01 Soul Ripper:

A black dagger with arcane runes, forged for the sole purpose to destroy the soul of its target.

It is insidious, in the way that it leaves the skin and body of the target unharmed.

This dagger is used to rip out the soul, either in trade or as a trophy, or to simply destroy the victim totaly and permanently.

02 the Thirteen Obsidians: (13 daggers)

The Obsidian was originally stolen from the Royal Monastery.

Once carved into the dark daggers, unholy runes was etched into the blade's left side.

The runes glow threatening, as it sucks the life right out of the target body, thus rejuvenating the wielder with equal amount as is taken. Once the deed is done, the corpse is robbed of its shadow.

03 Archaic Dagger of Misery:

Forged out of dark iron for the guild of Pain technicians (commonly known as Torturers).

The intent is that mere touching of the blade is inducing sever pain, while agony is soon to follow as it is penetrating the skin. Little to no bloodshed occurs, and the victim is surviving with no more than a haunting memory of the event, as prolonged as it may be.

04 Cursed Golden Dagger:

Each dagger is forged out of the purest gold, and dipped into a mixture of Spider and Snake venom, before the runes for a specific curse is engraved into the blade on the right and left side in mirror style.

These daggers were originally ordered from a sect of chaos Dwarfs, by a secluded society of dark Blood elves.

Stabbing the victim insert the insidious curse, right into the body and will then work its dark influences for as long as the accursed individual lives. Naturally, there is no known cure; while death does terminate the curse right along with the victim.

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