There used to be many Gods. They were petty, cruel, and plagued Humanity almost as badly as the Demons of Sogoth. They bore more Gods. They fought with each other. They were unworthy of the divine mantle.

One of the Godlings of this time was called Argon. Argon's parent, one Tibrius, Diety of Widsom and Wise Warfare, gave his son up for a time, so he could be raised as a mortal. It was only upon the youth's 21st birthday that his divine herritage was revealed. Argon was to be The Diety of Humanity (not the species, but the quality). Argon learned The Great Wisdom from his father, tempered it with the wisdom of his mortal life, and took on his destiny's mantle. To forward the cause of Humanity, things would have to change.

Slowly and carefully, Argon killed several dieties. He arranged each death's blame to fall upon another deity. This created a spiral of vengence killing after vengence killing. While this dance of divine death occured, he kept arranging things to distract and divert the attentions of other deities. A crisis here, a disaster there, a few whispers to create jelousy, a few more to create longing, and so on. During this time he visited the the Priests of the time. He converted over several of the priesthoods who had lost their diety to the divine war. He taught them the new way. He and his then converted those of other Gods (since they were ignoring their worshipers, this became easier and easier to do). This weakened the remaining Gods who could not divert their attention from their conflicts and affairs. Soon it came down to divine family vs family. Then as divine powers were destroyed again and again, their powers began to dry up. Still they warred. The final battle occured as the Dieties fought over the last font of divine power. Argon used his powers to keep the God's Battle from spilling over into the mortal world. When the dust cleared, there was only one diety left upon the great field... Sogoth the Demon Lord. Both were tired and wounded, but Sogoth had his bleeding wounds (the ones he has to this day) . Sogoth asked for mercy, claiming only to have fought to prevent any of the others from claiming this ultimate power. He asked to go back to his Hell and rule over his Demons and Lost Souls. (He also said he admired Argon for arranging all this). Argon showed him mercy and let him live.

Now Argon was the only diety left. He granted the priestly powers to any who would embrace his new way. To this day, the priests follow his directives about "right living" and proper deviotion. They teach those same ideals to us, the flock.

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