This mythology acknowledges the existance of powerful spirit beings. While some cultures would think them Gods, those that acknowledge the divine one would not.... thought they do have a piece to play in the hisotry of the world...they are just spirits.

The Adoni is celebrated in several regions of the world, sometimes under a different name. Some of the details are different, but it is basically the same myth. This is not a full religion on its own, but a mystery cult within a larger pantheonistic religion.

'Upon the lower world (material universe) the spirit flowed. There it fought the Great Dragon. From the bones of the Great Dragon was built the material universe. The Powerful Spirit Beings played with this new toy, forgetting their place in the universe.'

The Adoni was born by a mortal mother moved by the spirit. She was turned into a tree for a time by Powerful Spirit Beings. A wild boar, symbol of natural force, rubbed against her bark and the Adoni issued forth. The time was midnight on the winter solstice, a day celebrated by those that know of The Adoni.

He was raised by local priests. During his time with them, he was the one who taught them. He expressed the concept that the Human body was a perfect copy of the more complete three tiered universe. Through the study of the human form, and the perfecting their of, humanity could regain the knowledge of the higher realms. Since their enshrouded souls are truly stars/ suns, it is Humans that are the divine.

The Adoni was originally represented as an androgynous deity who represented the solar power which in the winter was destroyed by the evil principle of cold. Though a male, he had female traits (these very... but he is said to have been a very beautiful man who would often cry.) The Adoni embodied mortal power, one who could be aware of the lower realm and the two higher spiritual realms.

In the story 'died' for three months in the tomb, then rose triumphantly admist the acclamtions of his priets and followers. His death was supposedly by a boar, he was gored to death. His body was taken to its tomb, where it stood undecaying for the three months. When he returned, he continued to teach others in secret. These teachings are the great mysteries of universe and humanity's place inside of it.

Those that excell in the study of The Adoni's mysteries are said to gain supernatural powers, beyond those of mere spell casters.

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