People who believe that torturte is useful art, but one that should be treated with caution and respect. This could be a great jumping off point for many ideas or s useful device in story telling. I have never encountered this specific idea before, pain guild.

But the write up feels more like notes on a write up then an actual write up. Facts are tossed in at seemingly random points, there is little structure, a poorly developed voice and little attempt at either world building, story telling or gaming integration. Focusing the above facts on one or more of those three things would make for stronger post.

But again, it is interesting idea, thanks for sharing it.