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In this world, each race had its own Spirit, or Diety it revered. It personified the race. The Mythic people (Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, et al) had worshiped their spirits since before time began, long before Humans crawled out of their caves and became a speaking race.

Humans had been helped by the Mythic people, much like one would help a child; yet also treated them like a vermin, removing them when they were too much trouble. The Human tribes became semi-nomadic, moving along to avoid the ire (anger/ annoyance) of the Mythics. It is during this time that Humans connected with their Spirit. The Spirit of Humanity took to sheparding its people. In addition, the spirit adopted the Human Companions... the Wolf/Dog, the Horse, and to a lesser extent Buffalo (the only herd beasts of the land). The Mythics had never domesticated companions, they simply created what they needed.

When a genocidal war broke out between the Goblins and The Forest Folk (fur covered humanoids, gentle giants (well bigger than humans) of the forest), Humans took in the few surviving Forest Folk. The Goblins had destroyed the Spirit of the Forest Folk. It was then that the God of Humanity became the God of The People, for it was the first time The Spirit of one talking people had 'adopted' another peoples. It was no longer a matter of blood, it was a matter of helping those who needed help and sheparding The People. The blood of the forest folk has limitedly been mixed with that of Humanity.

Eventually Humanity became strong and developed enough to become less nomadic. They developed town and ceremonial sites in territories just outside the populuated Mythic's lands. Eventually exiles and free spirits from the Mythics found their way to the Human sites. Humanity and their God usually embraced any soul that joined them. Human nomadic tribes and those that groups that had never touched The Spirit, slowly learned of the God of the People. Speakers taught them the ways, helping them in any way they could. Humanity prospered and grew under the grace of the God of The People.

The Mythics' spirits slowly began to weaken. The Mythics, who counted upon their Dieties for empowerment, also slowly weakened. Reluctantly they began to trade and interact with the Humans they had previously scorned. After a while, they treated the Humans as equals (though they were often lesser equals... 'sniff'). Humanity developed cities and encrouched on more and more of the Mythic's lands. Small pockets of Mythics lived among The People.

The independent Mythics have nearly faded away. Their Spirits' can barely support them, if they have not faded away completely. There is only one God, The God of The People. The Speakers acted as Shepards and Helpers for The People.

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