Before the creation of worlds and universes, there is only the Fabric that constantly folds in and out across itself in a completely random way. It is where the Fabric comes into contact with itself that basic matter forms and subsequently gives rise to the formation of the various universes and worlds. Along the same logic, regions on the Fabric where it is unfolding are where whole worlds and even universes will be snuffed out. Thus, the only constant besides the Fabric is time, an element common to all worlds and universes.

Time is governed by the One, the Ultimate, the Observer, the Keeper of the Hourglass. He stands and watches. He watches the Fabric folding and unfolding, watches worlds and universe being born, watches the same worlds and universes coming to an end. He forewarns of the Unfolding, announcing the Ultimate Countdown in the form of burning letters that chase themselves across the sky miles above all lifeforms.

Plot Hooks:

Deciphering what was Forgotten (based on comment from Forganthus)

- The Ultimate Countdown is written in an ancient tongue that has been long forgotten. Ignorant of its nature, each individual count has become known as a comet with no particular meaning except those attributed to it through folklore. Can the truth of the Ultimate Countdown be discovered in time?

- The PCs found an ancient tome written in a script that neither of them is familiar with that tells of the Keeper and the Ultimate Countdown. Can they get it deciphered in time and warn the rest of their race?

Means of World Travel

- The race of the PCs has lost the means to traverse worlds generations ago. Like in the Omen of Fire plot, a part of the society has given up on law and order. Can the PCs survive amidst the chaos much less make a name for themselves and/or re-discover the means for world travel?

- Same context as above, what opportunities and/or mayhem await the PCs who just arrived at this particular world (and might or might not be stranded here)?

- The race of the PCs has just migrated to a new world and found out that the means of world travel has been lost (could be a magical portal spell that no longer functions because the meta-physics of the new world is different to the old world or a broken spaceship depending on the setting)! What to do now?

The Truth in the Constellations

- What if the Keeper of the Hourglass has hidden information on the Unfolding relating to different worlds in the constellations? What powers can someone who has partially decoded such information wield?

Author's notes:
This idea came to me because of Freetext Friday and this is as far as I can take it. I imagine this would be the background myth to a setting where humans (or any other type of intelligent beings would do) are forced to migrate every once in a while (I imagine the time would be at least thousands of years) across worlds or even universes becasuse of the Fabric unfolding.

Finally, a special thanks goes to Forganthus for his comments, which have both directly and indirectly led to the Plot Hooks section being added.

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